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Final Exam CCNA 4 Version 2012

Final Exam CCNA 4 Version 2012

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Published by intrasystem

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Published by: intrasystem on Jan 27, 2012
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Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012ahmedazza621@gmail.com
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about the Frame Relay connection?The Frame Relay connection is in the process of negotiation.A congestion control mechanism is enabled on the Frame Relay connection.The “ACTIVE” status of the Frame Relay connection indicates that the network is experiencing congestion.Only control FECN and BECN bits are sent over the Frame Relay connection. No data traffic traverses the link.
Refer to the exhibit. All devices are configured as shown in the exhibit. PC1 is unableto ping the default gateway. What is the cause of the problem?The default gateway is in the wrong subnet.STP has blocked the port that PC1 is connected to.Port Fa0/2 on S2 is assigned to the wrong VLAN.S2 has the wrong IP address assigned to the VLAN30 interface.
Which statement is true about PAP in the authentication of a PPP session?
Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012ahmedazza621@gmail.com
PAP uses a two-way handshake.The password is unique and random.PAP conducts periodic password challenges.PAP uses MD5 hashing to keep the password secure.
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is trying to backup the IOS software on R1 to the TFTP server. He receives the error message that is shownexhibit, and cannot ping the TFTP server from R1. What is an action that can help to isolate this problem?Use correct source file name in the command.Verify that the TFTP server software is running.Make sure that there is enough room on the TFTP server for the backup.Check that R1 has a route to the network where the TFTP server resides.
Which data link layer encapsulation protocol is used by default for serial connections between two Cisco routers?ATMFrame RelayHDLCPPPSDLC
Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012ahmedazza621@gmail.com
Refer to the exhibit. Computers on the internal network need access to all servers in the external network. The only traffic hat is permitted from the exter must be responses to requests that are initiated on the internal network. Which security measure would satisfy this requirement?a numbered extended ACLa named standard ACLa reflexive ACLa dynamic ACL
Anetwork administrator is configuring an SSH server on a new router. Which two options must be configured before the command
crypto key generate
entered successfully?(Choose two.)A domain name must be defined.The command
login local
must be entered.The command
enable secret
must be entered.A username with password must be configured.The command
transport input ssh
must be entered.The host name must be changed from the default name of Router.
hat will be the result of adding the command
ip dhcp excluded-address
o the configuration of a local router that has beeconfigured as a DHCP server?Traffic that is destined for and will be dropped by the router.Traffic will not be routed from clients with addresses between and DHCP server will not issue the addresses ranging from to router will ignore all traffic that comes from the DHCP servers with addresses and
Which type of network attack exploits vulnerabilities in the compromised system with the intent of propagating itself across a network?viruswormTrojan horseman-in-the-middle
An administrator is unable to receive e-mail. While troubleshooting the problem, the administrator is able to ping the local mail server IP address successremote network and can successfully resolve the mail server name to an IP address via the use of the
command. At what OSI layer is the prolikely to be found?physical layer data link layer network layer application layer 

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