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Episode 10 – The Frost Giants

Episode 10 – The Frost Giants

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Published by ana_tinoco_1

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Published by: ana_tinoco_1 on Jan 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Episode 10
The Frost Giants
Story by:Edition and hand drawing by
Ana Tinoco and Paul Santos: Ana Tinoco
Loki takes his actions too far and attacks Odin directly in order to take the throne.Will Thor be able to stop his brother
s madness at time to save the All Father andAsgard from Loki?
January 21, 2012
 ***Montage***From Episode 9
“The Valkyries”
- I believe Loki is planning to invade from the west with the Frost Giants.That's where the cold air is coming from.
- I sensed it too Thor. That's why I accompanied my warriors to this site.With so many fallen you need as much help as possible to defend Asgard from Loki'sforces. If Asgard falls, Valhalla maybe next!*********
Brunhilde to Anaxenite
- You! *flashes a glare at Thor*
- She's the Champion of Asgard! She is here to help defend the realm!
- I don't need defending Thor! I paid my dues and earned my right to behere Brunhilde!********
Ana, what’s wrong?
No matter what I do there are some things I did that cannot be
changed. And I don’t want to interfere now.
- Your little toy won't hurt me! You know this Thor! How about a little kiss? Kissof death?*The goddess of hell leans in. Thor is taken aback. Hel changes shape again. Amoranow stands before him.*
- See Thor? My true form!
- Witch! What is yours and Loki's game?
- That, not even Loki has told me, but you are unwise to leave your forcesbehind! They are vulnerable. Soon your armies will fall! Asgard will belong to Loki!*******************************************************************
Anaxenite to the Soldiers:
Listen to me and listen to me good soldiers!
Why do I see defeat in your eyes already if the battle hasn’t even started? Fear… no shame about it, I have fear as well…Shame relies only when you don’t face
that fear, while your families in there *points to the city walls* are counting on youto protect them! Fight, not for the gods, because, they do not know what the fear of loss is, we perish and they go on for eternity. Not just in the name of glory either,you can win it in a day, and lose it in the following one. But fight for yourselves, for them
your wives, your children… because they are the true prolongation of the“glory” mankind pursues!
I’m here for you in every step of the way, fighting by your side, guiding you, but I doNOT tolerate the spirit of defeat when you haven’t even started! Ev 
ery time you
think you’ve lost, that you have no way out, think about them, and you will find your 
strength renewed.
Joan, think you can hold the tips around here for a little while?
Why? Where are you going?
These men will need more than words for the battle to come.*******************************************************************
Hurry up Valkyries, we have to leave!
Female voice
You ain’t going anywhere!
*turns back* - What the
….? You! What are you doing here *spitting the
words* Champion of Asgard?
What I did to you and your people in the past was awful, but what
you’re about to do won’t be less harmful.
* turns her back to leave* -
I won’t let Asgard fall, nor Thor, mortal ornot I won’t allow that.
********************************************************************After taking down several soldiers, Ana attacks the trolls one by one, to diminishthe
enemy’s power. She somersaults over them and comes down with her swords
beheading and mutilating them.*

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