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Initiation Chapter1

Initiation Chapter1

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Published by Leslie Fieger

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Published by: Leslie Fieger on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Origin of Power, Health, Happiness And Prosperity
The most vital understanding one needs to acquire in order to maximize one's relationship to one's self, tolife and to the ongoing process of creation is the concept of consciousness. Consciousness is not just some by-product of the human brain mass.Consciousness is all pervasive. It is in everything and is everywhere. Your individual humanconsciousness exists within and is a part of a universal consciousness.This all-encompassing universal consciousness is individualized in the human being. There is noseparation, but the personality or ego of the human being allows for a perceived separation and a unique perspective of the world.Your individualized consciousness enables not only an examination of the workings of your ownconsciousness, but also permits an examination of the cosmos and its underlying physical or natural lawswhich are indicative of the universal consciousness' methodology of creating, sustaining and enliveningthe entire cosmos. An understanding of the methodology used by the universal will empower you toutilize the same natural laws to create your life and future.Your individualized consciousness when recognized by you is called self-consciousness. You areconscious of being conscious. This self-consciousness begets free will and the ability to choose beliefs,thoughts, feelings and action. These choices, which can be placed under your direct conscious control,create your reality.As the great Gautama Buddha so succinctly said, "We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." It is in the choices we make about how and what wethink that weaves the tapestry of our reality.What do you know of your life, your reality except that this knowledge comes to you through your consciousness and your method of thinking?What do you know of the cosmos, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, except that it comes toyou through your consciousness and your method of thinking?The sciences of quantum physics and cosmology examine the methodology utilized by the universalconsciousness to create, sustain and enliven the cosmos. An understanding of the insights about thenatural laws governing the behavior of the cosmos will empower you to utilize those same natural laws toconsciously create your own reality.As today's scientists look closely at the structure and behavior of matter, two key understandings emerge.The first is that matter itself is not solid at all. It is simply and elegantly constituted of individualizedenergy packets behaving ² vibrating ² in a certain way to create the appearance or illusion of solidity.The second and most exciting realization is that the behavior of these smallest individual particles of matter or energy bundles is directly affected by the thought patterns and beliefs of the scientist studyingthe behavior.In other words, it is impossible to separate the behavior of a quark or of an electron or any other identifiable basic form of matter or even of a photon (the basic element of light itself) from the behavior of the consciousness studying these basic elements that comprise the whole cosmos. The thought of thescientist affects the behavior of the quark studied by the scientist. Change the thought or belief and the behavior changes.
 The whole universe or cosmos is a construction of different frequencies focused by universalconsciousness into patterns of vibration. Thought itself is a form of vibration. Each part of the cosmos is a part of and exists within the universal consciousness. Your consciousness exists within and is anindivisible part of the universal consciousness. Your thoughts as vibration therefore affect the whole of the cosmic vibration. Those who achieve mastery of life understand that the conscious control of thoughtcan create whatever reality is imagined.Harmonizing the activity of your individual consciousness with that of the universal will enable you todiscover and utilize the origin of power, health, happiness, courage and confidence to build for your self the life of your dreams. The direct communication link from your individualized self-consciousness iswithin you. Accessing that communication link will enable you to become fully capable of creating your own reality, to take control of your life and circumstances, to bring into your life the health, wealth andhappiness you desire. This communication link to the universal is only available in the silence within.This understanding of the creative power of your consciousness within the ultimate creative power of theuniversal consciousness will lead to an understanding of the real cause of all the effects in your life; inother words you will come to see and control the cause of your life's experiences. The wisdom gainedfrom this understanding will lead to the direct practical application in daily life of the natural lawsgoverning creation and a profound sense of personal power. You will come to see how your creative power, when harmonized with the basic universal laws or precepts utilized by universal consciousnesswill enable you to be in control of all aspects of your life. You will see how to gain more in every area of your life. You will develop a power consciousness.Once you have integrated these understandings into your beingness, you will, in effect, own them andyour life will be blessed with happiness, health and prosperity.This power consciousness is your birthright. You have only to claim it. This power consciousness shouldnot be thought of as something outside of yourself that you need to find or obtain. It is inherent in your very beingness. You need only to recognize it within yourself, to understand it and then to apply it to your life.As you make daily application of this power, learning to control and wisely use it, you will find that theevents and circumstances of your life become more malleable to it. As the integration of this power consciousness into your ground of being deepens and as your understanding grows, your life will becomeone of joy and ease. Each new day will bring a clearer vision of your creative nature and a clearer view of how each circumstance of your life is a direct result of your predominant mental attitude and method of thinking. You will come to see (as though the shadows of night were being illuminated by the dawn'slight) that your emotions and your actions are determined by your choices. These choices in turndetermine your results.This is the great secret of human power and creativity. Your choice of belief, thought, emotion and actioncreate your reality. This is a simple truth. In order to have anything in life, you must first do and in order to do anything, you must first be. How you are depends upon what you think, what you believe, what youfeel. These are all within your ability to choose. What you think is within your control and your power tochoose is already within you.The external world of events and circumstances is thus recognized as a reflection of your internal worldof thought and emotion. As within, so without. In this inner world ² your world within ² you can,through your direct communication link to the universal, find infinite wisdom, infinite power and aninfinite supply of all that is necessary for your happiness and fulfillment. It is all there waiting for you todiscover, to claim it as your own and make it manifest in your outer world of event and circumstance.
The potentialities existent in the world within will manifest in the world without (your external reality)when you focus your conscious awareness on them and utilize the same natural laws as the universalconsciousness does to create. You will have achieved a harmony of thought and deed with the universal
 Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything. It is the foundation of health and an essential to all greatness, all  power, all attainment, all achievement and all success. Harmony in the world within means the ability tocontrol our thoughts and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us emotionally.The world without reflects the circumstances and conditions of the consciousness within. If we find wisdom in the world within, we shall have the understanding to discern the marvelous possibilities that are latent in this world within and we shall be given the power to make these possibilities manifest in the world without. All possession is the result of consciousness. All gain is the result of an accumulative consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.
 We perceive the world without, our external reality, through our senses and these sensory perceptions arerecorded in the brain, becoming memory and are also imprinted in our cellular structure, affecting thevery vibratory nature of our being. This outer conscious awareness is often called the objective mind or the conscious mind.We perceive the world within, our internal reality through our intuition and imagination and these perceptions are likewise recorded in the brain and imprinted in our cellular structure. Our emotions arerecorded likewise in our hearts and all these subjective experiences also affect the vibratory nature of our  being. This inner conscious awareness is often called the subjective mind or the subconscious mind.Imagine universal consciousness narrowing its focus through the individual by placing awareness into theindividualized consciousness you call your own mind. The link to the universal consciousness can be seenas extending back from your outer conscious awareness or objective (conscious) mind through your inner conscious awareness or subjective (subconscious) mind to connect ultimately in a meditative state touniversal consciousness.This knowledge is the key to human fulfillment and joy.
We are related to the world without by the objective mind. The brain is the organ of this mind and thecerebrospinal system of nerves puts us in conscious communication with every part of the body. This system of nerves responds to every sensation of light, heat, odor, sound and taste.We are related to the world within by the subconscious mind. The solar plexus is the organ of this mind;the sympathetic system of nerves presides over all subjective sensations such as joy, fear, love,respiration, imagination and all other subconscious phenomena. It is through the subconscious that weare connected with the universal mind and brought into relation with the infinite constructive forces of the universe. It is the coordination of these two centers of our being and the understanding of their functions, which isthe great secret of life. With this knowledge, we can bring the objective and the subjective minds intoconscious cooperation and thus coordinate the finite and the infinite. Our future is entirely within our own control. It is not at the mercy of any capricious or uncertain external power.

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