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What is Acid Erosion of the Teeth

What is Acid Erosion of the Teeth

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Published by grahbar
a comprehensive look at the pH of various food and beverages and their effect on our teeth
a comprehensive look at the pH of various food and beverages and their effect on our teeth

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Published by: grahbar on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is Acid Erosion of the Teeth?
Acid erosionis the wearing away of tooth enamel. Enamel is mostly calcium, which is dissolved away by acid quite easily. Food or drink with a pH of 5 or less can dissolve the enamel fromteeth.
What are the symptoms, signs and effects of acid erosion?
 Acid erosion can wear away the enamel and change the texture, shape and appearance of your teeth, and may also lead totooth sensitivity. People often do not become aware of acid erosionuntil it has reached an advanced stage. Detailed dental examinations can help to detect aciderosion in its earlier stages. Here are the typical signs and effects of acid erosion:1. Transparency:Teethmay appear slightly "glassy" or transparent near their biting edges. This tends to be an earlier warning sign of acid erosion.2. Discoloration: Teeth can have a yellow appearance as enamel becomes thinner and the darker dentinshows through. Discoloration tends to occur in the later stages of acid erosion.3. Rounded Teeth: As acid erosion advances, teeth can develop a rounded, "sandblasted" look on their surface and edges.4. Cracks: In the later stages of acid erosion, small cracks and roughness may be visible at theedges of the teeth.5. Cupping: Small dents may appear on the chewing surfaces of the teeth in advanced stages of acid erosion. Fillings also may appear to rise up.6. Sensitivity: As dentin becomes exposed through loss of enamel, twinges, tingles or aches mayoccur in the teeth when consuming hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks. Tooth sensitivity can
occur at any stage of acid erosion, from early to advanced.
What is the link between acid erosion and tooth sensitivity?
 As tooth enamel is worn away, the underlying dentin may be exposed, causing teeth to becomemore sensitive. When nerve endings in the dentin are activated, a slight twinge can be felt whenconsuming hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks
What are the long term consequences of acid erosion?
In the longterm, the effects of acid erosion may requiredental treatmentin order to protect the tooth and theunderlying dentin. A dentist may decide to place a bonded filling, a veneer or a crown to restorethe tooth to its former color and shape. In extreme cases, the damage caused by acid erosion mayresult in tooth loss. It used to be rare to see enamel erosion but not anymore, especially in young people. This is due to increased ingestion of acidicdrinks and candy.Soda pop,sports drinks, and coffee, as well as many juices have extremely low PH. Sweet and sour candy such as "nerds" cause a lot of erosion. It takes 20 minutes after eating or drinking for the mouth to "wash itself out," returning to a pH of about 7. When a person sips on coffee, soda,or sport drinks throughout the day he/she is constantly bathing the mouth in acid, never allowingit to be fully washed out. When one drinks coffee, soda, or sport drinks do it quickly, don't nurseit along.Some dentists believe that you should not brush immediately after eating acidic foods or drinksas the acid has "softened" the enamel somewhat. We recommend taking a drink of water afterward and swishing it around vigorously to clean the teeth.
The pH values some popular drinks
(The pH valueof car battery acid is 1:00)Gatorade Clear 2.4Country Time Lemonade 2.5Coke Classic 2.5Capri Sun 2.6Powerade 2.7Lipton Brisk 2.8 Nestea Lemon Iced Tea 2.9
Pepsi One 3.1Mountain Dew 3.1Snapple Tea 3.2Orange Juice 3.3Diet 7-Up 3.7Accelerade 3.9A&W Root Beer 4.3Brewed Coffee 5.5Tea (brewed) 7.2
 Helpful Suggestions:
pace out the consumption of acidic foodsover the course of a day or a week so thatyour teeth aren't getting an "acid blast" all at once.
oda is a major cause of acid erosion.If it's your main beverage, consider cuttingback and substituting water or another non-acidic drink. Or you could alternatebetween drinking soda and water.
wallow acidic beverages quicklyto limit the time your teeth are exposed to theacid.
ombine the consumption of acidic foodswith other foods that can help neutralizetheir effects (e.g. milk, cheese, yoghurts)
se a strawto keep the acid in beverages away from your teeth
Waiting at least an hour before you brushis easier on your teeth since your enamelremains soft for a while after you eat or drink something acidic.
To assist readers in determining the product pH levels, the approximate ranges of pH values arecompiled below. Considerable variation exists between varieties, condition of growing and processing methods, etc. Data is presented for the edible portion of foods in their normal andnatural state, unless otherwise designated. This information is provided by FDA in 2007.
Aloe Vera
Barley, cooked
Beets, strained
Blueberries, frozen

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