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Baderman Systems Upgrade

Baderman Systems Upgrade

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Published by Toby Nixon

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Published by: Toby Nixon on Jan 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BADERMAN SYSTEMS UPGRADE 1Running head: BADERMAN SYSTEMS UPGRADEBaderman Systems Upgrade RFPDavid “Toby” MeyersCMGT/445 Application ImplementationIssam AklehJanuary 13, 2012
Introduction1. Baderman Management Group on behalf of Baderman Island Resorts referredhereafter as Baderman or Baderman Resorts respectively, is seeking proposals forHardware and Software upgrade for Baderman Resorts under the consultation of Doingit with Dweebs, LLC (Meyers, 2009) referred to as Dweebs. This request for proposals(RFP), as intended defines a clear set of functional requirements as well as providesoverall direction to proposers in submitting a proposal that will be responsive toBaderman Resorts’ needs.2. The resulting contract will be a firm price contract for a reasonable period atBaderman's option. The anticipated effective date of the contract is June 2012. Dweebsan outside technical architecture consulting firm received the request for analysis, in a bundle of information from a mutual source. The specific request was of an: “Analysis of factors involved in either upgrading or purchasing a software application” (Witten,2011), which means the request was for ‘analysis of factors’ for upgrading their wordprocessors over their structure. Dweebs is working on behalf of Baderman to the effectof, protecting its interests and ensuring that the product of the contract is suitable. Theanalysis revealed that a hardware upgrade would be necessary before upgrading the word processing software.3. Project goals are as follows: Hardware removal and recycling, of out of datecomputers and systems. Installation of new systems with the minimal requirement of the most recent version of Microsoft Windows Software hereafter referred to as Windows with Microsoft Office Word, hereafter referred to as Word.
4. Scope of project: Under consultation from Dweebs, on behalf of Baderman, forBaderman resorts, seeks contract with Smith Systems Consulting or suitable company,for the replacement of end-user computer systems, recycling of those systems and theinstallation of minimally required hardware and assured functionality of the most recent version of Windows and Word.5. Timely presentation of tentative proposal is required; any proposal pertaining theretoreceived after the announced time and date for submittal will be rejected. Proposal istentative for the reason that elements must be discussed at the time of decision. It is theresponsibility of the proposer for ensuring that their proposals are time stamped by purchasing department personnel before May 14, 2012 at 11 a.m. Project ProposalSchedule is a consideration for acceptance of proposal.6. Budget will be decided upon acceptance of the proposal. Budget is a consideration foracceptance of proposal.

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