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Ddp 01-01-Dcsm Ddp's-Amend 15 Rev 1.0

Ddp 01-01-Dcsm Ddp's-Amend 15 Rev 1.0

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Ddp 01-01-Dcsm Ddp's-Amend 15 Rev 1.0
Ddp 01-01-Dcsm Ddp's-Amend 15 Rev 1.0

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Published by: Canadian_Veterans_Ad on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 DDP 1.01(Amend # 15)1/2DCSM DIRECTIVE AND PROCEDURE 1.01DCSM DDP’sINTRO1. The DCSM Directives and Procedures (DDP’s) are intended as a quickreference document for DCSM and JPSU personnel.PROCESS2. Format: While it may not be possible in all cases, dependant on the topic,DDP’s will generally follow a standard format, as follows:a. Intro: The intro will simply describe provide a brief description ofthe topic. Where applicable, it should explain how the subject ofthe DDP will impact on injured members, veterans, or families.b. Process: This section should describe the process for the topic.When in respect to a service program or benefit, it should provide alevel of information required to understand the process, notnecessarily to be able to perform it. The intent is that the readerwill be able to advise others on what they may expect whenapplying for a benefit or program.c. Key Factors: The portion should provide any critical points thatmust be considered by someone interested in theservice/benefit/function. This could include rules on eligibility,significant considerations that must be taken, actions to avoid, etc.d. Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) Assistance: The IPSCassistance portion will provide the “do’s and don’ts” for the IPSCstaff regarding the topic. Where applicable, it should describe thefunctions that an IPSC Services staff member may do to assist aclient, or SME for that DDP, what general information may beprovided to the client, and when referral to the SME should bemade.e. Principal DCSM Section: The primary point of contact within DCSMfor the particular topic is indicated in this section.f. Primary POC: When different than the principal DCSM Section, theprimary POC for the topic is provided.g. Alternate POC: When applicable, alternate points of contact areprovided.
   O  n  e   V  e  t  e  r  a  n   O  n  e   S  t  a  n   d  a  r   d

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