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Health & Fitness | Winter 2012 Eastern Edition | Hersam Acorn Newspapers

Health & Fitness | Winter 2012 Eastern Edition | Hersam Acorn Newspapers

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Published by Hersam Acorn

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Published by: Hersam Acorn on Jan 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Special Section to:
The Valley Gazette
The Stratford Star
The Milford Mirror
The Amity Observer
The Trumbull Times
Fairfield Sun
The Huntington Herald
The Monroe Courier
The Easton Courier
It is hard not to notice the increase in thenumber of bicyclists over the last severalyears. And it is not just those trim, young,Lycra-clad guys hunched over their sleekroad bikes moving at a fast clip. Morewomen are joining the competitive riders,and people of all ages and sizes are ridingsitting erect or reclining in recumbents, trav-eling at a more leisurely pace. Reasons vary— health, fitness, environmental, economic,a good family activity — but the resultingpleasure is undeniable.As an aging baby boomer who resumedcycling three years ago — after not ridingother than occasionally for more than 40years — I’d like to share some of what Ihave learned, and encourage others to dustoff those bikes hanging in the garage andget back on the road.First, if you have a bike that has not beenridden in a while, take it to a bike shop fora tune-up to ensure it is safe to ride, thatthe tires and brakes are good and chain isproperly oiled and that the seat and handle-bars are at the right height for you. This willgenerally cost about $60 to $80. If you don’thave a bike and are uncertain as to whetheryou want to make the investment, checkwith your friends ... someone is sure tohave a bike you can try out.If you are buying new, consider how andhow often you might use it, and any physi-cal limitations you may have. For example,when I purchased a “comfort” bike about 15years ago — straight-across handlebars, acushy seat and fat tires — I was looking forrecreation and exercise rather than speedand a workout, plus I wanted to be able rideoff-road and have a rack to carry things if desired. As it turned out, I developed osteo-arthritis in my neck during the time the bikelived in my garage, and now riding a roadbike with its dropped handlebars would bedifficult.When shopping for a bike, figure on spend-ing at least $300 to $500 for a “good basic”bike, and then the accessories that you needversus want. A helmet and flashing rear lightare a must, however.Cycling can be a solo endeavor, or verysocial. While bike shops generally haveregular group rides for established rid-ers, the greatest opportunities in FairfieldCounty can be found through Sound CyclistsBicycles Club (SCBC), a 1,500-member orga-nization that, according to its mission state-ment, “provides organized rides and othercycling-related activities for our membersand the community, which stress safety, funand fitness for all levels of riders.”Riding levels are identified alphabetically— A through E — with the A riders movingat a clip of 20 mph or more, E riders travel-ing at less than 9 to 11 mph, and usuallydoing shorter routes. The C or intermediatecyclists ride at 13 to 14 mph; most shoprides begin at this level and cover 20 to 25miles. The other component of a ride isterrain, which can range from flat to hilly,meaning it includes some steep hills.Sound Cyclists is as welcoming to newbiesas it is to experienced riders, and offersskills clinics — handling curves, riding hills— as well as a plethora of regular ridesfrom various locations, and social activities.To access the ride schedule on the SCBCwebsite, soundcyclists.com, you need to be
by Janis Gibson
continued on page 6
 Whether riding solo or with a group, cycling is fun for all ages.
�������������������� ���������������
��� ����
� �
�� ����
Health & Fitness
 Hersam Acorn Newspapers  
 January 26, 2012
American poet Henry David Thoreauretreated to the woods to find some peaceand quiet. I often wish I could do the same.Every day there are hundreds of demandsupon my time, money and, yes, energy.Moreover, I’m sick and tired of relying onmedication that doesn’t work and exerciseregimens that don’t deliver on promises forrejuvenation.For natural healer and educator Elieth AmaniHarris, however, the key to a balancedand calm life begins with going inward.A health-care professional, Harris wearsmany hats: He is an expert on ayurvedicmedicine, a clinical nutritionist, a yoga andqi gong master instructor, a chef and foodtherapist, and an enzyme specialist.Adhering to the philosophies of Chinesemedicine, Elieth (pronounced Elliot) looksat each client’s symptoms and treats thedisharmony within that manifests as adiscomforting ailment. The goal of hiswork is to enhance one’s overall health andvitality by restoring inner balance. This isdone by strengthening the flow of one’senergy, or qi, through individual plans andprotocols that he designs at his practices inManhattan and New Canaan.He also leads yoga and qi gong workshopsin Bridgeport, Westport and Trumbull.Along with having a master’s degree innutritional counseling from the Universityof Bridgeport and a bachelor of arts degreein chemistry and business, Elieth also hasmore than 30 years of experience in prac-ticing yoga and Chinese healing practices,such as qi gong. He sprinkles classes withinsights about how food and herbs canaffect one’s health, and students hang onhis every word.In a recent class at Westport’s Center forSenior Activities, Elieth explained how aspecific qi gong posture could strengthenone’s spleen. He said that when peopleare filled with worry, they often have aweakened spleen. Elieth also provided exer-cises to help build the immune system. Bystrengthening your insides, you are able toface any problems that life brings, Eliethsaid. “There will always be problems inyour life, but by releasing blocked qi, youcan get to the solution and move on,” hesaid.Patricia Eberle of Westport agreed. Shehas been a student in Elieth’s qi gong andyoga classes in Westport for several years.She said that she keeps coming to classesbecause it makes her feel good. Patriciasaid, “I think it’s healing, extremely so.”Although student Pat Spoor has only beentaking qi gong for a few weeks, she’s reap-ing its benefits. “I’m learning about a wholenew way of living,” Pat said. “I’m seeinghow doing this movement leads to goodhealth and how the mind, body and spiritare interconnected.”Elieth’s qi gong class begins with a sittingmeditation and discussion of the practice,followed by a series of postures and move-ment exercises. Through deep breathing,inhaling in and out through the nose andvisualization, the qi is unleashed. A feelingof relaxation then naturally occurs. Eliethtypically ends each session with a medita-tion using one of the qi gong traditionalhealing sounds.Patricia likes to take a few extra minutesafter the class ends to transition back tothe ‘real world.’ “Qi gong puts you in sucha state of relaxation,” she explained. “Youdon’t want to leave.”Patricia begins every Monday morning withthe yoga class that Elieth teaches at the
Begins with going inward
by Karen Kovacs Dydzuhn
���� ��� �����������
������ ������
865 River Road (2nd Floor) Shelton 06484203-925-VFITwww.studiovfitness.com
Degreed, Certified, Licensed Fitness ProfessionalsTo Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
888 White Plains Road, Suite #206
Trumbull, CT 06611
(203) 445-0101
Neil T. Specht, M.D., Medical Director 
 Your BreastsAre 3-DWhy Aren’t Your Mammograms?
3D Mammographyis Here.
Increased Cancer Detection
Fewer Repeat Views
Reduced Recall Rate
Superior Imaging for Dense Breasts
Same Day Appointments Available
          
 January 26, 2012
Health & Fitness
 Hersam Acorn Newspapers  
Center for Senior Activities in Westport.After a short break, she gets ready for qigong to begin. When asked how she gotstarted in qi gong, Patricia explained thatshe “stumbled” into it. “I was supposed togo to a Pilates class but this was going oninstead,” Patricia said. “I now love it andcome every week.”Elieth encourages his students to practiceat home. The feelings of well-being andhealth can only occur if these healingexercises are put into action. “It’s as if I’mholding a big, red juicy apple and tellingyou that it tastes really good,” he said. “Icould explain about how delicious it is butunless you make the choice to bite into itand experience it for yourself, you won’treally understand what I’m talking about.”To better serve his Connecticut clients,Elieth recently acquired office space inNew Canaan. He said that he will provideindividual consultations ($120 per hour/$60 per 30 minutes) and yoga and qi gongclasses there. “Everyone has specific needsbased on their lifestyle and their healthchallenges,” Elieth said. “I give them indi-vidual protocols and practices that willenhance their well being.” This plan forliving healthy includes yoga, qi gong, self-massage, meditation and nutrition.Elieth was first introduced to qi gong in1994 when he was studying in a monasteryin Virginia. “One of the monks introducedme to qi gong and the healing sounds andhow it could lead to physical healing andmanaging emotional patterns,” Elieth said.He also studied energy work with leadersin the field — Master Del Pi and Ra UnNefel Amen.People of all ages are drawn to the calm-ness, Elieth said. They want the obviouspeace of mind that he possesses. He attri-butes the increased interest to a sharedfrustration with Western medicine. “Moreand more people are interested in tradi-tional Chinese medicine practices becausethey’re frustrated with traditional Westerncare,” he explained. “They want to get welland to maintain their health, so they’reinvesting in integrative practices that treatthe cause of their physical challenges rath-er than the symptoms.”
 For more information about Elieth’s classesor to schedule a consultation: 203-685-0450;life-rx.us.
Do you see it? It’s called a herniated disc, a painful condition that can cause severe sciatic nervepain. And now you can knock out this painful problem – with a new non-surgical and drugless spinalbreakthrough. If you or a loved one suffers from disc herniations, sciatica, or back pain, you mustread these facts at once...
Can You Spot The Serious BackProblem On This MRI?
Low back pain can be a crippling experience.You might not be able to play golf, work, or even sit in the car for a 30-minute drive. It feels impossible for anyone around you tounderstand how you feel. You can’t remember the last time youeven had a restful night’s sleep. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feelingheld back from life because your back or sciatica hurts and the pain just won’t go away!
Do You Have Any of the Following Conditions?
• SciaticaLower Back PainHerniated/bulging discsFacet syndromesMuscle spasm, sprains & strainsFortunately, if you are suffering from any of these problems,they may be relieved or eliminated by non-surgical spinaldecompression treatments.
The Single Most Important Solution To Your Sciaticaand Back Pain
If you’ve been hearing about DRX 9000 spinal decompression, or always wanted to check it out and see what it can do for you, nowis the best time.
(Due to federal law, restrictions may apply)
(Offer Expires February 29, 2012)
The first 20 callers will receive:
A complimentary consultationFirst DRX 9000 treatmentReview of imagining studiesA comprehensive examination($295.00 Value) No strings attached No commitment necessary No surprise bill in the mailYou’ll get to see everything first hand and find out if this amazingtreatment will be
 pain solution, like it has been for so manyother patients.
Call today...Phone 800-673-5016
No Dangerous Drugs, No Invasive Procedures, And NoPainful Exercises
DRX 9000 spinal decompression treatments are very gentle. Infact, every once in a while I even catch a patient sleeping duringsessions.You’ll simply lie on your back, and a specialized belt is gently putaround your waist. We’ll set the machine to focus on your problemarea – then the advanced decompression computer system will dothe rest.
“What Are The Chances This Will Work For Me?”
One clinical study has shown
spinal decompressionto be extremely successful (good or excellent relief) in 86%of patients with herniated discs and degenerative joint disease – without the side effects.Another study presented at the American Academy of PainManagement in 2007 showed...
“Patients reported a mean 88.9% improvement in back pain and better function...No patient required any invasive therapies (e.g.epidural injections, surgery).
As you can see, DRX 9000 spinal decompression has a highsuccess rate with helping disc herniations, sciatica, and back pain.In just a matter of weeks you could be back on the golf course,enjoying your love life, or traveling again.
“But I feel fine – as long as I take my pain pills.”
There’s a time to use pain medications, BUT not before seeking anatural way to correct the CAUSE of the problem! Ask yourself ...after taking
these pain medications and playing the ‘wait andsee game’,
maybe for years
...are you any better off?Call anytime between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm Mondaythrough Friday. Tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for theDRX 9000 Decompression Evaluation before February 29, 2012.We can get started with your consultation, exam and x-rays as soonas there’s an opening in the schedule. Our office is called WestportChiropractic and you can find us at 256 Post Road East. I look forward to helping you get rid of your pain so you can start living ahealthier, more joyful life.Sincerely,Dr. Patrick Guerin D.C.256 Post Road EastWestport, CT 06880www.westportspine.com
The only real question to ask yourself is this...
What Will Your Pain Feel Like1 Month From Today?
One of the biggest myths about pain is that it goes away all byitself, without any treatment.A May 1998 study in the British Medical Journal proved this mythfalse, showing that 75% of back pain sufferers who do nothingabout it will have either pain or disability 12 months later.Let’s face it, if the pain hasn’t gone away by now, it’s not likely todisappear on its own.Life’s too short to live in pain like this. Call today and soon I’ll begiving you the green light to have fun again.
Phone 800-673-5016
Herniated and/or bulging discs
Degenerative disc disease
Back pain
A relapse or failure following certain surgeries
Facet syndromes
The conditions this amazing treatment hasproven successful with are:
� �
������� �� 
������ ��� 
Announces The Opening Of A New PracticeFor The Purpose Of Offering ConsultationsTo Patients And Families In Need Of AdviceAnd Recommendations For Management ofTheir Gastrointestinal Disease.
148 East Ave. Suite 3a, Norwalk, CT 068511189 Post Road, Suite 3b, Fairfield, CT 06824

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