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X Factor - Simon Cowell Axed From the Show After It's Revealed Cheryl Cole Has 2009 X Factor Winner

X Factor - Simon Cowell Axed From the Show After It's Revealed Cheryl Cole Has 2009 X Factor Winner

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Published by unibyte
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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: unibyte on Jan 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Our Limited Time FREE 90 Day System Will Help You to Become a Better Singer. Do you love tosing? Then this FREE System is for you!http://www.ByteMusic.com ==== ====What has the X factor got that no other television program has that could possibly match thenumber of people who tune it to watch it every week. The shows addictive I grant you that. Wehave people near to breaking point should they miss the show. So what is it about the X factor thathas millions of people glued to the box to a point...that when they thirst they stay thirsty for fear ofmissing something. How many of you can honestly admit to sitting there nearly peeing your pantsor scared to blink for the same reason. Is it the inoffensive Irishman Louis Walsh, or is thebeautiful face of Cheryl Cole, wife of Chelsea football player Ashley Cole the reason you arebesotted. Or could the azure blue eyes of Danni Minnogue have you infatuated. Still not got a clue,well let me tell you, its the main man himself "Simon Cowell." The X factor, aside from thecompetitors would be nothing without Simon. He is the most entertaining person on the X factorand that is without singing a note. Simon has the last say, and its only right that he does because the show would be a farce. Hedoes the hiring and the firing. And there is no chance he is ever going to "axe" himself because heknows his job all too well and puts in a 100%, no matter whose feelings he hurts or whose hearthe breaks. Last week on the X Factor we lost contestants Miss Frank the singing girl trio, but lets be honestthey were never going to win the X factor when all the other hopefuls performed better in the eyesof the public. Nevertheless I defend the group and wished they had stayed in when I rewind thevideo tape back to torture myself watching the antics of Rachel Adedeji. Okay the girl was excitedafter getting through to the next round, but after her war dance and frantic squealing on stage, Iwould have loved to have gone a few rounds with her in a boxing ring to shut her up. Sorry Rachelyou lost my vote. If she does not get booted off the X factor next week then expect more of thisunnecessary jolliness to endure. I think a lot of people were shocked to see Danyl Johnson in the bottom two this week. No one canargue that he is not talented, confident and has a great voice, but his onslaught of nastinesstowards fellow contestant single mom of one, Stacey Solomon has not helped. These rivals(wannabe pop idols) are away from home and away from their loved ones, so its natural for themto feel lonely and under pressure. Both emotions can easily give cause for some bickering to goon behind scenes. This has to be ignored. Contestants need to be judged on their voice and notwho they have taken a dislike too. Who is going to win the X factor, well did Kian from Westlife not tell us who last night. But whosays that Kian is not wrong. As much as I love every member of Westlife who deserved every bitof success they had since they first started, I have to argue that talented singers like Kian are notalways right. So now we are back to square one as to who will win the X factor, or deserves to win
it this year. Who am I to argue with the nation who has taken a shine to John and Edward Grimes - Louis lastof the bunch, who Simon Cowell called the horror twins. Sorry Simon you got it wrong this time,did you not mean the terrible twins which is more appropriate to match their singing voices. Howcan anybody (which they are) in their right mind compare these two lads with Boyzone? Get outtahere I am having none of it, and you may bet neither is Ronan Keating and other members ofBoyzone. And I think Stephen Gately would turn in his grave after hearing this. We miss youStephen and peace be with you. I have an awful hunch that Cheryl Cole is going to be the mentor that may well take victory andrecognition of mentoring the winner of X factor 2009, or it could be Danni, no I am sticking withCheryl Cole who has had a big hit with her new single "Fight For This Love" after going solo awayfrom her other band mates out of Girls Aloud.. I have always thought why not allow the competitors themselves to pick their own songs to sing. Iknow the purpose of a mentor is there to help and guide their singers, but in the past we haveseen some very talented singers with fabulous voices get booted off the X factor. Could theirmentors choice of song be the reason we see what may have been the next Whitney Houston orSupremes leave the stage in tears because they got the lowest vote. Was the voters judgmenthampered by song choice? A prime example: and proof the mentor is not always right was when Simon Cowell laid into CherylCole about her choice of song for 16 year old Lloyd Daniels. As always Simon Cowell put in hispenny worth and came to the rescue of Lloyd. What Simon said brought Cheryl Cole near to tearsthat she fought back but struggled doing so. Simon quite blatantly said that Cheryl chose thewrong song for the young boy, and how right he was. Was Simon right to intervene so Lloyd couldstill stay in the running to compete the following week? Cheryl gave Lloyd a big hug over the judgepanel desk in front of millions and said sorry for the cock-up, but its them sort of cock-ups that seelads like Lloyd leave the stage in tears. Cheryl you need to be careful because I believe you havetwo singers that are going to give Louis and Simon and their contestants a run for their money.The good thing about allowing the competitors in a talent show like this choose their own song is,that any cock-ups is of their own and have no one else to blame should they not make it through tothe final, so any crying that is done was brought about by themselves. X Factor: This years 2009 finalists are to record a Micheal Jackson charity single in aid of GreatOrmond Street Hospital. I have n't even heard the song yet but will certainly be buying it as myway of supporting the charity. The track, a cover of Michael Jacksons You Are Not Alone, will raisefunds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children. If Sir Bob Geldof the man who stoppedthe world for a day with band aid has anything to do with the song then we will certainly see thesales of the record soar. The X factor contestants will sing the song during the results show on Sunday November 15, withit going on sale the next day. Simon Cowell said every year a charity single will officially be an annual event. Simon I do notsalute you although deserving of it, instead I pat you on the back for helping the needy in this way.All 12 of the acts who made it into the final - including those sent packing or booted off will perform

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