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Friendship Cube Info

Friendship Cube Info

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Published by Graeme Kilshaw

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Graeme Kilshaw on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friendship Cube
"Be bold. Upend norms. Use ingenuity." Graeme Kilshaw 
ecutive Summary:
The friendship cube brings with it a new opportunity and a new competitive edge.Effective interactive solutions often share similar ingredients: a dash of market opportunity, apinch of business goals, and a generous helping of user requirements. Working together we areable to create a profitable collection of original concepts, careful insights, and developedapplications.
Background Information:
The Friendship Cube enables intuitive phonetic communication and symbol-basedlearning. It's more than just a physical product. The friendship cube community is a movementestablishing and developing skills and opportunities. That is where the value proposition isfound. We are a movement inspiring young and old. Our community is creating bold andunconventional change. We are catalyzing a change in linguistic thought. Linguists havecommented that our cube brings with it a pedagogical paradigm shift. We are riding the waveof a new, expansive social evolution in communication.In a practical business sense, we provide rock hard solutions enabling organizationaldevelopment. We use the friendship cube to build community, value, meaning, purpose, andincreasing interest. We turn long-term honorable friendships into long-term businessrelationships. We communicate and develop socially via games, programs, activities, events,competitions, and more. Our program adds to secondary and post-secondary school curriculumlearning. Our community explores universal wisdom, promotes self and community awareness,and encourages cross-cultural understanding for diverse audiences, especially young people.Students today are demanding what we put forward in practical interactive games and learningcompetitions. Our students have told us that they are looking for fun and social engagement ininteractive storylines leading to progressive online learning that is shared by classmates.
What We Teach:
Our interactive community games and programs use storylines to teach personal andsocial responsibility, compassionate values, effective communication, literacy and numeracy
skills, teamwork, strategy, and positive, constructive, organized behavior. We teach the valueof working collaboratively. Our friendship cube programs and games provide students withsafe and educational fun. Even for young children, the friendship cube programs teachconstructive hands on play, visual tracking, communication, and word creation. The friendshipcube speeds up cognitive development and makes students smarter. Our Friendship CubeCommunity brings hope and joy to students of all walks of life, all around the world.
Our mission is to develop the tools and applications that the world needs. In the courseof our mission, we naturally bring people together. We come together and create lifelongmemories. Our movement is about more than just distributing and sharing our friendshipcubes. Our movement is a conscious evolution, intelligently designed for our information age.We are making learning more fun and combining entertaining play with the kind of educationwe need for this present-day world. We support and develop programs that have a concreteimpact in bettering our lives and our communities. Practically, we take baby steps forward toachieve our big mission one step at a time. It is the accumulation of many people who haveall decided to share a common goal and work towards it using baby steps. that makes ourinnovative project so successful. We all have decided to share one vision. We all have decidedto make our one dream become a reality. One baby step at a time, our business and socialmission is getting closer and closer to completion and success.
Keys to Success:
Success will be dependent upon:
sharing our one common vision
persistent and creative marketing & development efforts
exceptional product and service quality
time-efficient and cost-effective development processes
expert management and knowledgeable staff 
cash-savvy growth strategies
social-web strategy (pay with a tweet)
rewarding leadership (badges / medals) + (Bonuses)
Data Capture:
Two-dimensional graphic codes such as bar-codes or quick response (QR) codes arepopping up on everything from the pages of magazines to billboards on the subway and signs atthe local coffee shop. All consumers need to do is snap an image of a QR code on their smartphone and, provided they have a QR reader installed, they can instantly receive moreinformation about a product or service. Marketers can track the effectiveness of the placementof the codes in real time. The friendship cube code is like QR or bar-codes, only readable byboth machines and people.
D Tech:
There is a
ability with the friendship cube code. Every day our
friendship cubecode technologies get more and more refined. Every day, more and more friendship codebased programs and apps are being developed and activated. We are riding a wave thatdemands our programming skills. New forms of data-visualization are becoming available viaour friendship cube programs. We are developing interactive touch screen and projectionscreen applications for use with the friendship cube code. The friendship cubes is our hardwaremedium and interface. Its a handheld user interface that allows for interactions with webcampattern recognition technologies. We are developing smart webcams that are worn like anecklace, where the view from just under the collar is used for pattern recognition basedinteractive applications with the friendship cube.
The friendship cube is one aspect of a larger interactive technology trend. Consumershave the ability to hold the friendship cube in the palm of their hand and use it for a variety of simple every-day tasks, skill-testing games, communications, navigation and more. Thefriendship cube is a tactile experience. It is not just eyes, but hands also that sense thesymbols. Friendship cube programs have the ability to provide tactile and immersiveeducational experiences for all kinds of students. The friendship cube empowers audiences andenables new forms of communication. Interfaces combine motion and pattern sensingtechnologies for new interaction ability. There is new gaming and interactive ability using visualdepth sensing and gesture-based technology in addition to pattern recognition constantlyimmersing crowds of new viewers and consumers. We offer a free trial and get peopleregistered without initial charge. That way, we immediately begin to profit from viewers andusers targeted advertising revenue. We keep customers coming back because we enableparticipation. We share our community and enable constant participation and development.We develop social bonds, and succeed in mission-based objectives often involving creativethinking and strategy. We are able to develop and share together profitably, in both online andformal offline business settings.
:Instead of using keyboard and mouse, we develop and use camera based motion controlthat stimulates live multimedia experiences including single-player and multi-player games.Games like Portal have featured Companion Cubes. Our new games will be featuring ourunique and recognizable Friendship Cubes. Game control surfaces may indicate a letter, adirection, a control, a decision, or a variable input in a programmed equation. We arebeginning to work with the established game developers and harness their ability to meet thedemand of todays gaming market. Today, a new level of interaction is possible. Thisphenomenon is already drawing in excited crowds. Our events, programs, contests, games, andactivities including trade shows are showcasing the interactive ability of our friendship cubes,riding a new wave of digital interactive consumerism.

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