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28411813 British Army Field Manual Counterinsurgency 2009

28411813 British Army Field Manual Counterinsurgency 2009

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Published by Mistermisfit

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Published by: Mistermisfit on Jan 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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British Army Field ManualVolume 1 Part 10
Countering Insurgency
Army Code 71876October 2009
This work is Crown copyright and the intellectual property rights for this publication belong exclusively to the Ministry of Defence(MOD). No material or information contained in this publicationshould be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted inany form outside MOD establishments except as authorised byboth the sponsor and the MOD where appropriate.
This document is issued for the information of such persons whoneed to know its contents in the course of their official duties. Anyperson finding this document should hand it into a British Forcesunit or to a British police station for its safe return to the Ministry of Defence, D MOD Sy, LONDON, SW1A 2HB, with particulars of how and where found. THE UNAUTHORIZED RETENTION ORDESTRUCTION OF THIS DOCUMENT COULD BE AN OFFENCEUNDER THE OFFICIAL SECRETS ACTS OF 1911-1989.
This publication is issued under the overall direction of the Chief of the General Staff. It is an MOD Approved Code of Practice(ACOP). Where issues of health and safety are concerned it takesinto account the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work Act1974.
The contents provide clear military information concerning the mostup to date experience and best practice available for commandersand troops to use in their operations and training. If you areprosecuted for a breach of health and safety law, and it is provedthat you have not followed the relevant provisions of the ACOP, acourt may find you criminally liable unless you can show that youhave complied with the requirements of health and safetylegislation since it is a breach of this legislation which renders aperson criminally liable. Breaches or omissions of the ACOP couldresult in disciplinary action under the provisions of the Army Act.
Amendment No Date Amendment No Date
As directed by Colonel Warfare Development, sponsor of thispublication.
Suggestions for change should be sent to theSO1 Tac Doc Pubs,WARDEV, LWC, Imber Road, Warminster BA12 0DJ.
This is an electronic version of the Field Manual. In order to make it easily distributable byelectronic means and to allow for efficient printing on standard office equipment thephotographs have been removed and many of the diagrams simplified.
 It is over eight years since the Army last published counterinsurgencydoctrine. Much has changed since then. This manual is a short guide toinsurgency, and the principles and approaches needed to counter it. It hasbeen written to complement allied and joint doctrine and the authors havebeen careful to ensure that the principles and framework that are explained inPart A are entirely coherent with those in UK joint doctrine and that of our principal allies, in particular USA, Canada and Australia. For maximum effectPart A should be read as a single continuous narrative while Part B can beread in its constituent chapters.AFM Countering Insurgency describes how the British Army plans andconducts counterinsurgency operations at the tactical level. It explains thatefforts must be focused on securing the local population and gaining andmaintaining popular support. This is a task for the host nation, its securityforces, British forces and our allies, in concert with our partners acrossgovernment. The doctrine explains why this is not simply a militaryundertaking but a battle of political wills with a number of lines of operationacting in concert. It is axiomatic that security forces of all types lead inproviding an environment sufficiently stable to allow the other instruments of governance can be brought to bear to improve the lives of the localpopulation. Providing effective security is a complex, dangerous, and bloodybusiness; it takes time and resources and it tests the resolve of all involved.These are enduring characteristics of counterinsurgency.Doctrine is ‘what is taught’, and to be effective it needs to be read andunderstood. Pragmatism is needed, however, in its application. Everycounterinsurgency campaign is different from the last, but history andexperience show that a thorough knowledge of the doctrine and a clear understanding of the operational environment are two essential prerequisites.Doctrine provides commanders at the tactical level with the basis on which tobuild this understanding, and requires them to use their experience and judgement to develop the right approach to the particular circumstances inwhich they find themselves. As such it is focussed at the brigade level andbelow and educationally for the ICSC(L) student. While the authors of thispublication have consulted widely with experienced practitioners andacademic experts and endeavoured to include a broad range of ideas, it is nota comprehensive textbook on insurgency or counterinsurgency. Nor is itspecific to a particular theatre of operation or a particular insurgent group. Itprovides the key themes which have emerged in recent years and thusreflects the contemporary situation. Given insurgency’s constant adaptation,things will change and this publication will have to adjust accordingly. Theauthors will track developments in order to keep it relevant and take accountof emerging views. In this respect your views and insights are important.Comments on this publication are encouraged and should be sent toLWC-WARDEVSO1-TD-DEV@Land.Mod.UK.

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