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Marijuana: A Tool of Self-Oppression

Marijuana: A Tool of Self-Oppression



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Published by Emmanuel Lopez
An excerpt from my book New Age Common Sense's "Green Cure" Chapter. How and why its legislature is oppressive and it becoming a tool of self-oppression. How punishment makes matters worse and more.
An excerpt from my book New Age Common Sense's "Green Cure" Chapter. How and why its legislature is oppressive and it becoming a tool of self-oppression. How punishment makes matters worse and more.

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Published by: Emmanuel Lopez on Nov 13, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Marijuana “Tool of Self-Oppression”
Written By: Emmanuel
Most commonly known as Marijuana, Cannabis is a world renowned plantwhich is recognized in our modern society is a menace in the streets runningrampant destroying communities. A plant of many names including hemp, bud,ganja, chronic, and weed among others. The perception people have about thisplant is due to propaganda propagated by the media and government to oppressand make it a tool of self-oppression. Our minds are much like computer except weare organic. Once turned on or born it has to be programmed, that is why we haveHead Start programs and pre-school. Since that age children are programmed withthe perception that this plant is an evil drug and we must stay away from it, yet theuse of it is more common than ever.
So what’s Marijuana and why does it have a negative reputation?
 This plant is a plant of course, unprocessed and natural. It has chemicalcomponents which are not man-made or synthetic that gives users a feeling of euphoria. However, different growing techniques have shown to increase it’schemical components but still remains completely natural. This plant has beenaround just as long as humanity if not longer. Centuries ago, this plant was usedindustrially to make rope, paper, canvases, and clothes. America’s very firstCommander in Chief George Washington owned a hemp farm that was tended to byAfrican slaves because no matter how prestigious tobacco was, it was not veryprofitable and his attempts at farming it was unsuccessful. Marijuana was verycommon mainly because these farms were needed in order to make rope for navalfleets meaning it was completely legal. The very first state to outlaw this plant was Texas. While working in the fields,Mexican agricultural workers smoked this plant to ease stress and make their workfeel less daunting. Farm owners noticed the abnormal behavior of their workers andnoticed it was as a result of Marijuana. They didn’t want to see their workers happydoing such a stressful job because if they were happy it meant they must not bedoing their work or slacking, right? Eventually the plant that Mexicans had namedMarijuana, Spanish for Mary Jane, became illegal and those caught with it werearrested. Instead of calling it Hemp or Cannabis, government officials used the
name Marijuana to keep spreading a negative image about the plant and convinceother states to outlaw the plant as well. Throughout history, tyrants have oppressed and used fear to make thepopulace work hard much like the Egyptian Pharaohs, Roman Emperors, BritishMonarchs, and American Presidents. This allowed them to run a machine that wasconstantly working to produce progress that only benefit those running the machinenot the ones driving it, which are the workers. Without fear the populace has beenknown to live more laid back and peacefully, tyrants saw that as completelyinefficient for the machine. In America we had a movement that tried to livepeacefully with a laid back livelihood, but were constantly being targeted andattacked, it was the Hippy Movement in the 1960’s. Outlawing Marijuana meant theoppression of those driving the machine, the worker/proletariat, who wanted towork in a less stressful environment and be comfortable doing what they do.Unfortunately, oppression is not the only point I am trying to prove, even if itis a big issue. The name of this article is “Marijuana: Tool of Self-Oppression.” It isimportant to know the history of Marijuana in order to comprehend exactly how ithas been used to create a tool of self-oppression because it all starts and originatesfrom the outlaw of it to oppress. Oppression is nothing more than psychologicalenslavement because our mind is what tell us we are stressed, depressed, orinfuriated. Our mind is also where faith, hope, knowledge, and our believes originatefrom. Depending on how our minds were programmed is what determines how wewill interact with out environment and like stated in the beginning of the article,childhood is when the programming begins. As long as we are psychologicallyenslaved by an oligarchy, we will never be free.Children follow orders without question because it is in our nature to followthe authoritarian figure in our lives whether it be parents, teachers, or governmentofficials like police officers. Many adults today are much like children and can onlyfunction properly with an authoritarian figure in their lives, reason why a lot of grown men and women remain with their parents until old age. It all starts with theyearly visit by police officers to schools to talk about drugs and rewardingparticipants with red ribbons that say “Drug-Free.” The schools who are visitedyearly by these police officers and have this “Drug-Free Zone” are generally schoolsin low-income communities that are destitute and have the highest crime rates as a
result of drugs. Pushing this Drug-Free mentality has shown us that it failed muchlike trying to make young white teenage girls abstinent in the baby boomer era.During the 50’s while abstinence and sex education became mandatory inhigh schools, a big debate arose. Many believed that the youth should be taughtabout sex at a younger age because if they are a bit more mature and areconfronted in a sexual encounter they wouldn’t be knowledgeable about sex and it’sconsequences resulting in teenage pregnancy. Others disputed that the younger thechildren are when they are taught about sex, the younger they would be when theywould have sex. In this age suburbia was a way of life trying to be enforced uponmiddle-class white America with Christian family values, that is why the sexualeducation issue became such a big controversy and remained that way for manyyears to come.In the mid-80’s to early 90’s when the Drug-Free mentality was being broughtto 6 year olds in schools, was there ever a debate like that? The difference betweenwith these two issues is two different class struggles. Middle Class white America inthe 50’s wanted their children to live a life of “purity” and never thought theirchildren or grand-children would ever fall into drugs because come on now they’reChristian and have real values and morals. As a result when drugs became an issuein their lives they were completely blind to it. For the lower class, everyday is astruggle and nothing ever comes easy, keeping a job becomes more of a prioritythan being involved in what the school system does so their voices are never heard.As a result the lower class became voiceless and the children lives were in fullcontrol of other authority figures. These authority figures were mainly descendantsof the middle-class and couldn’t possibly understand the daily struggle of these kidsand their families, that made them incompetent because they really couldn’t relateto these kids.Incompetence in authority has drastic consequences because problems arenever solved just created much like the past 40 years of America’s wars (Vietnamand Iraq). If authority is incompetent what consequences does it have upon these“Drug-Free” schools and children? It is a lot like a South Park episode named “MayorBoobage” I watched a few months back. The assistant principal was discussing thedrug issue to the 4
grade class talking about the consequences, much like thelectures we get as children. Unfortunately, without realizing what he did, he taughtthe kids how to get high and resulted in one of the kids becoming addicted to

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