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Business Thinkers Who Changed the World

Business Thinkers Who Changed the World

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Published by rameshwar6

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Published by: rameshwar6 on Jan 23, 2012
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28 BusinessThinkers WhoChanged theWorld
The managementgurus and maverickswho changed theway we think aboutbusiness
Publisher’s note
Every possible eort has been made to ensure that the inormation contained in thisbook is accurate at the time o going to press, and the publishers and authors cannotaccept responsibility or any errors or omissions, however caused. No responsibilityor loss or damage occasioned to any person acting, or reraining rom action, as aresult o the material in this publication can be accepted by the editor, the publisher orany o the authors.First published in Great Britain and the United States in 2011 by Kogan Page LimitedApart rom any air dealing or the purposes o research or private study, or criticism or review,as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, this publication may only bereproduced, stored or transmitted, in any orm or by any means, with the prior permission inwriting o the publishers, or in the case o reprographic reproduction in accordance with theterms and licences issued by the CLA. Enquiries concerning reproduction outside these termsshould be sent to the publishers at the undermentioned addresses:120 Pentonville Road 1518 Walnut Street, Suite 1100 4737/23 Ansari RoadLondon N1 9JN Philadelphia PA 19102 DaryaganjUnited Kingdom USA New Delhi 110002www.koganpage.com India© Rhymer Rigby, 2011The right o Rhymer Rigby to be identifed as the author o this work has been asserted by himin accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.ISBN 978 0 7494 6239 0E-ISBN 978 0 7494 6240 6
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Rigby, Rhymer.28 business thinkers who changed the world : the management gurus and mavericks whochanged the way we think about business / Rhymer Rigby.p. cm.ISBN 978-0-7494-6239-0 -- ISBN 978-0-7494-6240-6 1. Businesspeople--Biography. 2.Management. 3. Business. I. Title. II. Title: Twenty eight business thinkers who changed theworld.HC29.R54 2011338.092’2--dc222011000191Typeset by Saxon Graphics Ltd, DerbyPrint production managed by JellyfshPrinted and bound in Great Britain by CPI Antony Rowe

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