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seeds 2012

seeds 2012

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Published by Linda Crago
Heirloom veg seeds, also some herbs and flowers. Websites updates coming soon, or order by mail.
Heirloom veg seeds, also some herbs and flowers. Websites updates coming soon, or order by mail.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Linda Crago on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thank you for considering my 2012 seed listing.Despite the rough and rocky start with wet and cool conditions, 2011 turned out to be apretty good growing year. A nice warm fall has morphed into a pleasantly warm winter so far.Some of my new favourites from 2011 are making their first appearance on my seedlisting. I hope you'll give some of them a try. Growing new things makes us anticipatethe arrival of spring even more. I can't wait!Like you, I have high hopes for 2012. We're gardeners...resiliant and optimistic!If you have any queries or concerns about your crops, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I don't have all the answers, but would sure love to try to help out if I can.Again this year I offering a very good selection of Seed Savers Exchange seed, as wellas additional seed which is both from my own garden and from sources whose vision isconsistent with mine. I do not offer any seed that is genetically modified or treated, andit is all grown in a sustainable manner.I am pleased to continue my support of Seed Savers Exchange. This non-profitorganization “saves and shares the heirloom seeds of our garden heritage”. Thiswonderful organization and its network of seed savers around the world have donemore to preserve heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs than any other group in theworld. Many seed companies have some of the seed selection that they do simplybecause of the hard work of Seed Savers Exchange.Very few seed companies, big or small grow all their own seed. They buy from other sources in bulk, then repackage before selling. Some grow none of the seed they offer.Not good, not bad, but how it is!Both types of companies play a role. Some resellers are super wonderful sources of seed and I am happy to purchase their seed.I sell the Seed Savers Exchange seed as is, instead of repackaging it. In this way moremoney goes to SSE, and the colourful packages, variety and cultural information aresecond to none. In this way you clearly know the story of the seed.My seed selection again this year is basically a stroll through my garden, with a number of “new” old favourites being added this year. As a Market grower and farmer I havegrown all these varieties, some for many years and have found them to be great in thekitchen and popular with my customers. I feel confident that you will enjoy them too.Please check the photo gallery on my website for pictures of some of these varietiesfrom my garden.I have a limited quantity of all seed, so for updates on varieties I have sold out of,please check back to this listing prior to ordering. When it's gone, it's gone.It is best to order early in order to assure you get the seed you are most interested in.All seed will be mailed out within 2 days of receipt of your order.My seed can be ordered by mail , in which case you would have to write a cheque toaccompany your order on my order form, online by using paypal, or by email, by usingemail debit. By all means as well, if you are local, you can pick up your order here at thefarm. Please just call in advance.
I'm also at a number of events over the course of the season, please check my eventslisting on this website to see where I'll be.My blog (www.treeandtwigheirlooms.blogspot.com) has varietal information as well asgrowing information that I hope to be useful. Please check it out.If you find something you ordered from me last year is missing this year, please ask. Idon't "drop" varieties, I simply am not offering them this year, likely in an effort to buildup my seed stock.Is there something you like that I should carry? Let me know!Interested in growing seed for me? There is only so much seed I can save on my ownproperty. I'd be delighted to have more seed growers come on board. Just contact meand we'll chat! Even one variety would help.
2012 Seed Listing  ALL seed packets are $3.00, except tomatoeswhichare $1.50 for 15 seeds.
ARUGULAPackets contain a minimum of 500 seedsCulture: Arugula can be planted year round, but does best in cool conditions.Very susceptible to flea beetles who make a mess of it by chewing holes in it.Will easily overwinter with protection. Easy grower, plant in rows, a foot apart, orsimply scatter seed, and cover very lightly with soil.
This is the most commonly known arugula, with a stronger “personality” than some of the newer types.Very peppery tasting, winter hardy and vigorous. A staple ingredient of mesclun mixes when small andwhen larger excellent for cooking in your favourite way. An excellent cold weather crop. 500 seedsminimum.
A wild variety, which is smaller and slower to bolt than other arugula varieties, not quite as pungent,deeply serrated leaves. Overwinters beautifullly in the hoop house. 500 seeds.
BEANS – Bush (Snap)
Phaseolus vulgaris
All packets contain a minimum of 50 seedsCulture: Full sun. Plant bean seeds into warm soil after all danger of frost haspassed. In my Southern Ontario garden that is after May 24th , and successiveplantings can be well into July. Plant seeds 2" apart and 1" deep. Rows should beminimum 24" apart. Harvest snap beans frequently for better yields. For drybeans, leave pods on the vine to dry, pick when the rattle inside the pods.
Alice Sunshine Snap:
20" large plants, very vigorous, produce scads of 5-7" long pods of green beans with very goodflavour. Or iginally bred by bean genius, Robert Lobitz.55 days.
Black Valentine-
I have offered this popular bean in the seed exchanges for years. Another old time bean introduced byPeter Henderson. It is a magnificent producer, and the black seed can be used also as a dried bean. 55days.
Blue Ribbon-
This is a very nice wide-type bean, pick and use before it grows big. A lovely 6” green bean with distinctpurple striping. Great beany taste and big producer. 60 days.
Bobis Albenga 
This is a truly wonderful Italian bush bean, one of my favourites. Striking in appearance, it is a slim greenbean with purple markings and wonderful flavour. Hard to find elsewhere, and a market favourite!
In 1897 Abel Steele of Ferguson, Ontario won a $25.00 prize for naming this new variety from Peter Henderson & Company, previously known as "Green Bush Bean #1." Heavy crops of excellent quality,brittle, stringless 6-7" pods. Productive bush plants grow 16" tall, 47-50 days.
Buerre de Rocquenfort-
This is a very lovely long slim yellow bean, of French heritage.This black seeded bean produceswell, and tolerates the wet and cold better than some others. My favourite yellow bean, veryclassy taste. 55 days.
Empress Bean
Incredible flavor. Our very best snap bean for fresh eating, freezing or processing. A true work-horse.Heavy yields of large, straight, green, 5-6" stringless pods. Originally introduced by Gurney's asExperimental Bean 121 and then re- named Empress in 1979. Bush habit, 55 days.
Fin de Bagnol
Old gourmet variety of French string bean, delicious round slender pods. Best for eating when pickedevery 2 or 3 days while still very young and tender. Does well in cool soil. Very attractive as tiny gourmetgreen beans. Commands a high price at market. Bush habit, 49-57 days.
Reliable and dependable, Jade has long been a favourite of mine because of it’s wonderful long pods,great production and taste. Not an heirloom, but wonderful none the less. Seed into warm soil, doesn’tlike it chilly. 60 days.
I obtained the original seed for this lovely slim,small and flat green bush bean from England. It Smallblack seeded variety is a good producer. Packet 50 seeds.
A very worthwhile little filet bean-production is quite mad. I obtained the original seed from the UK, a mustfor me because of my daughter Mollie. This is a very small bush, I think it would do well in container planting, and it produces extremely well. My plants were loaded with pods. Small white seed. A greatbean. 55-60 days.
Red Swan
A unique development for snap beans. The result of a life-long passion of bean breeding by the lateRobert Lobitz (1941-2006). Stabilized cross between a purple snap bean and a pinto. Best described asdusty red-rose, pods are 4-5" long, well flavored and free of strings. Bush habit, 52-58 days.
Royalty Purple Pod
Bred at the University of New Hampshire by the late Professor Elwyn Meader. Introduced by The BillyHepler Seed Company in 1957. Distinctive purple foliage and purple flowers. Stringless 5”tender roundpods that cook to green. Germinates well even in cold wet soil. Bush habit. 55 days.
BEANS – Bush (Dry)
Phaseolus vulgaris
Canadian Wonder 

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