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Slamming Car Doors

Slamming Car Doors



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Published by uvkini
Being a pest in someone else's car.
Being a pest in someone else's car.

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Published by: uvkini on Nov 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Slamming Car DoorsSlamming Car DoorsSlamming Car Doors
Take for a ride
Driving on congested roads in Indian cities, where one has to crawl at a snail’s pace,constantly shift gears and wait for what seems like hours at every traffic light, is apain. Given this scenario, would you be willing to give a lift to someone whosedestination is out of your way? Would you be willing to take a detour through all thattraffic just to drop somebody off? Sometimes though, we are obliged to dropsomebody, like a close relative, friend or a neighbour. In my experience, drivingthrough traffic snarls is the least of my problems compared to the antics of thesehitchhikers.Let us consider this scenario. You offer a lift to someone who accepts (with a bigsmile on his face) and gets into your car. He then holds the door ajar, leans inside,braces himself and SLAM!!He bangs the door shut with such force to shake the fillings in your teeth. I hate itwhen people slam car doors, especially when the door belongs to my car. Why dopeople have to bang the car door shut like that I cannot imagine. The presentgeneration cars are made of lightweight material and need just a firm nudge to shutthem. About 30 years ago, Fiats and Ambassadors were the only cars available inIndia. The doors of these cars, especially the older ones had to be closed with someforce. I guess this habit has not died out.After many a bone jarring experience, I decided to ‘educate’ these hitchhikers duringthe ride. I would start the conversation about how delicate the present day cars are,
2 U V KINIas compared to the old Fiat and Ambassadors. I would talk about Crumple Zones inmodern cars which absorb much of the impact during collisions. I would thencompare the door unlocking lever inside the present day cars with that of oldAmbassadors. How we had to grasp the big metal handle in the Ambassadors andhad to wrench it to get the door to open, but the present day cars could be openedwith a light tug on the small plastic lever, with a finger. Then I would go to the doorssaying how the mechanism has changed and how it would require just a firm nudgeto close it. My passengers would listen with all attention, nodding all the time andwhen they got out of the car, would hold the door ajar, brace themselves and SLAM!!!I am now quick to offer to close the door myself from my drivers’ seat saying “It’s OK,don’t bother, I’ll do it”. My passengers think I am playing the perfect host. ‘No sir, it’smy car that I am worried about’.Some might say “What’s the big deal in slamming a car door? It is just a piece of machinery.” To them my reply would be “My car is one of my prized possessions. Itis something I have paid for with my hard earned money. I take good care of it andwant it to last a long time. You want to slam car doors? Go buy a car and do it.”Now if you thought slamming of your car doors was the only problem with hitchhikers,think again. Some of these guests just cannot keep their hands to themselves. Oncein, they start fiddling with the AC vent turning it this way and that. They also fiddlewith the controls of your CD player, rummage through your CD collection and ask for a particular song to be played. Even if you are seething inside, you just have to, likethe Brits say, ‘grin and bear it’.

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