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Sheetz staff report

Sheetz staff report

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Published by The News-Herald
See all the details that the Mentor Planning Commission will be weighing when the new Sheetz proposal is before it this week.
See all the details that the Mentor Planning Commission will be weighing when the new Sheetz proposal is before it this week.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Municipal Planning
Prepared By:
Ronald M. Traub, Director CommissionEconomic & CommunityDevelopment
Meeting Date
:January 26, 2012
:David J. Mastrostefano, P.E. for Sheetz Inc.
Status of Applicant
:Engineering/Permit Project Manager 
Requested Action
:Preliminary Site Plan and Conditional Use Permits
:To construct a Sheetz service station with a reduction in the buffer requirement.
Existing Zoning
:B-2, General Business
Parcel ID Number 
:7766 Lakeshore Boulevard
:5,782 building on a 2.3 acre site
Existing Land Use
:Eckley’s Corner Shopping Center 
Surrounding LandUse and Zoning
 North: church, vacant lot in Mentor; zoned B-2 General Business and veterinarianhospital, retail center and Marathon Service Station located in Mentor-on-the-Lake; zoned Business District.East: Rite Aid; zoned B-2, General BusinessSouth: day care facility and single family homes; zoned B-2, General Business and R-2,Single Family Residential.West: Dunkin Donuts; zoned B-2, General Business
Zoning History
:The 23,000sq.ft. shopping center was constructed in 1966. In December of 2009, theCommission approved conditional use permits (CUPs) for the service station, outdoor  patio and reduction to the buffer requirement along with the preliminary site plan. CityCouncil “called up” the CUPs and subsequently amended the stipulations on February2, 2010. City Council denied the CUPs by a vote of 4-3. In March of 2010, Sheetzfiled a motion of appeal with the Common Pleas Court of Lake County adjunctiverelieve of the denial of the CUP applications by the City. In November of 2010, JudgeEugene A. Lucci issued a judgment entry (vol 1941 pg 0975) affirming denial of requests for conditional use permits.
:1133 Site Development Plans1135 Conditional Use Permits1162 Landscaping, Screening and Buffering
Public Utilities
:Utility service connections exist at the rear of the existing building and will beextended or reutilized. Electrical service to the building will be underground fromexisting overhead poles along the rear property line.
Engineering Comments
:1.Stormwater detention provided for site in underground storm sewer. Therefore, no additional detentionrequired.2.Site subject to NPDES Stormwater Permit requirements. Copy of permit or permit number required prior to start of construction.3.Site subject to City stormwater quality requirements. Site plan shall detail the installation and long termmaintenance plan of post-construction best management practices to manage stormwater quality per 
/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6273/82179395.docCUP-1-12-2680 CUP-1-12-2681 SITE-1-12-2682
2, 3, 9
City requirements.4.Erosion control plan including schedule for installation to be included in construction plans. (Refer toChapter 1353 of the Mentor Code of Ordinances) Plans to include City of Mentor standard SWP3 notesavailable atwww.cityofmentor.com/live/storm-water-info/storm-water-management.5.A storm sewer use/maintenance easement between Sheetz and Munson & Andrews, LLC is needed over the storm sewer that will continue to service Parcel No. 16-C-082-0-00-007-0 (Rite-Aid Drug Store).6.Recommend waiver of Sections 1133.05(h) and 1133.06(v) of the Mentor Code of Ordinances as site iscurrently developed.7.Final site plan to conform to City standards (available upon request) as part of next submittal.8.All utilities servicing site shall be bored under Meadowbrook Drive as necessary.9.All existing cracked, and/or damaged, substandard sidewalk along front property line shall be replaced.10.Power and telephone lines shall be run underground from utility pole to building.11.Obtain an easement or agreement for landscape mound on property at 7781 Union Street.12.The results of the trip generation study do not indicate traffic impacts significant enough to require atraffic impact study.13.Handicap signing and mounting heights shall be detailed on the plans. Signs shall be mounted to a 7’height to bottom of sign.14.All sign sheeting material shall be Type H reflective sheeting. All signs shall be mounted at a 7’ heightto the bottom of the sign.15.Applicant is requested to provide bicycle parking and access for the site.16.Provide a “Do Not Enter” sign facing Lakeshore Blvd. at the right out only exit drive. Also provide a“No Left Turn” sign at this location for exiting vehicles.17.Provide a “No Left Turn” sign adjacent to and across from the right in entrance drive facing westboundtraffic.
 Applicant shall provide written confirmation and plan modifications with next submittal as to the dispositionof each of the above comments.
Fire Department Comments
A fire hydrant shall be located within 250’ of all parts of the building as the hose lies or as required by theFire Chief for tactical purposed.
Permits will be required from the State Fire Marshall for the underground storage tanks.
Posts signs along the back of the building indicating “No Parking Fire Lane”.
Police Department Comments
Traffic flow from Lakeshore Boulevard looks good.
 No after hour noise looks good.
:The applicant is requesting preliminary site plan approval to construct a Sheetz Service Stationat 7766 Lakeshore Boulevard. The request includes conditional use permits (CUPs) for theservice station use and a reduction in the buffer requirement. The site is located to the west of the Rite Aid building at the intersection of Munson and Andrew Roads and east of theintersection of Lakeshore Boulevard and Meadowbrook Drive. The existing shopping center will be demolished. The applicant is advised that a separate demolition permit is requiredshould the shopping center be demolished prior to the issuance of a building permit for theservice station.The site is zoned B-2, General Business and is surrounded in part by commercially zoned land-uses with the exception of three (3) residentially zoned parcels with homes located at the rear of the shopping center and adjacent Rite Aid building. The zoning line differentiating theresidential from commercial zoning runs along the easterly property line of the day care propertyin a north south direction (See aerial photo). The existing buffer approved by the Commissionas part of the Rite Aid project included an eight (8)-ft. high brick wall at the rear of the Rite Aid building and eight-ft. board on board fence at the rear of the shopping center. The bufferingordinance had not been established at the time of the Rite Aid site plan approval.The applicant is requesting a reduction in the buffer requirement contained in Chapter 1162.11
/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6273/82179395.docCUP-1-12-2680 CUP-1-12-2681 SITE-1-12-2682
Buffering Requirements. A commercial facility with operating hours past 11:00 P.M. whenadjacent to a residential land use requires Buffer Type H with a minimum 50-ft. set back, solideight (8)-ft. masonry wall or fence and a six (6)-ft. high berm. Sheetz service station will beopen 24 hours, daily. The proposed Sheetz building is not located within the minimum 50-ft. buffer set back but the rear access drive will be set back 26.7-ft. from the residentially zoned property. The rear access drive provides emergency access around the building. The depth of the buffer from the existing residential properties will increase from the existing set backsassociated with the shopping center and rear access drive. The existing shop center building isset back 20-ft. from the rear property line while the rear access drive is set back three (3)-ft. TheFire Department is requesting signs be post along the back of the building adjacent to the rear access drive indicating “No Parking Fire Lane”.The buffer proposal includes an eight-ft high brick wall, (8)-ft vinyl fencing, guardrail, and athree (3)-ft. high earthen berm and buffer plantings. A new eight (8)-ft. high brick fence will beextended from the existing Rite Aid brick wall to the west along the rear property line of theSheetz property. The brick wall will end at the eastern property line of the day care property andthen an eight (8)-ft. vinyl fence will be constructed along the day care property ending at theminimum 30-ft set back along Meadowbrook Drive. Only decorative fences with a maximumheight of three (3)-ft. can be installed within the 30-ft. front set back. A guardrail will beinstalled to the west of the brick wall to protect the daycare property to the south. TheAdministration is recommending that decorative bollards, wooden style constructed guard rail or large boulders be used in lieu of the non-decorative galvanized metal style guardrail.The 165 lineal foot of buffer area located on the north side of the brick wall and vinyl fencingwill be planted with 24 shade trees (Red Oaks), 17 evergreen trees (Colorado Spruce), 16understory trees (Shadblow Serviceberry), 49 evergreen shrubs (Mission Arborvitae), 15deciduous shrubs (Compact Burning Bush) and 77 small shrubs (Little Prince Spirea). The proposed spacing of the buffer plantings is too dense based on the height and spread of the proposed plant material. A revised landscape plan (Staff Exhibit A) was recommended by theAdministration that includes (Red Oaks) planted 30-ft. on center along the edge of the servicedrive with 17 (Colorado Spruces) planted in a staggered pattern between the proposed brick walland in front of the Oak trees. The Spruce trees have a spread of 20-25-ft. and height of 60-ft.while the Red Oaks trees have a spread of 45-50-ft. and height of 60-75-ft. The Spruce tree will provide an excellent visual and sound buffer year around.Sheetz has an agreement letter with the residential property owners (Dale and Catherine Bradleyand Karl and Diane Mews) to the south to install a 17-ft. wide earthen mound that will be three(3)-ft. high with a two to one slope. The mound will extend 260-ft across the residential property and be planted with 50 Mission Arborvitaes planted five (5)-ft. on center. Two (2)Cleveland Select Callery pear trees will be located on each side of the mound. TheAdministration is recommending Wintergreen Arborvitaes be substituted for the Mission sincethey attain a greater height of 20 to 30-ft versus eight (8)-ft. for the Mission. The agreementletter also includes the requirement that all deliveries be at the front door facing Lakeshore or theother door facing Meadowbrook. The agreement will need to be modified to indicate the southside door will be used for emergencies only. Deliveries between 11:00 P.M. and 6:59 A.M.shall comply Chapter 531 Noise Control. Any deliveries that occur between the hours of 11:00P.M. and 7:00 will be through the use of small sprinter vans which enter and exit the site without backing up. Sheetz will also provide both properties owners with contact information for districtor regional manager.Per Chapter 1135.01 Conditional Use Permits are required for Service Station uses in the B-2,General Business district. Sheetz proposes to have seven (7) gas islands with dispensers andtouch screens located under two (2) canopy structures and a 5,782 sq. ft. mini mart building.The outdoor patio approved by the Commission as part of the previous CUP request has been
/opt/scribd/conversion/tmp/scratch6273/82179395.docCUP-1-12-2680 CUP-1-12-2681 SITE-1-12-2682

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