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Freedom Writers 3 Lesson Plans

Freedom Writers 3 Lesson Plans

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Published by sewilliams31

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: sewilliams31 on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Model
 Lesson Title:
Discovering Erin Gruwell
Novel Unit on The Freedom Writers Diary
 Lesson Author:
Sarah Williams
Grade Level:
 Subject Area
: English
ime allotted for the Lesson
1 class.
ore State Standards met in this lesson
 W.9-10.2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts,and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysisof content.-Introduce a topic; organize complex ideas, concepts, and information to make importantconnections and distinctions.
Instructional Objectives
Students will
Develop an understanding of Erin Gruwell.
Discuss Gruwell¶s influence on her students.
ead and reference excerpt in the novel.
Evaluate Erin Gruwell in an journal response.
 Materials, Resources and
 The Freedom Writers Diary, media presentation on Erin Gruwell.
Anticipatory Set
 Show a media clip on Erin Gruwell. This media clip will be no more than five minutes andstudents will be expected to pay attention to the clip. After the media clip is done the teacher will pose this question
What do you believe you know about Erin Gruwell based on the clip you justsaw? And students will answer this question in their journals as a quick write.
eaching Input
 After the media clip is shown and enough wait time is given to the students to respond to thequestion, the teacher will go through a power point presentation based on Erin Gruwell. Theteacher will then go through the power presentation will have students take notes on anythingthey found interesting in the presentation and let the students know that they will be using thesenotes later in class.
eacher Modeling
 After the power point presentation is done the teacher will pass out a worksheet that reiterates thekey points students need to know about Erin Gruwell and ask students questions to think about asthey read.
The teacher will have students get into groups of three to four and discuss what they foundinteresting about Erin Gruwell. As a group, they will discuss the questions on the worksheet andformulate responses based on what they have learned about Erin Gruwell and make connections between the power point presentation and information they obtained through reading the novel,giving specific examples, such as quotes and page numbers.
Lesson Closure
 Students will hand in worksheets for a participation mark and I will assign reading for the nextclass.
 As the students are responding to the quick write in their journals, the teacher will go aroundtaking note of who is writing and who is not. The students journals will be handed in every twoweeks for a cumulative grade in which the teacher will scan through each entry and make surestudents are on task. The grades that will be given for the journals will be just check marks andaverage into a check plus, check or check minus.In this class, the worksheets that will be handed in for participation marks and as the studentswork in groups the teacher will go around and make sure that the students are on task makingnote of which groups are truly working and which groups need a little assistance.
Sarah Williams
Inquiry Based Model Lesson Plan
Standards Addressed:
(list Common Core andTechnology Standardswhere most applicable)
W.9-10.2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine andconvey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly andaccurately through the effective selection, organization, andanalysis of content.-Develop the topic with well-chosen, relevant, andsufficient facts, extended definitions, concrete details,quotations, or other information and examplesappropriateto the audience¶s knowledge of the topic.
.9-10.2. Determine a theme or central idea of a text andanalyze in detail its development over the course of the text,including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specificdetails; provide an objective summary of the text.
itle or
ime Frame:
Exploration of racism throughout The Freedom Writers DiaryOne class period.
Students will
Define racism as it applies to the novel.
Identify examples of racism throughout the novel.
Develop their understanding of racism from text toworld.
ey Vocabulary:
acism, Holocaust.
 Novel, Worksheet, Media clip and power point.
The activities in thissection capture thestudent¶s attention,stimulate their thinkingand help them access prior knowledge.Teacher begins class showing a media clip from a section of 
he Freedom Writers Diary
movie in regards to racism. After the media clip the teacher will have students will free write intheir journals about racism and its relation to the clip that they just saw.Teacher gives a clear definition of racism and passes out aworksheet for the students to work on.(10 -15 minutes)
Students are given timeto think, plan,investigate, andStudents get into groups of three or four and work together oncompleting the worksheet, which asks students to identifyquotes about racism in the novel and evaluate how those quotesrelate to the world.

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