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Sex Offender Registry Breaches Spirit of the Law

Sex Offender Registry Breaches Spirit of the Law

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Published by Stanley Green

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Published by: Stanley Green on Nov 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Sex Offender Registry is a Supervisory Order that has been ratified under color of office. Congress has empowered the Executive Branch with legal authority to interpret the length of time that may be imposed as supervision upon each felon that has been convicted of any type of sex crime.

Let\u2019s use my case as an example: Shelby County District Attorney Edgar Peterson
offered me a plea bargain to accept a conviction under TCA Volume 7 Title 39-15-302
Incest Class C felony. Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Doran has interpreted what
type and how much time I could serve based upon the law. June 2, 1994 Judge Doran
ordered The Tennessee Department of Probation and Parole to supervise me for six years
without any prison sentence whatsoever. Judge Doran included in his order for me to
seek psychiatric counseling. I reported to my probation officers each quarter for six years
without a single violation. June 2, 2000 I thought that my conviction had been disposed

of and I was a free man.

To my surprise I discovered that my sentence had just begun. In January 1995 I complied
with the new law to register myself with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Sex
Offender Registry (SOR). I began to serve my 10 year probation sentence that Congress
had ratified under color of office. According to the new law the TBI couldn\u2019t credit my
time served until I have completed my six-year probation sentence June 2, 2000. As a
result, I couldn\u2019t qualify for release from my second probation sentence until June 2,

The new law has another catch that I didn\u2019t find out about until 2008. Director Mark
Gwyn interprets the new law. Mark has decided that I should serve life-time probation
sentence. Each year for the rest of my life I have to report to the City of Memphis Police
Department and turn myself in as a convicted sex offender. I have to pay $100 for the
Director Gwyn to keep me under surveillance. Mark has posted my photo and address on
the TBI Sex Offender Registry website. Nowhere does Mark notify the public that I have
satisfied my Judiciary Probation Order.

A French philosopher Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu had drafted a treatise
entitled, The Spirit of laws. Charles had performed an exhaustive research of political
system. His findings had reported that there are three main political systems (i.e.
republican, monarchial and despotic). Either system may be implemented in a manner
that could harbor an evil spirit. Charles formulated the opinion to divide the government
into three equal branches (i.e. legislative, executive and judiciary). Charles had believed
that if his philosophy were placed into practice, then that type of government would serve
the need of the People to become preemptory over the desires of individuals or groups
that may seek to have ruler ship.

The Founding Fathers were profoundly impressed and/or overwhelmed by Charles
philosophical treatise. The delegates had perceived that the Articles of Confederation
(AOC) was weak and had myriad flaws. They had questioned whether our AOC could
serve as our rule of law. The delegates voted to repeal the AOC. Under new inspiration
each delegate of the Thirteen Colonies voted to ratify the United States Constitution

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