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Understand the Requirements of Working to a Brief

Understand the Requirements of Working to a Brief

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Published by Telnarria

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Published by: Telnarria on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Understand the requirements of working to a brief The purpose of our brief is to create a viral advertising campaign to promote a game. The type of game we have chosen to represent is a fighting game that has horror themes within the story. Thecode of the fighting genre includes the signs of combat, strength, technique, speed and power overothers. For Horror this would include monsters, darkness, and suspense, unknown, mysterious. Theconventions of fighting games general involve a lack of serious story; we are subverting thatconvention by adding in a storyline with deep themes that tie to Horror. While not being a horror
game, the Assassin’s Creed series are games with a heavy fighting element that have a complex story
that is not normally typical of a fighting game. Conventions of a horror theme can involve thepresence of an unknown terror, which the story does involve. Another feature of horror is thatsometimes there is a threat that is of the supernatural. Gaming posters tend to be quite simplistic inthat there is a large main image with the games title, along with a caption giving a slight insight tothe game and a release date if there is one. Posters tend to be simple like this, to create intrigue forthe viewer so that when a trailer or some game-play is released, there are already a number of people interested in the game so will likely to watch the video to find out more. Trailers for videogames tend to be of a cinematic quality, giving a teaser to the story without revealing too much, alsogiving a small insight into how the game is played and its genre.
A Viral campaign is a fairly unique concept, that can be attempted to be created, but can’t always be
successful. It is when an advertising campaign, through word of mouth and presentation can becomea topic that is widespread across communities. The campaign could be of a single image, but if theimage is a powerful/controversial one. It may then be shared across social media sites, enlarging theawareness of the campaign, which would then spread via the internet to countries outside of thecampaigns target market. The name may come from the fact these campaigns often spread like avirus.A poster I have found to be simplistic, yet shows some detail what the game contains is this SkyrimPoster:This poster shows the tail of a dragon that appearsto be dead wrapped round the depicted character,and an aura surrounding the character. Thecharacter is also shown to be wielding twoweapons at once. All of these features wereintroduced in this game to the series, so the postershows what the game contains in a very simpleimage.From consultation with the client, I have come to understand that access to a whole range of equipment is available, including (but not limited to) Cameras, video recorders, Tripods and lightingset-ups. I have also understood that we have free reign as to what the subject of the campaign is tobe, except that it has to be for a game. As a group we have decided creating the campaign for a

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