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Journal of the Kansas Dental Association - 2011 Issue 2

Journal of the Kansas Dental Association - 2011 Issue 2

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Published by greghillkda

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Published by: greghillkda on Jan 25, 2012
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 Volume 96 Number 2 Summer / fall 2011
A Publication of the Kansas Dental Associationwww.ksdental.org
In This Issue...
Calnon New ADA President1Presidents Message2Medicaid 140 Initiative3Trustee Report5Fort Hays State Education Plan6
From the Oce
8First KDA Scholarship Awarded10
Classied Advertisements
10A big THANK YOU to outgoingDistrict 12 Trustee Dr. R. WayneThompson who completed his four-year trustee term at the end of busi-ness of the American Dental Associa-tion House of Delegates meeting onFriday, October 14 in Las Vegas. Dr.Thompson, the KDA’s 1999 Presi-dent and 2004 Dentist of the Year,had served as an ADA Delegate orAlternate Delegate since 1996 and as a member of the
ADA Council on Dental Benets prior to his election as
ADA Trustee.He served as ADA trustee during a period of substan-tial change for the association. Former ADA ExecutiveDirector Dr. James Bramson was terminated during
Dr. Thompson’s rst year as Trustee and Dr. Kathy
O‘Laughlin was hired during his second. The ADA also
had signicant turnover in upper management dur
-ing this time. Dr. Thompson and the Board of Trustees
played a signicant role in ushering in a higher standard
of professionalism and transparency to the ADA.The District 12 states of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana andOklahoma thanked Dr. Thompson with the gift of a newrecumbent bike during the ADA An-nual Session in Las Vegas. The bike
will keep him t as a ddle for his
next 16 years in organized dentistry!THANKS, WAYNE, for a job welldone!
District 12 Trustee Dr. R. Wayne Thompson
Cpt H Tr
DR. William Calnon Takes offiCe as aDa PResiDenT
Dr. William R. Calnon, a generaldentist from Rochester, NY, was in-stalled today as the 148th presidentof the American Dental Association.Dr. Calnon and other new or return-
ing ADA ocers and trustees were
installed during proceedings of the2011 House of Delegates, meeting thisweek at the 152nd ADA Annual Ses-sion in Las Vegas.“I am honored to stand before you asthe president of the American DentalAssociation, and I thank you for thisprivilege,” Dr. Calnon told the del-
egates moments after taking oce.
The new president pledged to focuson the ADA’s mission as a profes-sional association that “fosters thesuccess of a diverse membershipand advances the oral health of thepublic.” (Watch for a full report onDr. Calnon’s address in an upcom-ing issue of the ADA News.)In balloting at the House Thursday,
Dr. Calnon: “I am honored to stand before you as the president ofthe American Dental Association, and I thank you for this privilege,”the new ADA president told the House of Delegates.
Photo by EZ Event Photography 
Dr. Robert A. Faiella of Osterville, MA, was electedpresident-elect, and Dr. Kenneth J. Versman of Aurora,CO, was elected second vice president. Dr. J. ThomasSoliday of Gaithersburg, MD, was re-elected speaker ofthe House, a post he has held since 2002.Four new trustees were declared elected in the House
Monday: Dr. Jerey D. Dow, 1st District; Dr. Gary L.Roberts, 12th District; Dr. Gary S. Yonemoto, 14th Dis
trict; and Dr. Hilton Israelson, 15th
District.Having served the past year as pres-ident-elect, Dr. Calnon succeeds Dr.Raymond Gist as ADA president.In an address to the House earlierin the week, Dr. Gist described hissuccessor as having “an unparalleledunderstanding” of how the ADAworks.Before he became president-elect, Dr.Calnon served four years as trusteefor the 2nd District (New York) andis a past member of the ADA Coun-cil on Dental Practice.He is a past president of the NewYork State Dental Association, the7th (NY) District Dental Society andthe Monroe County Dental Society.Dr. Calnon earned his dental degreein 1978 from the University at Buf-falo, the State University of NewYork, and has been an ADA memberfor 37 years.
KDA President, Dr. Hal Hale (left) and Imm. Past-President, Dr. Dave Hamel (right) thank Dr. R.Wayne Thompson (center) for his service.
DebaTe oveRnon DenTisTPRoviDeRsHeaTs UP
During the past 2011 Legisla-tive Session, Kansas Action forChildren (KAC) and the KansasAssociation of Medically under-served (KAMU) began their Kel-logg Foundation-backed push tocreate a non dentist provider inKansas. Identical bills in both theSenate and the House would haveallowed a new Registered DentalPractitioner (RDP) to perform nonreversible surgical procedures suchas
“cavity preparation, restora-tion of primary and permanentteeth, preparation and placementof preformed crowns, pulpoto-mies on primary teeth, indirectand direct pulp capping on pri-mary and permanent teeth.”
Alicensed RDH could perform theseprocedures after completing aneducation course of
and a
500hour preceptorship
(three months)under direct supervision. After thepreceptorship is completed a RDP
continued on page 5
R. Wayne Thompson, DDSRight - Dr. Thompson gives a Trustee Reportat the 2010 KDA Annual Meeting in June
Greetings! It is unbelievable thatDecember has arrived. 2011 was a busy year for the KDA, and 2012promises to be even busier. Onceagain, the non-dentist providerissue will dominate our time and
Since the last issue of the Journal,
the ocers and sta of the KDAhave been busy geing out our
message in regards to the non-dentist provider issue. We havedone numerous media interviews
and wrien numerous leers to the
editors of various state newspapers.We have also had several face-to-face meetings with the editors ofmost of these newspapers. I want tothank the numerous KDA memberswho have alerted us of the mediacoverage in their local communities.You have been our “eyes and ears”,and we cannot adequately respondwithout such assistance. I wouldask any member to feel free to con-
tact the KDA oce or me whenever
something appears in the mediathat requires the KDA’s response.The Kansas Legislature will soon be in session, and so we must allprepare for even more activity. The KDA’s Legislative
Commiee is nalizing plans to meet the upcoming
challenge. We intend to present proactive proposalsthat will address the access of care concerns of Kan-sans, while preserving the quality of care that Kansansdeserve, and which can only be provided by a Doctor
of Dental Surgery! The KDA sta and ocers will be
meeting with Legislators and testifying before Legisla-
tive commiees. But that is not enough. We need every
KDA member to commit to contacting his or her ownpersonal Senators and Representatives. Every member
must make a personal eort to educate their Legisla
-tor on dental issues, and to become the “go to person”when dental issues arise. Nothing is more important
than personal contact. Hand wrien leers and phonecalls are the most eective methods of contact. Emailsare beer than nothing, but not nearly as eective as
the previously mentioned methods. Of course, do notforget to monetarily support candidates who sup-port the KDA. Speaking of monetary support, theKDA hosted successful fundraisers for Senators VickiSchmidt and Carolyn Mc Ginn, and for RepresentativeBrenda Landwehr. I want to thank everyone involvedin making these events happen, and to everyone who
donated and aended these events.Also, it is not too early to make plans to aend the
KDA Dental Day in Topeka on Thursday, February2, 2012. This event is informative, fun, and providesthe perfect venue for Legislators and KDA membersto interact. This year, it is more important than at anyother time in our history that KDA Dental Day is well
aended. The
future of orga-nized dentistryand safe den-tal care for thepatients of Kansas lie in the balance.It is crunch time, and this time itcounts! I know that last year theWichita District Dental Society pro-vided a bus for its members to go to
Topeka. This eort was so eective
and fun that the WDDS has passeda bylaw amendment to provide forthis bus every year! They are to becommended on this initiative. Itwould be great if other Societieswould follow this example. But,we still are counting on individualKDA members to make the trek toTopeka on their own to help us onFebruary 2nd. To paraphrase Benja-min Franklin, “If we don’t all standtogether, we shall all hang separate-ly!” This truly is the time to standup and be counted.In closing, I would like to wisheveryone a Merry Christmas and aHappy New Year! May God Blessus all.
Dr. Hal E. HaleKDA President
PresIdenT’s Message
 Journal of the Kansas Dental AssociationISSN# 08887063
Kansas Dental Association5200 SW HuntoonTopeka, KS 66604-2398
Eugene F. McGill, D.D.S.
Kevin J. Robertson, CAE
 Jostens4000 SE AdamsTopeka, KS 66609
Niki Sadler
KDA Executive CommitteePRESIDENT
 Dr. Hal Hale
Dr. Craig Herre
Dr. Jason Wagle
Dr. Steven Hechler
Dr. Cynthia Sherwood
Dr. David Hamel
Although the KDA publishes authoratative news,
commiee reports, articles and essays, it is in no
respect responsible for contents or opinions of thewriters. Advertising rates and circulation data will befurnished by request.Annual subscription price is $5.00 for member den-tists, $25.00 for non-members, and $40.00 for Canadaand foreign mailings. Single issue price is $10.00.
9 Legislative Session Begins
2 KDA Dental Day, Topeka17-18 Kansas Mission of Mercy, Kansas City
12-14 UMKC Midwest Dental Conference, Kansas City, MO12 Various KDA Council Meetings, Kansas City, MO13 Real World Transition Brunch, Kansas City, MO13 KDA Board of Delegates Meeting, Kansas City, MO
KdaClof evt
Kansas policymakers are taking aserious, comprehensive look at ways
to most eectively ensure that the
number of dentists serving Kansascitizens continues to meet popula-tion needs. The Kansas Board ofRegents has announced the creationof a statewide task force to studyand make recommendations for im-provements needed in the deliveryof oral health in Kansas. The studywill look at issues centering on thefeasibility of creating a dental schoolin Kansas, placement of a branchcampus in Kansas of an existingdental school outside of the state,and obtaining more slots for Kansasstudents at dental schools in neigh- boring state.Serving on the task force are:Dr. Dan Thomas, Task Force
Chair, Johnson County dentistDr. Peter Cohen, Dean of the
College of Health Professions,Wichita State UniversityDr. Kim Kimmineau, Deptart-
ment Family Medicine, KUMedical Center
Senator Je Longbine, R-Empo
riaKim Moore, United Methodist
Health Ministries
k brd  Rgt appt or Hth T frc
Robba Moran, Hays, Kansas
Board of RegentsDr. Michael Reed, former Dean
of the UMKC Dental SchoolKevin Robertson, Executive
Director of the Kansas DentalAssociationDr. Kathy Weno, Director of the
Bureau of Oral Health, State ofKansasRepresentative Valdenia Winn,
D-Kansas City“Kansas dentists applaud the leader-ship demonstrated by this step andlook forward to participating in the
eorts,” said Hal Hale, President
of the Kansas Dental Association. “We know that poli-cymakers are concerned about any barriers that stand
in the way of Kansans having access to safe, aord
-able dental services. As dentists, we share that concernand consider this assessment of dental education to bea strong component of a comprehensive set of actionsKansas dentists have launched.”Those actions include a new initiative to increase par-ticipation in the Kansas Medicaid program to expandservices provided to Kansas children, policy recommen-dations aimed at recruiting dentists to underserved ar-eas of the state and boosting services provided in clinics,
schools and other community seings.
The Kansas Board of Regents Oral Health Task Force
will begin its work immediately and will report its nd
-ings to the state upon conclusion of its work.
140 i
On August 1, the Kansas Dental Association launcheda new initiative to increase participation in the Kansas
Medicaid program in an eort to expand the services
provided to Kansas children. The voluntary programto increase the number of Medicaid participating den-tists by 140 dentists coincides with the state dentalorganization’s 140th anniversary.Dr. Hal Hale, President of the KDA is urging moredentists in Kansas to become Medicaid providers.KDA’s goal for this volunteer program is to increase thenumber of dentists that accept and actively participate
in the Medicaid program to beer help supplement
the charitable dental services already being delivered
in the state. The eort is designed to help address the
needs of Kansas children served by the state’s Medicaidprogram.“The Pew Report, released last year, estimated that eachdentist provides $33,000 annually in free and reducedcare. In Kansas, it is estimated that dentists in the stateprovide $46.3 million in free and reduced care annuallyto the people of our state. This charitable care is pro-vided daily in dental practices, clinics and community
seings,” Dr. Hale stated. And it is also provided each
year during our Kansas Mission of Mercy dental proj-ect where to date, we’ve served (approximately) 20,000Kansans. But those programs of charitable care – as im-pressive as the numbers are – just aren’t enough. Andthat’s why we’re taking this additional step in helpingaddress the oral health needs of our state. “I do not make this request of dentists in Kansas lightlyand let me assure you I would not ask others to dowhat I myself am not willing to do,” said Hale. “I am aMedicaid provider and have found the process accept-able, though far from perfect. And while the Medicaiddental program currently only cov-ers children, we have introducedlegislation to expand its services toadults who meet Medicaid eligibil-ity guidelines. And we are alsohoping policymakers in Topeka canease the administrative burdensthat can be a barrier for some healthcare providers to participate.”The KDA’s Medicaid 140 programwill help supply Kansas with moredentists to provide needed care forMedicaid patients and will ensure
that all patients benet from the
quality of care they deserve.“The oral health needs of our statewon’t be addressed by any one,single approach,” Dr. Hale added.“We will continue to look for ways
to increase access without sacric
-ing the high standard of care thatKansans deserve. In that regard,we are engaged in discussions withpolicymakers to increase the supplyof licensed dentists in some areasof the state and to further identifyand eliminate impediments to meetour state’s needs. We appreciate thekeen interest expressed and lookforward to progress in the monthsand years ahead.”To watch a video clip with Dr. Haleand more information go to www.ksdental.org/medicaid140.

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