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Published by skl2012

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Published by: skl2012 on Jan 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ExorcismSean K. LiebelIt’s like everyone is awakening to their real subconscious/We have to wake up to our past behaviors even if they have been monstrous/You can take breaths by knowing who you are as just your name/Yet to know of your total connection it’s more than just self fame/Seeing into what’s bad and understanding what is so good/Don’t look far because it manifests in your own neighborhood/See to it/Understand it/Don’t just believe it/If you can’t wake up to it then keep dreaming and be celibate/Have your child of realization for later/If you can’t understand that the current state of things will be disaster/It’s all part of an exorcism of thousands of years of consciousness that has been bipolar/Meaning not oneness and not singular/Love is the true answer/Meditation is essentially being aware of creative power/ Nothing else has ever even conquered truly/Know it honestly by the results of creativity/ Nothing has happened just because that’s “the way it is” I mean seriously/It’s usually funny how those who address real questions have always been the mostrighteous/The most conscious/The most spiritual and giving souls not possessive/Yet these people have been belittled by those who are much more power hungry andaggressive/It’s all about coming together in the coming years but not by more self interest/It’s about selfless actions that are optimist/Buddha hood or being a full positivist/This is the path which is oneness and not dualistic/It should be yours too it’s truly fantastic/Tantric or meaning continuity of the masters who in the past have been labeled as“prophetic”/The message is phonetic/Don’t follow politicians they are just puppets and are too egotistic/Banks own them and that is knowledge by evidence and you can find it if you canresearch it/Banks make 97 percent of all money by means of plastic credit/The way of nature tells you to follow spirit/That is why you need to be it/The rest comes from central banks who make you into just another loss or profit/It’s like you are an item of rent or slave and not a real person but I know better I am aspirit/In a human shell but not Dutch Shell I am a charismatic poet/
I am naturally high because my brain naturally makes the chemicals that are known togovernment as psychedelic/I don’t buy into the propaganda I just follow my own path from wise logic/I do an exorcism of badness and get positive by blessing humanity to turn into ONESPIRIT/Even if the times are hectic/I’m an exorcist/Part IIExorcisms aren’t just performed by higher spiritual leaders like Bishops, Priests andothersThe Earth’s population undergoes its own with the worst forms of negativity coming outwhich can include murdering of all kindsIncluding that of animalsFighting the knowledge of self only displays your fears to the planet at largeIt’s because of the pull of comfort to stay the same as you always are and not to becomegreater The letting go of your own fear is an exorcism or a way to get out of the negativityThe negativity can be the biggest release to understand yet to get over Feel it come into you and it usually gets stored up in your being so extensivelyOver long periods of time and for many their whole life time on this planetYet the knowledge of what we are is so much larger than we would like to imagineIt seems soWe might need to exorcise out all of our own demons from ourselves to be at peace withour own selvesLook to what connects us and not to what infects us in a heinous wayThe ways of hatred and negativity are true yes but are not understood as to what is known by the light of a given dayMy own exorcism is seen in my own self because the power of the lessons learned fromnegative weaknesses become the strength of my ingenuityPower is brought on by the intensity of my own growth yet the secret is in knowing thatmy own growth individually is also a part of the growth of what is planetaryAn exorcism of negativity begets clarityAll with undying possibilityInsanity is needed to get to sanityDon’t fool yourself that problems can just be negated or left behind in order for elevationto occur You can know the light as the truth as part of your own exorcism yet the real question ishow deep can you go into that light?Are you going to make it brighter or dimmer?Are you just going to make it flicker?It’s all up to us quite frankly

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