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The County Times newspaper. Serving St. Mary's County, Maryland.
The County Times newspaper. Serving St. Mary's County, Maryland.

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Published by: Southern Maryland Online on Jan 26, 2012
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Thursday, May 10, 2007
County Times
Section B - 1
By Andrew KnowltonStaff Writer
The Great Mills softball teamsuffered another tough loss thisweek, falling to the Lackey Char-
gers, 6-1, on their home eld.
Strong pitching and timely hit-ting boosted the Chargers early on inthe game as they built a 3-0 lead in
the top of the rst.
In the bottom of the inning, Hor-
net center elder Joselynn Stewart
led Great Mills off with a solo home-run that sailed deep into right-center
eld.“I just went up there condent
because we were down by three al-
ready in the rst inning,” Stewartsaid.One at bat later, rst baseman
Stephanie Cocchimiglio doubled to
right eld but was later tagged out athome on an ineld single by short
stop Tori Bradburn.
Hornet pitcher Krystal Cook kept the Chargers scoreless in thenext two innings and struck out two
 batters in the top of the third. Dur 
-ing those innings, however, GreatMills was unable to get going at the
 plate. “We had a leadoff home run
and I don’t think we hit again until
the fourth or fth inning,” said GreatMills Head Coach OJ Lewis.Defensively, the Hornets madeseveral nice plays in the eld. In thetop of the fth, Hornet third baseman
Lauren Fairfax made a diving stop
and threw out a Lackey hitter at rstfrom her knees. In the next inning,
Cocchimiglio turned an unassisteddouble play when she caught a line
drive at rst base and stepped on the bag to catch a leading runner. Still,
the defensive effort was not enough
for the Hornets, according to Lewis.“Defensively I think we played pretty well,” Lewis said. “I don’tthink we played well enough to win.
I think sometimes we play more towho we’re playing than the team that
shows up. We’re playing more by
who’s coming than the team that ac-
tually shows up on the eld.”
The Chargers scored one run in
the top of the fth and two more inthe seventh. With two on and two
outs, Lackey hit a two-RBI triple to
left eld to go up 6-1.With one last chance to come back from a ve run decit, the Hor 
-nets put two runners in scoring posi-
tion. Cook singled to center and was
followed by a double from Nicole
Boggs. But the Hornets were unable
to drive those two runs in, as the nextbatter hit a line drive to center, which
was caught and red into second for a double play.
Sports and Community Inter 
S      e      c       t        i      o      n
Photo by Andrew Knowltom
page B-
By Andrew KnowltonStaff Writer
“Raise your hand if you know
someone with diabetes,” said AlanKissick, a spokesman for the Ameri
can Diabetes Association and a Type-I diabetic. Nearly every single one of 
the 700 hundred elementary schoolstudents gathered in the bleachers atChopticon High School May 3 raised
their hand. “Everybody keep your hands up and look around,” Kissick continued. “Almost everybody here
has their hand up, and really, I’m notvery surprised because there’s over
21 million Americans living with di
-abetes, and that’s 21 million reasons
to walk in this walk today.”Students from Dynard, LeddyDent, Mechancisville and White
Marsh came together early Thurs-day morning at Chopticon’s track to
walk laps and raise money for a cure.
Several of the students that partici-pated were Type-I diabetics, and theevent was also aimed at showing
support for them. Emily Wilkin
son, a student at Dynard and also a
recently diagnosed Type-I diabetic,played a large part in getting the
event jumpstarted.
Two weeks prior to the walk,
Wilkinson went around to everyclassroom at Dynard and told stu
-dents about diabetes and what it’s
like to live with a disease.
“The two weeks leading up tothe walk were part of the education-al piece of the walk, to educate thekids about the different types of dia-betes, Type-I and Type-II, and howto prevent getting Type-II diabetes
through healthy eating and exercise,”said Jennifer Schmidt, Wilkinson’smother and director of he walk. “She
Walking for a Cure
 Elementary StudentsWalk to Beat Diabetes
Lackey ChargesPast Hornets, 6-1
Photo by Andrew Knowltom
Walk for Diabetes
page B-
By Andrew KnowltonStaff Writer
With 22 seconds remaining in the 2007girls lacrosse SMAC championship and thescore tied at four, Leonardtown’s Taeler Err 
-ington sent a shot past Chopticon’s goalie toearn the Lady Raiders their second confer-
ence title in a row.“I guess I just took it one-on-one,” saidErrington. “I knew it was down to the wireand I just took a shot.”“Obviously we needed to score. We didn’twant to go to overtime,” said LeonardtownHead Coach Michael Denny. “So fortunately
we had an opportunity and Tae made a great
 play. That was individual talent right there,
but all of the girls deserve credit, all of them,
all of them.”Errington’s late goal gave the Lady Raid
-ers a 6-5 win, after her team struggled to keep
up with the Braves for the entire rst half.“It feels great,” said Raider goalie KatieHammerer. “It’s one of the best feelings I’vehad all year.”
Chopticon jumped on the Raiders early
with goals from Breanne Russell and Dani
elle Ostrowski. Although Leonardtown’s Em
-ily Lynch scored seconds later, both teams
Lady Raiders Pull Off Second SMAC Title in TwoYears
SMAC Champs
page B-
Photo by Andrew Knowltom
The Leonardtown girls’ lacrosse team celebrates ater winning their second consecutive SMAC championship Tuesday aternoon at Chopticon.Great Mills’ second baseman Brihanna Stewart makes a throw rom the infeld in the ourth inning. Area elementary school students start their walk to cure diabetes at Chopticon High School last week. About 700 students took part inthe event.
County Times
on the elds and athletic fa
and to a second-place nish in
rst winning season since the
nished in the Top 3 in all of 
selsh dedication to Seahawk athletics on and off the eld.
April - Women’s Lacrosse – Sophomore midelder Lauren Carrier 
 BaseballOutstanding Pitcher –
Outstanding Position Player –
Senior Awards –
 Men’s BasketballCoaches Award –
Field HockeyTeam MVP –
Sophomore midelder Emily Smithson
 Hardest Working –
 Men’s Lacrosse
Team MVP –
Offensive MVP –
 Defensive MVP –
Women’s Lacrosse
Team MVP –
Sophomore midelder Lauren Carrier 
Coaches Award –
 Men’s Soccer Team MVP –
Coaches Award –
 Rookie of the Year –
Unsung Hero –
Senior midelder Allen Abrams
Offensive MVP –
 Defensive MVP –
Women’s Soccer Pursuit of Excellence –
Sophomore midelder Caitlin Evans
 Love of the Game –
Seahawk Award 
women’s soccer in the following four areas: on the eld, in the classroom, on campus and in the
Carpe Diem Award 
Sophomore midelder Caitlin
 Men’s and Women’s SwimmingWomen’s Team MVP –
Women’s Coaches Award –
 Men’s Coaches Award –
 Men’s and Women’s TennisWomen’s Team MVP –
Women’s Coaches –
Women’s Most Improved –
 Men’s Team MVP –
 Men’s Coaches –
 Men’s Most Improved –
Sportsmanship Award –
sailing teams are now in rst
Sailing World 
Sailing World 
recognizestheSeahawksasthenumberonerankedteaminbothcoedandwomen’sonlycompetitionatthistime,Ifeelcertainourcompetitorswillnotletuspassatasinglemarkround-ing,havealittlemorespaceonthestartingline,orgiveusoneinchanywhereontheracecourse.Wewillcontinuetohelponeanothertoim-proveeachdayandcontinuetohavefunplayinginboats,hopingthatthatformulawillkeepuspointedintherightdirection.”MaggieO’Brien,SMCMpresidentadded,Allwin-terlongwewatchthevarsitysailingteamtrainonthecoldriver.Theteamsdedicationandtalenthaspaidoffandtheyproveditinlastweek-end’sraceinthecoldandrain.Theentirefaculty,staffandstudentbodycongratulatetheteam.”St.Mary’sCollegehasalonghistoryofsailingcham-pionships.In2004,theCol-legewontheannualInter-CollegiateSailingAssociation(ICSA)/LaylineNorthAmeri-canTeamRaceChampion-ship.Since1991thecollegehaswon10nationalsailingchampionshipsandproducedmorethan100ICSAAll-Americansailors.SailingWorld’sfulllistofcollegeteamsandtheirrank-ingsisontheWebsitehttp:// www.collegesailing.org/rank-ings.asp.St.MarysCollegeofMarylandisrankedoneofthebestliberalartscollegesinthenationby
U.S. News & World  Report 
The Princeton Review
hitless in the nal three to
the fence in left eld. Adams
eld recording an unassisted
catching a deep y ball in left
Photo Courtesy of SMCM 
The Saint Mary’s College Women’s and Coed Sailing Teams are ranked number one in the country by Sailing World Magazine.
Thursday, May 10, 2007
County Times
Section B - 
By Andrew KnowltonStaff Writer
Don’t have plans for yourMemorial Day Weekend butwant to do something fun, ad-venturous and challenging? Ihave a perfect idea for you.This past weekend, I metup with my college roommateto bike the entire length of theC&O Canal. If you aren’t fa-miliar with the C&O Canal,here’s a quick rundown on thefacts.The C&O Canal runsparallel to the Potomac Riverfrom Cumberland, Md. toGeorgetown, D.C., a distanceof 184.5 miles. Its principaluse was shipping cargo fromthe Allegheny Mountains, but
after a ood in 1924, all op
-erations were ended. Today,it’s a National Historical Park and a perfect place for a longweekend trip.Whether you want to bikethe entire trail or just a couplemiles, here are some tips onhow to prepare for the tripand some advice on what toexpect.
Last year was the rst
time my roommate and I didthe trip, and for fear of not
 being able to nish all 184.5
miles in our planned fourdays, we trained our butts off.We biked several times perweek through the mountainsof Northern Maryland tryingto get ready for the trip. Thiswas the smartest thing wedid. Although the C&O Ca-
nal trail is as at as a pancake,
it’s a good idea to be in shape,especially with a tent, sleep-ing bag and duffel bag full of clothes strapped to the back of your bike. So the training paid
off and we ended up nishing
a day faster than planned.This year, on the otherhand, we didn’t train at all.We’d barely touched our bikesonce. This, of course, madethe trip quite a bit more dif-
cult, but we still managed to
make it in three days. So my
rst tip is to train before you
decide to set off on the trail.My second piece of ad-vice: BRING A FLASH-LIGHT. Sure you might needit for camping and all that,but that’s not the real reason.The real reason is the PawPaw Tunnel. That’s where Ihad the scariest experience inmy entire life. You reach thePaw Paw Tunnel at mile 151.The best word to describe thetunnel is deceptive. It doesn’tlook that long, it doesn’t look that dark, it doesn’t look thatscary… until you go in thereand you can’t see your handin front of your face, bats startwhizzing inches from yourhead, cold water is fallingon you and even once you’vestarted sprinting at top speed,the light at the end never seemsto get closer. Bottom line:BRING A FLASHLIGHT.I hope this descriptiondoesn’t scare anybody fromgoing on this trip, but I feelit’s necessary to give a properwarning of what’s to come.Once you’ve gottenthrough the Paw Paw Tunnel,you can enjoy even more theamazing things the trail hasto offer, such as Great Falls,Harpers Ferry, the Billy GoatTrail, Fort Frederick StatePark, and so on.Another tip is to bring awaterproof tent. This is a les-son my roommate and I didn’tlearn. Last year, it rained bothnights that we camped andrain dripped through the tentand on our heads all nightlong, which can be pretty mis-erable. This year, we didn’thave enough sense to go outand buy a waterproof tent,but luckily, the weather was just perfect and we never gotrained on.Since I’ve got you puttingtogether a checklist, here are acouple more things to add:1) Sunglasses. (Not onlydo they keep the sun out of your eyes, but they keep bugsout, too)
2) Padded seat or pad
-ded biking shorts. (No expla-nation necessary)3) Water4) First-aid kit5) SunscreenObviously, you’re goingto bring more than just thoseitems, but those are some thatI found, or would have foundmost useful or important.
A good place to nd a more
complete checklist and to
nd more information about
places to eat, sleep or visit isbikewashington.org/canal.
Pick 3 Pick 4Pick 3 Pick 4
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5/04/07 60008858298343
5/05/07 02515167382899
5/06/07 04589743689688
5/07/07 61662839999893
5/08/07 834 0735 5143210
In the Knowl
Biking theC&O Canal
Photo by Andrew KnowltonPhoto by Andrew KnowltonPhoto by Andrew Knowlton
184 miles to go. Better stop taking pictures and get back on the bike.Crossing over one of the many bridges along the trail. About 20 miles away from Georgetown.

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