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Third World War Analysis, 2002: Multiculturalism, Racism and Cultural Separatism by Dr Romesh Senewiratne

Third World War Analysis, 2002: Multiculturalism, Racism and Cultural Separatism by Dr Romesh Senewiratne

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Essay analysing racism, multiculturalism, cultural separatism and religious warfare in 2002.
Essay analysing racism, multiculturalism, cultural separatism and religious warfare in 2002.

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Published by: Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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©2002 Dr Romesh Senewiratne (MD)19.9.02
“Multiculturalism” is part of official government policy inAustralia and has been so for many years. The “Department of 
mmigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs” (DIMIA),
headed by Minister Phillip Ruddock, is responsible for the
application of the government’s “multicultural” policy in theareas of immigration, including “mandatory detention of 
unauthorised arrival
s by boat”, granting of Temporary
Protection Visas, and contracting the American private prisonscorporation Wackenhut Corrections Corporation to run all theDIMIA detention centres in Australia. This department is alsoresponsible for implementation of th
e dubious “deterrentpolicy” –
where refugees are deliberately mistreated in
Australia to supposedly send a “message back home” thatAustralia is not a “soft target” for refugees, “boat people” and
asylum seekers.It is worrying that one of the most blatantly racist members of 
John Howard’s cabinet has been given responsibility for
treating other races and cultures through the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs. This racismis evidenced in the fact that a vastly disproportionate numberof Indigenous people are incarcerated in Australian jails (over10 times the proportion of whites in jail), and the racial
demographics of men, women and children in DIMIA
“detention centres”/concentration camps. A vastly
disproportionate number of imprisoned asylum seekers aredark skinned and are adherents of the Moslem religion, whileBuddhists and Hindus are also over-represented compared tothe general population of would-be migrants to the country.Racism is anathema to most people, including most Australianpeople, regardless of skin colour, social class, gender, religionor age. Institutional racism is also against international law. Yetthe Australian government has separate laws and rules for
“Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders”, something th
atbecame possible, legally, only after the 1967 referendum,when the vast majority of Australians voted to remove clauses127 and the amendment to 51 from the 1901 Constitutionunder the impression that this would improve the lives of Aboriginal Australians. Thirty years later, IndigenousAustralians have a life expectancy twenty years less than thewhite population, while also suffering from a range of curablehealth problems, including infectious diseases that are rare inthe non-Indigenous population. Aboriginal children still die of malnutrition and exposure, as well as from easily-treatedinfectious diseases.
Separate development of different “cultures” is the antithesisof genuine “multiculturalism” and closer to the abhorrentpolicy of “apartheid”
(meaning, literally, “separatedevelopment”). One should not be fooled by the governmentopening official functions with “Aboriginal dancing”
welcoming ceremonies
and the fact that Aboriginal art is
now given pride of place in a number of Australian art galleries(though it is still vastly under-represented). Variousreconciliation committees and events have regularly given
voice to a select group of “Aboriginal elders” but the agenda
itself has been politically controlled by white, middle-agedmen and (much fewer) women in corporate offices andcorporate-style political
offices. A show of “racial tolerance”and public assertions about the government’s commitment to“multiculturalism” are not the same thing as lack of racism.
Government and media-promoted racism has been evidentagainst successive waves of migrants to Australia, includingagainst Italians, Greeks, Turks and Eastern Europeans during
the decades of the “White Australia Policy’. Subsequent racism
against Vietnamese and other South-
East Asian “boat people”
in the 1970s and 1980s was shown by the governments of Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke and their policies of imprisoning refugees. These were fleeing the aftermath of theVietnam War, which the Australian governments of the daysupported, and sent troops and weapons to.
To understand the Howard government’s vision of “multiculturalism” it is worth looking closely at South Africa’s‘apartheid’ regime and strategy. “Separate development” of different “races” in South Africa was promoted under the guiseof “human rights” and “civil rights for all” by a blatantly racistSouth African regime. This “separate development” included
substandard housing, education, pay and other conditions for
“blacks” and “coloureds” while blacks were encouraged toidentify themselves as members of separate “homelands” and

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