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Spiritual Healing A-Z

Spiritual Healing A-Z

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Published by rockinmagic
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Published by: rockinmagic on Jan 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Start Manifesting Prosperity, Abundance, Love, And Incredible Health Today.http://bit.ly/vibrateloveorabove ==== ====Over the years that I have studied and practiced spiritual healing, I have seen and experiencedmany healings and health improvements along the way which I attribute to spiritual healing. Ireached this conclusion very scientifically over a growing period of time by testing the healingtechniques to determine if they really work. How it all started - Healing #1 I had read several times that spiritual healing brings healing and relief from pain and suffering, butI never thought of using spiritual healing until one day when I injured my hand. I felt this might be agood time to give it a try to see if it would help my hand to heal. I had a large, deep wound in myhand that normally would take several weeks to heal. I felt this would be a good test to see howfast the wound would heal if I used spiritual healing. I also decided that the best way to keep track of my spiritual healing efforts and results would be tocreate a journal, logging in what my spiritual healing work consisted of, how often I did it, and whatI did. I would also keep track of my healing progress (or lack of progress). I felt the journaling wasimportant because it would give me an objective, unbiased, concrete accounting of events which Icould refer to at will. This accounting could help me objectively decide if spiritual healing did or didnot help to bring healing. I felt trying to commit my results to memory would be unreliable sincemost of us tend to feel differently about things on different days, depending on circumstances andevents. I sat down to begin spiritual healing work to heal my hand. I wasn't sure I was doing it right, but Ifollowed the instructions the best that I could. I intently gazed at my hand as I did the spiritualwork, hoping to see some sort of magical healing take place, and hoped that I would actually seethe wound heal and disappear from my hand. After fifteen minutes of doing spiritual healing work, much to my disappointment, I did not see norfeel any change in my hand. The wound was still there and it still hurt. Since I was working to heal a wound rather than an illness, I read that I should do the spiritualwork frequently - several times a day, as often as possible. Each time I did my spiritual work onthe first day, I was expecting some type of miraculous healing, but that didn't happen. When I wentto bed that night, I still couldn't see any change in the appearance of the wound, and I still hadconsiderable pain. I fell asleep that night doing spiritual work to heal my hand. Much to my surprise, the following morning, when I looked at the wound, it was much smaller.There was less swelling, the skin was normal around the wound instead of being red, the scabbyarea itself looked smaller, and the pain was gone.
 As the day progressed, I continued with the spiritual work and was amazed to note that the woundwas rapidly getting smaller. On the second night of my experiment, I again fell asleep doing spiritual work for the completehealing of my hand and when I woke up, there was only a slightly perceptible wound area. Inamazement I looked at my hand wondering how this could be possible for a large wound to healso fast, and leave no visible scar. I logged all of this information into my journal and I concludedthat the spiritual healing technique I used did in fact heal my hand and that my first experimentended in success because I realized complete healing of the wound I was trying to heal in a recordperiod of time. But - was the healing a coincidence? Just as I was basking in achievement, I began to wonder if the healing I realized might have beencoincidental to the spiritual healing work. Would it have healed anyway since I did wash thewound, treated it with an over-the-counter antibacterial medication, and kept it bandaged most ofthe time to keep the wound clean? Now I was faced with the question of whether or not my hand would have healed without thespiritual healing work. What if the spiritual healing work I did really had no affect at all in myhealing? I decided the only way to be sure was to run another test. Since I didn't have any otherhealing need at the time I decided to try a spiritual healing technique on my dog. Testing the technique again - Healing #2 My dog injured one of her hind legs. The veterinarian told me that my dog would never be able towalk again on that leg due to the nature of the injury. The vet said that the muscles in my dog's legwould atrophy (shrink in size) over time, and my dog would spend the rest of her life limping onthree legs. Not wanting to believe this, I sought consultation from three other veterinarians and each told methe same thing - neither surgery nor medications could or would restore my dog's leg to normalcy. This saddened me greatly to think my dog would be crippled for the rest of her life, and it grievedme to watch her shuffle along trying to walk on three legs, trying to go potty with three legs, and nolonger being able to chase bunnies and squirrels and butterflies. I researched spiritual healing methods again, and decided on which method I would use to try for ahealing for her. Again I daily, several times a day, faithfully performed spiritual healing techniquesdirecting the healing energy at my dog's injured leg, and again logged the results into my journal.Since I couldn't know how she was feeling, the only journal entries I could make regarding herprogress were what I observed from watching her and how she behaved. Several weeks went by, and I didn't see any improvement in her condition even though I faithfullydid the spiritual healing work daily. My journal was boring and repetitious with daily entries of "Noprogress or healing noted." 
I was becoming discouraged because when I worked to heal my hand, I noticed greatimprovement within 24 hours, and complete healing within three days. Now, several weeks later, Icould not see any change in my dog's condition. I asked myself: Did spiritual healing really work, or not?If it worked, why wasn't I seeing a healing in my dog?Am I doing something wrong?Maybe I didn't do it long enough - or often enough?Should I try another technique?What should I do next? I felt trapped, despaired, and discouraged. Trapped because I didn't know what to do next, anddespaired and discouraged because the veterinarians couldn't help her, prayer didn't heal her, andnow, what if the spiritual healing technique didn't help either? Was I trapped with no way left tohelp her? Was she doomed to being a cripple for the rest of her life? Because I didn't know what to do next, I decided to stick with the spiritual healing a little longer. Ialso combined my daily spiritual healing work with prayer, and did everything I could think of tohelp her even though the veterinarians said any efforts on my part would be in vain. I rubbed her leg with alcohol and massaged it daily. In between the alcohol rubs, I appliedexpensive emu preparations to her entire leg, and gently exercised her leg muscles manuallytrying to bring life into them and slow up and/or get rid of the atrophy. Intermittently I also rubbedher leg with Ben Gay or Aspercreme hoping the different products might help her leg to heal. And,I continued to faithfully do my spiritual healing work for the healing of her leg. I also told God that Iwas not going to give up on her, I expected a healing and would work to realize it. In addition to all of the above, I also had to work hard, very very hard, to maintain a positiveattitude and fight growing discouragement, despair, and negative thoughts about her becominghealed. Every time the thought or idea came to me that she would not be healed/could not behealed, that I was foolish to think that spiritual healing or anything could help her, I deliberatelyreplaced those negative thoughts with positive ones telling myself that she could be healed, shewould be healed, and I forced myself to visualize a picture of her as being healed. I worked hard tomentally create pictures in my mind of her running like the wind, barking at squirrels and bunniesand butterflies as she chased them like she used to before her leg became injured One day when we were out walking, I was doing my spiritual work for her leg as usual and as Iwas finishing up, I looked again at my dog limping along with her atrophying leg hanging from herbody like a dead thing. I shouted to her leg (yes, to her leg) "Why aren't you healing?"And then Ishouted to God and to the heavens, "Why aren't you healing her? God, please let her walk!"And inthe instant of me crying out, with tears streaming down my face, it seemed as if the world stoodstill. I "felt"a heavy silence in the air. My dog's eyes were locked on me in a strange way, and therewas a strange expression in her eyes. As I looked steadily at her wondering what her expressioncould mean, my dog moved her dead lifeless leg that hung from her shoulder, and put it on theground. As I watched, she took one unsteady step on it, then another, then another. It had beenmonths since she moved that leg, and now she was walking on it? I could hardly believe my eyesto see this, but yes - she was walking! Hurray!

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