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Published by Kate Squires

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Published by: Kate Squires on Jan 23, 2012
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 Meryl Dorey: To Be or Not To Be
Meryl Dorey: To Be or Not To Be
 Jonathan SandersDistributed by Contify.com321 words14 December 2011TopNews.in ATTOPNEnglishCopyright © 2011 TopNews.in Recent reports have it that the organizers of the Woodford Folk Festival are under scrutiny for including
, as part of the program of the festival. It was revealed by the Communications Officer as well asresearcher from Heart Research Institute, Rachael Dunlop that this move is very irresponsible and mightprove to be dangerous for the authorities in the time to come. She conveyed this message in an article,and was of the view that it would be a better option to let people decide about the view given by
, rather than presenting her as a martyr.
She further added in her article that there isn't need for totally excluding Dorey from the program, thereis only need for choosing the priorities right, so that maximum results can be garnered from the event inthe end.
In the recent past, there has been a lot of hue and cry about the appearance of 
Meryl Dorey
in thehealth forum that is going to be held in Woodford soon.
Ms. Dunlop further said that the debates in the forum aren't one sided at all ad they are decided upon bythe full support of all the present members in the forum.
Dorey's views have been disagreed upon by a number of members from the panel. There is dire need tokeep these forums free of radical actins and comments by any of the participants. There is need to strikea balance between the needs of the form and the presence of Dorey, in the entire scenario.
The main aim of the overall discussion should be to decide upon what is best for the vaccination normsof the area, also that the health standards of children are not compromised upon in the ordeal.
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 Anti-vaccine activist needles opponents
Anti-vaccine activist needles opponents
 Janelle Miles389 words15 December 2011The Courier-MailCOUMAI1 - First with the news3EnglishCopyright 2011 News Ltd. All Rights Reserved  A STORM is brewing over controversial anti-vaccination campaigner 
Meryl Dorey
being given aplatform at the Queensland Government-sponsored Woodford Folk Festival.
Chrys Stevenson, a member of the Australian Skeptics, said she was opposed to Ms Dorey beingincluded on the Woodford program, given it was supported by the taxpayer.
Ms Dorey is the Australian Vaccination Network president.
The NSW Health Care and Complaints Commission last year ruled that information on the AVN'swebsite was misleading and inaccurate. Ms Stevenson, who lives at Mapleton in the Sunshine Coasthinterland, said she was concerned that Ms Dorey, who will speak about vaccination, autism andtoxicity, was putting babies' lives at risk by preaching misinformation.
Despite the controversy, Queensland Arts Minister Rachel Nolan, whose department is sponsoring thefestival, said it supported jobs and tourism.
``The Government, and I, as Arts Minister, are not going to be some kind of moral censor,'' she said.``Who is contracted for the event is a matter for the festival.
``The Government's position has not changed. We support the vaccination of all Queenslanders.''
Ms Dorey said security guards would be on hand for her appearances at the festival on December 29and 30.
She accused the Australian Skeptics and a Facebook group, dubbed Stop the AVN, for being behind acampaign to have her pulled from the festival.
``They've been attacking us for over 2 1/2 years now. Those attacks have included death threats,'' MsDorey said.
``Every time I go to a seminar anywhere, the Stop the AVN try to get the venue to cancel.
``I find it quite disturbing that there isn't an outcry. People are not considering the implications of allowing someone to interfere with the discussion of a political issue. Freedom of communication isguaranteed in Australia.''
Public health academic Jon Wardle, of the University of Queensland, said although he disagreed withMs Dorey's vaccination message, she should be allowed to present her views at public forums.
Dr Wardle said he believed criticism by the pro-vaccination lobby of Ms Dorey's festival appearanceshad been counter-productive.
 Australian Medical Association Queensland president Richard Kidd said he respected freedom of speech but called on Woodford organisers to ensure all sides of the vaccination debate were presented.
Document COUMAI0020111214e7cf00005 
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