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Gods War on Bullying

Gods War on Bullying

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Published by Patricia Backora

Bullies are in danger of God's judgment. Victims can find comfort in God being a defender of the oppressed and those who have no helper

Bullies are in danger of God's judgment. Victims can find comfort in God being a defender of the oppressed and those who have no helper

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Jan 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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God’s War on Bullying
By Patricia Backora
Armed with the Word of God, Patricia Backora comforts the oppressed andbeats satan’s butt all the way to hell.
God’s War on Bullying
©2012All Rights Reserved
FI!" "#$ BA% &$W!'
Where two or more bullies are gathered together in satan’s nameto raise hell, there will satan be in the midst of them (flip side of Matt 1!"20#
&(W F( "#$ G((% &$W!'
$esus %hrist %ame"&' )& A& *+)R&- &.') W.' AR) R/+) (*ue "1!#ehold, + give unto 3ou power to tread on serpents and s4orpions, and over all thepower of the enem3" and nothing shall b3 an3 means hurt 3ou (*ue 10"15#*ord, + believe6 help thou mine unbelief (*ue 5"2#
+’ve waled with 7od long enough to dis4over that there are seldom snap solutions todeepl38entren4hed problems 7od’s remedies are not lie instant oatmeal ut the3alwa3s wor &his boo is full of 4ripture referen4es 4ripture brought to life b3 the pirit of 7od is the best medi4ine for the wounded soul We are told in
Proverbs 4:22
that7od’s Word imparts life and health even to the bod3 of those one who re4eives it infaith o please meditate upon these 4riptures at 3our leisure to derive ma9imumbenefit from m3 message All :uotations are taen from the ;ing $ames <ersion of the ible &his is m3 version of 4hoi4e, be4ause + believe it more a44uratel3 portra3sthe true intent of the an4ient writers, and has not been biased b3 toda3’s popular =politi4al 4orre4tness> A few ar4hai4 words have been paraphrased for the benefit of those unused to this version + have spent 3ears in intensive stud3 of the Word of 7od, assisted b3 the ever8present .ol3 pirit .e has given me a strong desire tolearn more about the fathomless *ove of 7od Most of 3ou would not be reading this boo now if 3ou were not being affe4ted b3bull3ing, either dire4tl3 or indire4tl3 M3 heart goes out to 3ou +’ve been there &here has been mu4h publi4it3 about bull3ing here in the /nited ;ingdom +e9perien4ed it where + grew up in Ameri4a.atred nows no national boundariesAt present, the whole world lies in wi4edness (+ $ohn ?"15# What is a bull3@ + believe he is a hateful, mali4ious, mentall3 warped sinnerutterl3 in4apable of genuine love .e proe4ts himself as the god of his own turf, butharbors sub4ons4ious inse4urities about himself6 thus feeling the need to degradeothers in order to avoid sining to the bottom of the so4ietal heap +roni4all3, + was spurred on to see 7od’s answers b3 the ver3 one who hadin4ited bullies to harass me" none other than the devil himself.e ept on dredgingup memories of all those 4ruel bullies, ust to torment me Binall3 + said, =+’ve hadenoughC *ord, mae all this ba4fire on satan Mae him wish he’d never gone outof his wa3 to mae an enem3 out of me> &hen the *ord showed me it was time totell m3 stor3, and to share all the se4rets of vi4tor3 +’ve learned as a %hristiansurvivor of bull3ing +’ve alwa3s said, =&he *ord gives the devil ust enough rope to hang himself with + am a spiritual freedom fighter, a rebel against satan’s status :uo Where it4on4erns fighting the devil and his evil wors, +’ve taen off m3 gloves M3 words arenot alwa3s =ni4e>, but the3 are true, and the3 are ne4essar3)ven bullies need to berea4hed with the *ove of 7od, but sometimes love must be firm $onathan )dwards,an earl3 Ameri4an fire8and8brimstone prea4her, saved more souls b3 s4aring theminto heaven with 7od’s unspin8do4tored truth than he 4ould have saved b3 followingthe politi4all3 4orre4t route" gift8wrapping the 7ospel in s3rup3, no8strings8atta4hed =love> and glossing over 7od’s warning of eternal damnation upon unrepentantsinners &his boo is ver3 4omprehensive+t details the devastating spiritual andemotional damage + suffered from bull3ing, whi4h was aggravated b3 observing thelives of h3po4riti4al nominal 4hur4hgoers + e9pose the heart of the t3pi4al bull3, andhis motives for wanting to hurt 3ou Most importantl3, + reveal how to obtain 7od’shelp, pla4e 3ourself under .is 4ontinual prote4tion, and remain there +f onl3 +’dhad a44ess to these pre4ious truths ba4 in the D0’s, + 4ould have lived under theshelter of the Almight3 (Esalms 51"1# rather than under the dar 4loud of demoni4oppression

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