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Reflection of Bringing Home Baby

Reflection of Bringing Home Baby

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Published by cpric002
Written reflection on my thinking and writing processes while writing Bringing Home Baby.
Written reflection on my thinking and writing processes while writing Bringing Home Baby.

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Published by: cpric002 on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chloe PriceENG 305Writing Reflection- AutobiographyI have always loved writing. Writing from a young age, was a way that I could get myideas and thoughts across without having to compete for someone to hear me. I loved the possibilities of writing honestly or making up stories. When I entered college, my relationshipwith writing changed. I was awakened to things like grammar, sentence fragments, andwordiness. My grades were no longer focused on content and cohesiveness. Instead of beingenthused to write, I simply wrote to complete an assignment. I received poor grades because of my lack of attention to the mechanics of writing. Only recently, have I stopped and reprocessedmy writing process.When assigned the Autobiography based on a learning experience, I shut down. I have been in school since I was five years old, and preschool before that. There has been a lot of learning experiences between then and now. I started thinking of what was important to me,what was appropriate, what would respond correctly to the task at hand. I came up blank. Everytime I thought of something, I quickly found a fault. I became very frustrated. I switched gearsand started to just brainstorm on paper the different things that describe me. My intentions werethat one of my traits would connect to a learning experience, and I could proceed to mention³how it made me in to the person I am today´. I tried to find a learning experience through self analyzing. I listed things like I am the oldest of four kids, I¶m an Army brat, and I like to read. None of these things sparked my writing juices.
I continued to sit in class, feeling defeated. This should be an easy choice. Instead I wasover thinking and not letting it come to me. One student recognized this, and helped me break itdown. She asked me to go back into childhood. Was there a memory that stood out? Did I have afavorite teacher? When did I learn to read? As she was asking me questions, I was rereading my brainstorming sheet. ³I like to read´ was on my sheet. This responded to her question of mylearning how to read. I realized that ³learning how to read´ was my topic.After finding my topic, I thought about my relationship with reading. How did it all startand what was my first book? When I write, I think in questions. I try and think about everythingthat I would want to obtain from reading a piece. I think in loops or chains. I want everything toconnect, like a thought process. This idea connects to this idea. Learning how to read, connectsto liking to read, connects to my love of reading. I started my relationship with reading throughmy mother and a baby book. From there, I learned how to read. I read picture books, tochildren¶s books, to chapter books. I went from one book to stacks of books.While writing my autobiography piece I focused on the steps. There was a process to howI learned how to read. A natural progression that I wanted to make sure I represented. I thoughtout the progression, listed it, and wrote. As I wrote, I went down my list in order, filling indetails to bulk up my writing. I reread frequently. After completing a series of sentences, I¶d proofread and correct where necessary. When I finished writing the paper, I printed andcorrected it by hand. Often, I find more mistakes on a hard copy rather than on the screen. As Iread I think about wording, fluidity, and if I need a comma.I give myself more time to do writing assignments now. I now plan time to think aboutthe topic, list ideas I want to include in the writing, and time afterwards to proofread. Writing is a

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