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Health and Fitness 2012

Health and Fitness 2012

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Published by Lebanon_Publishing
Health and Fitness 2012
Health and Fitness 2012

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Published by: Lebanon_Publishing on Jan 26, 2012
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ExploringNaturalRemediesPopularHealthMythsDebunkedToysTeachProblem-SolvingSkillsDaytimeDrowsinessHappyMusclesBeginninganExerciseRegimenCMT: Whatisit?SpecialSectiontoTheLebanonDemocrat,Mt.JulietNewsandHartsvilleVidette
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2 • Health & Fitness 2012
 As prevalent as prescription med-ications are, all-natural remedies forcommon illnesses and conditions arestill a viable alternative to prescriptionmedications for many people. But arethese all-natural options safe?In 2011, Apple founder Steve Jobslost his battle with pancreatic cancer.Reports indicate that Jobs, a devoutBuddhist, delayed surgery and othertraditional treatments for almost a yearwhile he participated in holistic treat-ments for the cancer.Some of these in-cluded juice fasts, bowel cleansings,acupuncture,herbal supplements,andeven a vegan diet.Eventually,Jobs hadsurgery, but some experts feel hewaited too long. Although conventional care is oftenan effective means to treating illnessesand other conditions, there are manydoctors who agree that implementingnatural remedies at times can be safeand effective.Furthermore,not all nat-ural remedies are without merit, andsometraditionalmedicinesareactuallyderived from natural, plant-based in-gredients themselves. According to surgeon and author,Dr.Walter C.Thompson,“Herbal med-icine is safe because it’s natural. Afterresearchingtheliterature,onecantrulysay that,at the very least,herbal medi-cine is safer than conventional drugs.”Those thinking about incorporatingnatural remedies into their health reg-imen can consider the following op-tions.Nervousness and anxiety: Try let-tuce, chamomile,valerian,and rosepetals.Pain relief:Use omega-3 fatty acids,green tea,ginger root,and tumeric.Itchiness: Witch hazel, jewelweedand aloe vera are effective.Feminine issues: Parsley, basil andgoldenseal can alleviate symptomsassociated with menstruation.Antibiotics: Oregano and garlic arepurported to have antibiotic quali-ties and can fend off harmful bacte-ria.Infections: Honey has long beenused to heal and as an antibacterialand antifungal remedy.Many natural foods are effective inpreventingandfightingcanceraswell. Although natural remedies can beeffective, it’s important for pregnantwomen to avoid any herbs and plantsupplements until discussing therisks/benefits with their doctors. Also,some natural remedies can interactwith prescription drugs or increasetheirpotency,soit’simportanttotalktoa doctor about any plans.
Exploring natural remedies
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Health & Fitness 2012 • 3
Well-meaning parents or grandpar-ents often tell children not to do some-thing with the warning that a serioushealth implication could result. Kidsoftentaketheireldersattheirword.Butsome of these warnings bear moretruth than others. Here’s the scoop onsome of the more common misconcep-tions.
Swallowedchewinggumstaysinthestomach for seven years.While chewing gum cannot be di-gested and is meant to be chewed andnotswallowed,accidentallyswallowinga piece here and there won’t causemajor issues. That’s because the gumwill simply pass through the digestivesystem whole and come out with stool.If a large amount of gum is swallowedin a short period of time, then therecould be issues,including constipationand intestinal blockage in children.
If you keep your eyes crossed toolong,they will get stuck that way.The muscles in the eye are just likeany muscles elsewhere in the body.Al-though they may tire and get sore,theyarerelativelyresilientandcantakealotof wear and tear. Crossing your eyesmay tax these muscles, but you won’tdo any permanent harm. Rest assuredthat crossing the eyes will not leavethem stuck that way.
Going outside with wet hair willmake you sick. Although you will feel colder step-ping outside with a part of your bodywet, it won’t make you more suscepti-ble to catching a cold. Researchers atthe Common Cold Research Unit inEngland once tested a group of volun-teers who were given the cold virus.One half of the group stayed in a warmroom,while the others took a bath andstood wet in a hallway for a half hour.The wet group didn’t catch more coldsthan the dry.
Covering your head is most impor-tant because you lose 75 percent of your body heat through it.This calculation is more for an infantwhose head makes up a greater per-centage of his or her body.In an adult,the figure is closer to 10 percent. Heatcan escape from any exposed area of thebody.Therefore,it is helpful tobun-dle up all areas of the body whenspending time outdoors in the coldweather.
Don’t swim right after eating.The basis of this mantra is that whendigesting food, the digestive systempulls blood away from the muscles andtheideaisthatyoucouldcrampupanddrown.Whileyoumayhavelessenergyto swim vigorously, chances are youwon’t be so weak as to drown. Althoughmanyhealthmythsprevail,knowing the truth can help parents ed-ucatetheirchildrenbetteraboutwhichbehaviors are safe and which are risky.
Popular healthmyths debunked

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