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Reality Creation Part 1 - Living In A Trance

Reality Creation Part 1 - Living In A Trance

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Published by bellarina21
The Revolution is receiving increasingly widespread attention for its straightforward explanations and instructions with regard to complex issues, which are made understandable for people from all walks of life. In essence, the true secrets of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the other ‘Universal Laws’ are explained in much clearer and practical ways than the 'enigmas wrapped in riddles' that usually characterize the descriptions of the Law of Attraction and its application.
The Revolution is receiving increasingly widespread attention for its straightforward explanations and instructions with regard to complex issues, which are made understandable for people from all walks of life. In essence, the true secrets of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the other ‘Universal Laws’ are explained in much clearer and practical ways than the 'enigmas wrapped in riddles' that usually characterize the descriptions of the Law of Attraction and its application.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: bellarina21 on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reality Creation Part 1 – Living In Trance
In our free book on the nature of your own power we already indicated how youliterally create your own reality based on the belief systems engrained in yourconsciousness. A great deal of the information that enters your eyes is ‘edited’ byyour brain based on these conditioned belief systems to create in image thatmatches your engrained worldview.Consider this, for example. Your eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerveconnects to the eye in the middle of the retina. You can’t see anything with thatpart of your eye. Still, your brain manages to weave a picture together from theinformation it receives and fills the gap by making assumptions based on what itexpects from its conditioned belief systems.Another example is the condition that is commonly referred to as the ‘phantomlimb syndrome’. People dealing with phantom limb syndrome experience thesensations of having a limb that was actually amputated or lost to still beattached to the body and still actually feeling the limb. The five senses still seemto react to the brain’s conditioned sense of reality.Even more astonishing examples can be seen in the field of hypnosis. Everyoneknows about the experiences in stage shows, in which people are made tobelieve they are seeing the audience naked, or they run around like a chickenand things like that.Another common example is that the hypnotist makes the subjects believe theyare eating onions while thinking they’re eating apples. As an observer you canclearly see that the person is eating an onion, usually expressing clear signs of disgust at the mere thought of it. However, to the person that is hypnotized, theonion actually tastes like an apple.What happens is that the hypnotist implants a new belief that changes theexperience of the person being hypnotized. A new ‘hypnotic reality’ is createdbased on a new belief system, namely that an onion tastes like an apple. To theperson that is being hypnotized, this reality is just as ‘real’ as the one in his orher ‘awakened state’.In his book The Holographic Universe, the late Michael Talbot describes anotherexperience with hypnosis. He recalls a gathering with a group of friends, and forentertainment purposes his father hired a professional hypnotist. One of thefriends was called Tom, and Tom was the lucky guy to get hypnotized. The hypnotist made Tom believe that there was a giraffe in the room, and thestory with the onion tasting like an apple was used as well (except for the onionbeing a raw potato this time). But then came an even more interesting part.During his trance state, the hypnotist told Tom that when he would awake, hewould not be able to see his daughter Laura. Next, he brought Tom back to‘waking’ consciousness and asked Laura to stand in front of her father. When heasked Tom if he could see his daughter, he replied that he couldn’t. Lauralaughed about it, and even that didn’t make Tom realize his daughter was right infront of him.
After that, the hypnotist stood behind Laura and hid something for Tom byholding it against her back. So to see what he was holding, Tom would have to beable to look through his daughter. When the hypnotist asked Tom what he washolding in his hand, Tom leaned forward to take a good look and answered: “Awatch”. Tom was right. After that, the hypnotist asked Tom if he could read theinscription on the watch. Tom had to take a good look, but he actually managedto read the inscription, while his daughter was standing between him and thewatch.So what happened? Tom had in fact been programmed to believe he couldn’t seehis daughter, so he didn’t. Such is the power of your mind.Another example is proved by Charles T. Tart, who was a professor of Psychologyat the University of California (Davis Campus). In his book ‘Altered States of Consciousness’ he describes how he had two skilled hypnotists called Anne andBill hypnotize each other.What he was trying to do was to synchronize their two hypnotic realities. Andthat’s what they managed to do. The two found themselves experiencing thesame place, which was a beautiful beach. They swam together in the ocean andstudied the crystalline rocks. They even reported talking to each other, eventhough they were not speaking ‘physically’ in the ‘reality’ from where Tart wasobserving them.From their experience the ‘hypnotic reality’ was every bit as ‘real’ as their‘awakened state’. They had ‘regular’ five-sense-like sensations. Still, theyrecalled that during their hypnotic experience they often forgot to manifest theirbodies and were floating around as just heads and faces. At one point, Bill askedAnne to take his hand, but she first had to ‘think her hand into existence’ beforeshe was able to do this.
These examples of hypnosis give some indications of how ‘reality’ iscreated ‘in here’, and not ‘out there’, as most of us are conditioned tobelieve. They show how your whole life experience changes once youchange your most basic assumptions about reality.
 This is not to say that you should go about getting hypnotized into another realityright away (although in some cases hypnosis can be useful for de-programmingpurposes). The key is to realize that you may be ‘hypnotized’ right now into aprogrammed sense of reality that may or may not fit your bill. The solution then is not to hypnotize yourself into another limited sense of reality. That would be akin to accepting that you have the power to createanything you want and the infinite possibility that comes with it, but still choosinglimitation. Besides, in that regard many people are often inclined to choose areality that they only
they want, because that fits the artificially imposedmeasures of ‘success’ (see our previous post on this).
But that would never bring you the sense of freedom and happinessthat you really seek. The keys to that are ‘self-realization’ and ‘self-fulfillment’. When you realize what you
want, and start pursuing
that, you will find that the path to get there will be almost laid-out foryou.
 All you need to do is to act on the inspirations that you get. These actions will getyou there. It’s a guidance by a deeper, subconscious level of yourself, which isbeyond the limited perspective of your conscious mind (more about this in afuture article). The problem is that most people have a severely limited perspective of who theyare and what they are capable of. And another problem is, that the way ‘society’is set up, does not stimulate those levels of yourself that can get the game of what we tend to call ‘attraction’ in true motion.We are constantly being programmed into accepting certain realities, becausethat’s what makes those realities manifest. In the movie ‘The Matrix’ (the firstone), the woman known as the ‘Oracle’ tells the main character called Neo not toworry about the vase. “What vase?”, he asks. And as he asks this question, avase falls on the floor and shatters into pieces next to him. He apologizes forbreaking it, but the Oracle replies:“What’s really going to cook your noodle is would it have happened if I hadn’tsaid anything?” Think about that for a second…Anyway, we’ll give some more examples of how this is done in future articles. Butfor now, try to understand that all our lives, our belief systems are conditionedwith the limited views that prevail our societies. The true knowledge about whowe really are and what we’re capable of were suppressed or even lost, or have atleast been given far from sufficient attention. But you can change your belief systems, and thus your reality. And the knowledge is at your fingertips!But once again, that doesn’t mean you should program yourself into a new realityof ‘limitation’. The real solution is to awaken from your hypnotized state andrealize that you control your reality, and that you co-create our collective realityon this plane of existence with each and everybody else. The real solution is torealize who you are, and act according to that ‘instinct’. Once you accept whoyou are, the walls of limitation will start to crumble immediately.
 You don’t have to ‘seek enlightenment’ or anything like that. It’salready knocking on your door. You just need to open it up and let it in.However, what most of us do is like sticking our heads in the groundwith our bums up the air.
“No, no, I can’t do that… What will the neighbors think?”“Oh no, I can’t do that, I didn’t get good marks in school.”
Acknowledge who you are and what you really want, and the walls of limitation tumble down almost automatically. Then you choose what youexperience, from a de-programmed, de-hypnotized state.Freedom at last!

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