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House Rules 3.5

House Rules 3.5

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Published by Kyle Russ

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Published by: Kyle Russ on Jan 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dark Sun 3.5 / Trailblazer House Rulesagain LOL
Updated 06-Feb-2012
_______________________________Major(?) House Rules
No Alignment
: Alignment will not be used. There are no alignmentrestrictions for anything.
If a spell/power/item/whatever involves alignment (e.g.
chaos hammer, protection from law
, etc.) it is either removed or generalized.
Detect <insert alignment>
spells are removed entirely.
Protection from <insert alignment>
spells are replaced by one spellcalled
, which grants the effects from
 protection from evil
against all creatures in its duration.
Dispel <insert alignment>
spells are replaced by one spell called
(not to be confused with
dispel magic
which grants the effects from
dispel evil
against all creatures.
Cleric domains that pertain to alignment are simply removed.
Defiler Points/Score
: Anytime an arcane caster defiles, he earns Defilerpoints. These are explained in detail on page 33 of the Dark Sun 3.5 .pdf.Defiling gives a caster free metamagic and things at the toll of fertile landand his own mind and body. These points can be assumed/absorbed into adefiler score, or resisted and meditated on to rid yourself of.When you accumulate a defiler points, you begin to look and feel like ameth-head and can eventually become an evil butthurt NPC Lich.Defiler points may be meditated away, whereas a defiler score cannot.If you assume defiler points into your defiler score, the associated ability,skill, and fatigue penalties go away. Having a defiler score increases yourdefiler aura and all druids will want to destroy you.
Spell Flavor
Create water 
is banned. The ability score boost spells namedafter animals (
Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Bear's Endurance, Fox's Cunning,Owl's Wisdom, and Eagle's Splendor 
) are replaced by
Warrior's Strength,Thief's Grace, Gladiator's Endurance, Sage's Wisdom, Minstrel's Splendo
Hit Points
: No Trailblazer CON boost at 1st level. To increase difficulty.
Weapon Breakage
: Weapons risk being damaged on rolls of 1 or 20. If anatural 1 or 20 is rolled, your weapon has a 50% chance of taking ondamage. Below are various materials and their hardness (in parentheses)along with any special traits they may have. Weapons like staves, bows, andcrossbows ignore these breakage rules.
Wood (5)Bone (6): Typically weigh about 25% less than what is listed.Agafari wood (7) Bows have +20% rangeObsidian (7) +1 to confirm critsStone (8)Bronze (9)Blood-Obsidian/Deep-Obsidian (9) +1 to confirm critsIron+ (10+)If the weapon suffers breakage, simply roll damage normally(separately from damage dealt if a 20 was rolled). Apply the damage rolled tothe weapon. Keep in mind that the damage needs to bypass the material'shardness to reduce the weapon's HP. If the weapon is enchanted/powered, donot apply the enhanced damage to the breakage damage roll.Broken weapons can be repaired with a successful Craft(Weaponsmithing) check. The DC for a repair depends on the weapon type:DC 10 (simple weapons)DC 15 (martial weapons)DC 20 (exotic weapons)DC +2 for masterwork quality This check takes about 1 hour per DC 5 (round up) and requires rawmaterials that cost 1/2 of the weapon's base cost (round up). If the weaponbeing repaired is masterwork or enhanced by magic/psionics, you must alsopay the full masterwork price (300 cp) to fix a broken weapon. The repairer can choose to forgo fixing the masterwork quality andrepair the weapon as non-masterwork if he chooses; doing so only costs 1/2the weapon's base price in materials and doesn't increase the craft DC by +2.If the repair is successful, the weapon is no longer masterwork. You cannotforgo the masterwork cost if the weapon is enchanted/powered.
: Derpina wants to repair her broken bone spear that wasfragmented in an attempt to catch a critic lizard. Women in her village arenot allowed to go near repairing equipment, so she takes the broken spear toold Phil the weaponsmith expert. Old Phil has a respectable Craft(weaponsmithing) skill of +8. He tells Derpina that she must pay him 1 cp formaterials (half the cost of a spear), which she does so gleefully. Old Philshoos her away and he shuts himself in his dirty ol' shop. The spear is a simple weapon, so the DC to repair it is 10. So, it willtake Old Phil 2 hours to fix the splinters and slap another flint spearhead onthe thing. Old Phil rolls a *3 + 8 = 11* on his craft check, which is just barelyenough to exceed the DC of 10. He brushes his dusty pants off and takes thespear back to Derpina, and tells her to never chase lizards with a spear again.
Extraterrestrials from the moon Ral, afidae were an advanced race whohad developed an unrivaled aptitude and understanding of psionics. Thousands of years ago, the afidae built
to travel through theAstral plane to Athas. Sometime during or after the Cleansing Wars, theafidaen portals malfunctioned and the Astral plane was torn asunder. Theafidae of Athas were severed from their kin on Ral, and had to adapt to theharsh landscape of the Tablelands.Many afidae live in small subterranean societies and stay away fromother settlements, as their ability to alter their physical appearance is asfeared and illegal as magic in the city-states. If they do enter a city-state,they are watched closely; harassment isn't uncommon and persecution isoften a tactic of many templars to get rid of them. Afidae slaves andgladiators aren't rare, and more often than not they are shackled with psionicmanacles and eyed by templars with the
true seeing
spell if that templar isadvanced enough.Many afidae have forgotten their ancestry, but those who remembermay still feel a connection to their cosmic homeland.
+4 Int, -2 Con.
 Alter Self 
- As the spell, except afidae can only change into acreature of their size.
+2 on saves vs. Psionic powers.+2 Use psionic device, Autohypnosis, and Psicraft. These are alwaysclass skills.Begin play with 3 PP and a randomly-selected power.
Added some stuff here, including new sets of weapon proficiencies for mostclasses (so pay attention to those). I didn't add in Dark Sun weapons becauseI was too lazy. If you find a weapon that you can't see a certain class using,that class probably isn't proficient with it.
Weapons : all simple and martial
sap, cahbik/rapier, and anypolearms. The barbarian is also proficient with the ever-exotic spikedchain (good luck finding one).
Bards gain 'poison use' at 4th level.
 They're also proficient with all weapons with the word 'bard' in them.
Use 'Bard Spells Known' from the 3.5 PHB.

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