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Israel Complains Document

Israel Complains Document

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Published by pucktricks
story telling cards to tell the story of crossing the Red Sea
story telling cards to tell the story of crossing the Red Sea

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Published by: pucktricks on Jan 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Moses and the Israelites hadleft Egypt and startedtraveling to the PromisedLand. They followed God asa cloud by day and at nightHe appeared as a burningfire. One day as theytraveled they looked behindthem and saw Pharaoh andhis army chasing them
TheIsraelitescried, “Whydid you bringus here todie!”
Moses stopped and turnedto God in prayer,
“Godwhat should Ido?”
God answeredMoses, “Hold out your staff over the water and cross ondry ground.”Moses did as God saidand they all crossed on dryground. Pharaoh saw theymade it across and decidedto follow them. WhenPharaoh and all of his armyhad crossed onto the RedSea God told Moses, “Put outyour staff again,” and all of the waters covered upPharaoh and his army.Moses led all of the men inpraising God,
“God YOU ROCK forsaving us!”
Miriam led all of thewomen in praising God,
“Lord, thankyou for savingus fromPharaoh’s
Moses and the Israelitescontinued marching andeventually the Israelitesstarted to get thirsty. Theyfinally found a river andexcitedly ran up to drinkfrom it (give sour drink). They spit it out saying, “Thistastes horrible!”Moses asked God,
“How can I fixthis water?”
God answered Moses, “Takethis stick and throw it intothe water.” Moses did asGod said and the water wassuddenly good to drink.The Israelites continuedtraveling to the PromisedLand and their food startedto run out. The Israeliteswent to Moses and said,
“Why did youbring us outhere to die?”
Moses went to God againand said,
“God weare runningout of foodcan you getus somefood?”
God told Moses He wasgoing to provide mana forthe Israelites to eat. For fivedays they were to gather allthey could eat for the day.On the sixth day they wereto eat all the food theyneeded for two days. On theseventh day they were torest.Some people forgot andgathered too much food. The next day that foodsmelled very bad.On the first Sabbath daysome people had not obeyedand looked for the mana. They were hungry that day.

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