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Dinar Quagmire

Dinar Quagmire

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Published by dec10titanmass

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Published by: dec10titanmass on Jan 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title:Dinar Quagmire Word Count:509 Summary:Cyberspace is still rife with offers claiming huge profits can be obtained by investing now in Iraqi dinar.Their logic sounds good --- that currency’s value can only go higher than it is now --- but the latestannouncement from the American government indicates that such a move could be a long time coming. Keywords:Iraqi dinar, New Iraqi Dinar, NID, forex, currency exchange, currency investment, currency markets,Cyberiter Article Body:Online speculation regarding the 'investment opportunity' the new Iraqi Dinar represents is becoming avirtual cottage industry ... However,I'm already on record as believing it's a great way to acquire wallpaper one note at a time. With that in mind, I've noticed that a recent statement from the USA government has announced that they've'hit the wall' budgetarily in Iraq; they've given enough financial aid to rebuild Iraq. Apparently, they'veconcluded that almost $19 billion in handouts is quite sufficient, especially when half of it was engulfed byfighting the continued insurgency there and thus had no lasting effect as a basis for reconstruction. Instead,the Americans believe it's time for other governments to belly up to the bar and make their owncontributions to the cause. That's about as realistic as thinking that the new Iraqi Dinar will amount to anything of value in the nearfuture. Given that, should the USA ever leave Iraq, the country is as liable to devolve into a prolonged civil war asthe former Yugoslavia was when an imposed authority --- Tito's Soviet-backed communist confederation ---inevitably fell away. That would be a strong indication that the prospects of a stable currency in Iraq areslimmer than the profile of a starving amoeba. The latest American report on their Iraqi 'investment' borders on the tragic. Details abound of unfinishedschools and power plants, unrepaired roads and bridges, undermanned national miliatary forces and overpaidelection costs. Again, a primary factor was the siphoning of funds to counter the insurgency.

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