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Published by: Rebecca Woop Woop Wheeler on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DADA TREATMENT FOR A TWO MINUTE OPENINGByRebecca WheelerDean TurnerLaura GardinerJess Jones
January, 2012Present.United Kingdom.Small village.Late Afternoon.A MIDDLE AGED MAN, wearing black trousers and a blackhooded coat walks past a poorly lit secondary school. Hewalks into a garden opposite the school, mysteriouslygazing at the entrance.A group of mixed sex TEENAGERS walk out of the schoolgates, gripping their folders. Laughing and joking aboutdetentions, they wave bye to one of the TEENAGE GIRLS asshe is walking in the other direction over to herSTEPDADS red car which is waiting to pick her up.As the TEENAGE GIRL is walking up to the car she suddenlyfeels eerie as though somebody is watching her. She iscorrect; the MIDDLE AGED MAN is in fact peering at herthrough the bushes in the garden opposite the school. Heis trying to be quiet, although unable to control hisheavy breathing.Seeing the GIRL draw closer to the car, the STEPDADangrily gets out, clutching a letter from the school. Hestarts shouting at her “Another Detention” “I didn’traise you like this”. The TEENAGE GIRL now forgets aboutthe weird feeling she had just felt as she is moreconcerned about arguing back with her STEPDAD. Voices areraised and arms are flung about as the argumentprogresses.The MIDDLE AGED MAN watches on, his breathing increasing,as he starts to have a flashback. His flashback consistsof a YOUNGER VERSION OF HIMSELF being shown a paintingdone by a LITTLE GIRL at school, the LITTLE GIRL being ayounger version of the TEENAGE GIRL. “Daddy Daddy, lookwhat I did at school”. It is at this point we realisethat the MIDDLE AGED MAN is actually the TEENAGE GIRLSreal DAD.Then the MOTHER of the GIRL walks down the stairs,struggling to carry two suitcases. She looks angry andhas quite obviously been crying as she has mascararunning down her young fresh face. “We’re leaving”. TheGIRL cries as the mother drags her out of the house, shedesperately stares at her dad confused and distraught.This is the moment that his daughter was taken away fromhim.

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