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Our Generation's Magazine - February 2012

Our Generation's Magazine - February 2012

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Published by The Lima News

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Published by: The Lima News on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 2012
Volume 10, Issue 2
West Central Ohio’s magazine for the mature reader
F   R   E   E   F   R   E   E   
Van Wert residents use love tohelp others who are grieving
Columnist reminisces about alocal appearance in 1964
Serve up sauerkraut andsausages Super Bowl Sunday
Our Generation’s Magazine
February 2012
Our Generation’s Magazine
Lifestyle/Special Sections Editor
Adrienne McGee419-993-2072amcgee@limanews.com• Contact Adrienne McGee if you have a story ideaor if you see an error of fact.
For information on advertising in this publication,contact:
Local Display/Advertising Manager
Natalie Buzzardnbuzzard@limanews.com
orRegional Display/Classified Advertising Manager
Steve Becksbeck@limanews.com
Our Generation’s Magazine is published monthly by TheLima News by the first of every month. Address correspon-dence to The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, OH 45807,Attn: Our Generation’s Magazine.Our Generation’s Magazine is available free at libraries,supermarkets, retail stores, assisted living center, hospitalsand other outlets.Our Generation’s Magazine all rights reserved. No portion of Our Generation’s Magazine may be reproduced without thewritten consent of the publisher of The Lima News.
Volume 10, Issue 2
On The Cover:
Wayne and Linda Taylor, of VanWert, share a passion to helpothers grieving the loss of aloved one.
— Christine Ryan Claypool
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By Christina Ryan Claypool
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Crossword 21
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February 2012
February meanshearts and roses or football and beer.It’s pretty muchthe opposite endsof the spectrum,huh?First comes thetestosterone feast of the Super Bowl, asmorgasbord of allthe good things theNFL has to offer — huge men demonstrating feats of strength andathleticism for all the world to admire, second only to beautiful buxom cheerleaders jumping on the sidelines.But the visual isn’t enough. With this extravaganza comes foodand beverages on such scale and with such nutritional abandonthat it’s shameful. Simple tortilla chips? Pshaw. Load them withhamburger and sausage and cheese and salsa and peppers andsour cream. Don’t you dare set out the potato chips without thesour cream and onion dip. (That’s what the ridges are for, after all.It’s engineering.) The Super Bowl is like Christmas — there are certain foods that you just have to have. Christmas is for Grandma’s cookies. Foot- ball is for chicken wings. Deep fried. With the hottest sauce youcan stand, the kind of sauce that you really just eat around your friends so you look tougher than you actually are. And beer. (Lest I forget.) Beer is key, really. Even if your crowdleans more toward only-having-two friends versus we’ll-have-to-go-on-a-beer-run friends, Super Bowl parties require beer. Cheap beer, fancy beer — doesn’t matter. These ingredients combine to make for a noisy environment. There will be yelling at the TV. It’s just a matter of how often. And on the other hand, February also has Valentine’s Day. Roses.Chocolates. A nice, quiet dinner out. A glass of wine. Dressing up.Cards with heart-felt sayings that start on the front ... and keepgoing. Cuddly stuffed animals. There is nary a chicken wing in sight on Valentine’s Day. Bless your heart if you try. (Email me and let me know how that went.)But why? Why can’t these two equally fun parts of American cul-ture co-exist? Is it so hard to bridge the gap? No, it is not.Last year about this time, while on a shopping trip to my friendly neighborhood grocer, I was browsing the area dedicatedto seasonal flower bouquets and gift baskets. Valentine’s Day wasin full force, with red hearts fairly blocking the progress of my cart. That’s when I saw it, nestled among the pretties. There was a rack of gift baskets, each packaged with pink plas-tic film and decorated with a big, red bow. Most baskets heldchocolates or teddy bears. But somebody at the store was think-ing that day and decided to package ... and I am not kidding ... asix-pack of Bud Light, a pack of Juicy Fruit, a tube of Pringles anda jar of dry-roasted peanuts.Man romance. It does exist!Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, and may your Super Bowlparty be a success. Drink a beer for Valentine’s and offer your  buddies a box of chocolates at the football party. Why not?
On my mind

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