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Why Women Life Partners Are So Important by Brooklyn Vijay

Why Women Life Partners Are So Important by Brooklyn Vijay

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Published by Brooklyn Vijay
Many said - its mind blowing truth- so just go thru....
Many said - its mind blowing truth- so just go thru....

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Published by: Brooklyn Vijay on Jan 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Some one says MAA Tuzhe Salaam....
Women in India and Job – part I...
Brooklyn VijayRecently while at Employees Efficiency guidancesession, at one organisation, I was askedcertain questions, pertaining to women in Indiaand job etc.Herewith I am giving extract, as it will beuseful to any woman who is working or desires towork [ I means goes to job or desires to goto a job ], I am re-producing the same here:1. It is very difficult for a female to judgewhether she is on right path.No dear, its not very difficult.Because, after marriage, husband and wifeare life partners and they become one entity.So, when you desire to judge, regarding rightpath, you need to take opinion fromthe life partner and then it becomes easier.2. “How important it is for a femaleto stand on her own leg” page 1 of 14
Some one says MAA Tuzhe Salaam....
Ask any woman with self-respect I mean, who hasself-respect and she will answer this as YES.Why parents educate girls, now a days even uptoPG level is, to make girl eligible to stand onher own legs, incase of casualty or familyproblems or any un-foreseen situations.But it does not mean, only if one goes to jobis standing on own legs.When one sacrifices many things, and makes childrento grow with sanskar, good values, good waysthen too one stands on own legs.How?When girl or lady or woman earns, generallyit is to supplement hubby's income, and is usuallyspent for WANTS and not NEEDS.What is difference between WANT and NEED?WANTS are the things, which we desire, [maynot be essential] but give us material pleasure.Such as high class sofa, or PLASMA TV orlavish house, or a fancy car i.e. instead or3 or 4 lakhs car, people go for 12 to 15 lakhsCar and then easy installments become un-easy!Stress, and then struggling to make more moneyto buy more things and this all can spoilVERY HAPPINESS AT HOME, for which all of usEarn.A woman being JANANI who brings NEW LIVESpage 2 of 14
Some one says MAA Tuzhe Salaam....
in the World and should be respected butnot only in India, in many countries, whatis seen is WOMAN IS SEEN AS WEAKER SEX or sayweaker a person.In reality, woman has got tremendous powerto cope-up with any situation [ in Marathiwe call as SAHANSHILATA i.e. patience ] and that verycharacteristic gets disturbed, when onegoes to job!Again how?Specifically in India, when a woman goesto job, she has to take care of home andadditionally attend to job. Most of times,she herself has no right to spend, what sheearns and has to give explanation of evenif she spends few hundreds out of her earnings!But male candidate is lucky in this aspectas usually he is not answerable to anyone!When woman has to manage both fronts and some times,its but natural, some happenings at the office,spoil her mood, her stress level goes up and thatis shown at home, particularly at poor children!So what we gain?OK how many husbands help life partner at home?Many times, they are so much after the success,that they do not have enough time, to eatproperly... forget spending time with familypeople! And where's the question of helping in homeworks?page 3 of 14

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