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A Series of Markers, Dates, Finish Lines and Moments in Time

A Series of Markers, Dates, Finish Lines and Moments in Time

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Published by Twist Out Cancer

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Published by: Twist Out Cancer on Jan 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 My life has become a series of markers, dates, finish lines,and moments in time.The days no longer bleed into each other, but rather standout- waiting to be counted-hoping to be acknowledged, andeager to be added to my list of memories, hardships,challenges, and victories.The list is growing- because I need it to-because I want it to- because I am not sure I remember how to live without theacknowledgment of what was and what is. And so I honor, I remember, I celebrate and I mourn thesemakers, these dates, these finish lines, these moments intime.The date I was told I have cancer, the date I was told there was no sign of disease, the date I was told I was infertile, thedate I had my eggs extracted, the date I started treatment,the date I finished treatment, the date I thought I was goingto die, the date I knew I was going to live, the date I enteredthe hospital for the first time, the date I left the hospital forthe last time, the date I shared my story with the world, thedate I felt I had lost my voice, the date when I could do therunning man and the roger rabbit, the date when all I coulddo was the twist, the date when I was able to run for 13.1miles, the date when I was unable to climb a flight of stairs,the date when I returned to work, the date when I couldn¶tremember where I lived, the date I started to accept andembrace this new self, the date when I let myself mourn my former self, the date my eyebrows mysteriously grew back,the date when I decided to shave my head, the date when Ifound refuge in running, the date when I nearly passed out

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