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ADL 06 Computers in Management V2

ADL 06 Computers in Management V2

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Published by solvedcare

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Published by: solvedcare on Jan 21, 2012
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Contact www.solvedhub.com for best and lowest cost solution or email solvedhub@gmail.comADL 06 Computers in Management V2 Assignment - A Question 1. Explain in for mation system? Discuss various informatio n systemsavailable in any organization. Question 2. Explain the concept behind Batch Processing and transactionprocessing system. Question 3. Show with reference block diagram the various components of acomputer system in details Question 4. What do you understand by classification of computers? Describe with example. Question 5. Write note on memory of Computer. Question 6. What do you mean by DBMS along with the facilities available? Alsomention the role of database administrator. Assignment - B Question 1. What is meant by Network topology along with different networkmodels. Question 2. What are the different of base of data transmission media. Discusstheir merits and Demerits. Question 3. Explain the term UR L? What are the different components that makeURL. Give example. Question 4. What are the var ious security threats that computer organizationare facing today and why providing security is necessary? What is the advantageof using fire wall. Question 5. What do understand by electronic data interchange along with itsadvantage and disadvantage? Also discuss the components of EDI systems.Case Study Advance Computers India Ltd. is a Civil Consulting Company based in Denver. Thecompany is engaged in provides design consultancy for construction ofresidential apartments all over U.S.A. and Europe. In order to have higherprofit the CEO of the company has set up various offices across various citiesof India and has staff strength of around 500 people working these offices. They are working five days a week. The Overseas offices comprise of around 35 people
and they coordinate with various clients for getting the jobs, passing the jobsto their Indian counterparts, getting the designs done and passing back thedesign solution to the clients. The Company has pro gressed well since the lastone year and they are getting lot of more jobs, but are finding it difficult toget the jobs done on time due to shortage of manpower. The company is alsolooking for ways to reduce some of its operating costs. They have hired oneconsultant for the purpose and he has prepared following list of expenses. Hehas to suggest means to reduce some of the costs and help in better way of theinter- departmental communications and managing o f database. Operations Expenses Telephone Costs $150,000 per year Employee Policy Manual $5.25 per manual for printing and distribution. Employee Benefit Counseling $50 per hour meeting Photocopying $100 per day Question a) Looking into the type of business the company is into, what will begood solution towards reducing costs? Question b) What is the best way of sending the data from U.S. and Europe toIndia and vice versa? Give reason. Also for Inter-data exchange mechanism, which type off internet connection sho uld the company go ? Question c) What will be the most effective active plan that will help inreducing cost in photocopying? Objective Type Question Assignment - C Assignment - C S. No.Question uestionsABCD1.Computers are also known by the nameTwo state Back deviceTwo state Front deviceTwo state forward device
One state front device2.Cache Memory isSmall memory between CPU main memory whose access time in close to processingspeed of CPUProgramm able MemoryNon-volatile memoryErasable nonprogrammab le memory3.What provides an interface between Hardware and userUtility ProgrammeLanguage Programm eOperating SystemCompiler4.RAM is known byPrimary MemoryMain MemoryRandom Access MemoryAuxiliary Memory5.1 Bytes equals to1/8 Bits8 Bits800 Bits8000 Bits

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