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Mentor Demonstration 2012

Mentor Demonstration 2012

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Kassens undergraduate research group for the spring 2012
Kassens undergraduate research group for the spring 2012

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alice Louise Kassens Uhl on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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courses. I will have a plannedtopic for each meeting, but themajority of the time will be spentin discussion of our projects.
“Our” projects...yes, I will be
doing each step with you. I havea variety of research projectsunderway. I will integrate theseprojects into our discussion anddo each assignment with you.This is truly a mentoring environ-ment. Not only am I your men-
tor, but you are each other’s
mentors and you are mine. Yourpeers will be involved in yourproject as much as I will.By the end of the semester youwill have participated in a classlike none other. It is an experi-ence that will complement yourliberal arts education.
Let’s have a fantastic semester!
 Welcome to a unique undergrad-uate research experience.Roanoke College aims to pro-mote undergraduate research.Typically undergraduate researchtakes the form of a student writ-ing a paper as a course require-ment (ex. ECON 448.)While class instruction can high-light the important aspects of research and communication,many details must be omitted forthe sake of time.Observing an experienced re-searcher is likely to complementthe learning experience, but thetypical course does not permitthis addition either.Finally, students can help eachother with ideas and encourage-ment. Some time is spent onpeer review and discussion, but itis often not the highlight.
This “course” will combine all of 
these elements (detailed instruc-tion, mentoring/observation, andpeer review/discussion).The class environment will bedifferent from that of otherWe will meet as a group once aweek. I have reserved West HallRm. 115 each Tuesday from11:50-1:00. Please be there nolater than 12:00. I am officiallyon sabbatical, so some weeks wewill have team leaders leading thesessions when I am unable toattend. You will be told in ad-vance of these cases.Feel free to bring lunch or asnack to class as I know thatmany of you are squeezed fortime.Some of you will need individualmeetings as the semester pro-gresses to work on differentaspects of your project. Pleaseuse my online scheduler to find atime that works for both of us(http://tungle.me.alicekassens). These meetings will take place inmy office.Feel free to email me with ques-tions or comments at any time.
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Welcome to a unique experienceGroup & Individual Meetings
Mentor DemonstrationUndergraduate Research @ RC
Observe men-
tors’ research
Conduct arigorous re-search project
Communicateindividual re-search
Engage in peer reviewGOALS:
Produce anoriginal re-search paper 
Develop apresentationfor the re-search paper 
Submit theresearch pa-per to anundergradu-ate confer-ence
Submit theresearch pa-per to anundergradu-ate journal
“Research is to see
what everybody else has seen, and to think whatnobody else has
 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi(Hungarian Biochemist,1893-1986)
My research project about usOur blogAbout Dr. Alice Louise Kassens
I earned my BA in Economicsand History from The Collegeof William and Mary. While incollege I was a varsity cross-country and indoor/outdoortrack athlete for the Tribe.After college, I entered a PhDprogram in Economics atNorth Carolina State Universi-ty. My fields of specialty arehealth and labor economics.I was a Visiting Professor of Economics at Washington andLee University 2004-2005, andcame to Roanoke College in2005-2006. I was grantedtenure and promoted to Asso-ciate Professor for the 2010-11 academic year. I am also aSenior Analyst with the IPOR.I am working on several re-search projects including:1) Effects of clinical depressionon labor market outcomes(with Dr. William M. Rodg-ers, III)2) Relationship between in-come and obesity in devel-oping countries (with Dr.Yana Rodgers)I live in Fincastle, VA with myhusband Brandon and ourseven pets Millie, Lily, Macy,Dean, Hillary, and Gabby. My
husband is the Head Men’s
Track & Field Coach at Wash-ington and Lee University.I continue to run competitivelyand am sponsored by Brooksand Hammer Nutrition. I amcurrently training for a mara-thon in my hometown Wil-mington, NC in March, a racethat I won last year.with what we are doing. I havelinked the blog to the Econom-ics Program blog to promote itto a wide audience.I will post an entry after eachof our meetings and post en-tries about the progress madeon each of your topics andaccomplishments.I started a blog last year to journal what we do through-out the semester. I first usedit with my research group lastsemester and will continue touse it for future groups of undergraduate researchers.It is my hope that alumni, oth-er students, faculty, and friendsof the College will keep upIf you can think of additionalways to use the blog, let meknow.Make sure that you visit theblog frequently and post com-ments if you like.kassensmaroonsinac-tion.blogspot.com course are borrowed fromothers, as a whole, the experi-ence is unique. I believe thatmany professors will be inter-ested in what we do, how wedo it, and our successes anddifficulties. This course fitsperfectly in the liberal artssetting, and I believe that manyprofessors at similar schoolswould like to integrate it intotheir curriculum.It is my hope to write anotherpaper about some aspect of 
this year’s group. I have some
ideas, but would like feedback from you all.Additionally, you will be sur-veyed at the end of the semes-ter for a longer-term project Iam working on concerningundergraduate research. Yourparticipation is crucial for thesuccess of that project.In addition to the researchtopics listed in my summary, Iam actively working on severalprojects in the area of Eco-nomics Education.Currently, Sara Caudle, TylerRinko, Justin Tuma, and I havea paper under review. It is a
dialogue about last year’s use
of the Mentor DemonstrationModel.Although some aspects of the
SARA CAUDLEBusiness and EconomicsMajor 
Honors in the Major, EconomicsPresenting at 2012 NCUR
About you
“Research is
formalized curiosity. It is poking and  prying with a
 Zora NealeHurston(American writer,1903-1960)
PETER HOLDENBusiness and EconomicsMajor 
Independent Study, Business
CHRIS KWARAMBAEconomics Major 
Honors in the Major, Economics
MAX STEINEconomics Major 
Independent Study, Economics
Presenting at the 2012 VAE Annual Conference
MARKO KRKELJASEconomics Major 
Presenting at the 2012 VAE Annual Conference
 WAI PAINGEconomics Major 
Fall 2011 Honors in the Economics Major Submitting work for publication
NOMIN BAASANDAVAAEconomics and Environmental Studies Major 
Fall 2011 Honors in the Economics Major Submitting work for publication
TYLER RINKOEconomics Major, Elementary Education Li-cense
Spring 2011 Honors in the Economics Major Starting new research project 

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