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Published by Kate Squires

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Published by: Kate Squires on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Anti-vaccination group critical of anthrax studies.
Anti-vaccination group critical of anthrax studies.
 163 words16 February 2003 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News ABCNEWEnglish(c) 2003 Australian Broadcasting Corporation  An anti-vaccination lobby group says it doubts the Federal Government hasinformation proving the safety of the anthrax inoculation being given toAustralian troops.
Defence Minister Robert Hill has offered to share his information on thevaccine with Australian Medical Association president Kerryn Phelps, after she expressed concerns about its safety.
Meryl Dorey
from the Australian Vaccination Network says the Governmentshould release all documents it has on the vaccine because most of theinformation about it in the public domain is not positive.
"Out of all the studies that have been done recently, there's only one of them that puts a positive light on the vaccine, and that's one that was putout by the Institute of Medicine, but was funded by the Department of Defence in the United States," she said.
"I believe that they had a bit of a vested interest in making sure that thatstudy came out positive."
Document abcnew0020030218dz2g000cp 
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 Going without.
Going without.
 278 words3 April 2003Herald-SunHERSUN26English(c) 2003 Herald and Weekly Times Limited  AGAINST IF you are allergic to chicken eggs, stay away from fluvaccine. WHO's Alan Hampson said chicken eggs were used to grow thevirus, so anyone with a severe egg allergy should not have thevaccine.
"Anyone who thinks they may have an allergy should check with their doctor," Mr Hampson urged. He said there was no alternative vaccine for people who were allergic.
"Occasionally you also hear people say, `I got the flu from thevaccine', but that is totally impossible," he said. "It has beenconsidered possible that people may get mild symptoms but in many waysI think this is a myth."
Mr Hampson said a study that gave a group of people the vaccine andanother group a placebo solution, found the only reaction was that outof those given the vaccine, some had a sore arm.
But Australian Vaccination Network
Meryl Dorey
said people should notfeel forced to take up the vaccination.
Ms Dorey said there were many side effects, including auto-immunediseases which had been linked to the flu vaccine.
"People should look at the manufacturers infor-mation leaflet whichcomes with the vaccine, as it contains the ingredients, side effectsand the reasons why vaccination is not appropriate for everyone," shesaid.
Ms Dorey said another disadvantage was that the flu vaccine did notguarantee protection.
"The manufacturers guess which three strains are included so people aregetting a vaccine for a strain that might not necessarily appear," shesaid.
Ms Dorey said for the average healthy person, getting the flu was notnormally anything more than an inconvenience.
Net link: www.avn.org.au.
Document hersun0020030402dz430008d 
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