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The Calvert Gazette newspaper. Serving Calvert County, Maryland. The online presence for The Calvert Gazette is provided by Southern Maryland Online (www.somd.com).
The Calvert Gazette newspaper. Serving Calvert County, Maryland. The online presence for The Calvert Gazette is provided by Southern Maryland Online (www.somd.com).

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Published by: Southern Maryland Online on Jan 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December, 201
 Story Page 15 Story Page 4 
 Everything Solomons, Lusby,Dowell, and St. Leonard 
Southern Calvert 
Photo by Frank Marquart 
December, 201
Navy Chiefs Taking onNext Habitat BuildFundraising EffortsWorking For ‘Our Lady’
Thursday, December-2010
community community 
The Dominion Foundation provided $25,000 in grants to help compete the Patuxent Habitat for Humanity house being built in Prince Frederick. Pictured is Patuxent Habitat President Dan Doherty, left, Habitat board member Larry Miller, Mike Gardner, manager of LNG operations for Dominion Cove Point, homeowners Joyce Lester and Gladys Long,President of Calvert Co. Commissioners Wilson Parran, and Del. Tony O’Donnell. PAGE 7 This year for the annual Winter Celtic Music Festival, the Celtic Society of Southern Maryland presents Solas, known as one of the most popular Celtic bands to emerge from the United States. PAGE 8 
 Also Inside 
On The Cover 
 3 Local News 7 Community11 Defense12 Cover Story14 Letters15 Locals16 Obituaries18 Delegate19 Education20 History21 Out & About22 Hunting23 Entertainment
 A new system of radar and cameraswill keep watch over the waters of theChesapeake Bay to bolster both search and 
rescue efforts by rst responders as well 
as to keep tabs on criminal activity. PAGE 5 
 S o l  o m  o n  s  I s l  a  n  d  T i  d e  R  e p o r t
 S o l  o m  o n  s  I s l  a  n  d  T i  d e  R  e p o r t
 S o l  o m  o n  s  I s l  a  n  d  T i  d e  R  e p o r t
Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon/Low Time Feet Sunset VisiblF 24 High 3:47 AM 0.8 7:20 AM Set 9:42 AM 9124 Low 9:45 AM -0.2 4:51 PM Rise 8:52 PM24 High 4:25 PM 1.324 Low 11:20 PM -0.1Sa 25 High 4:42 AM 0.9 7:21 AM Set 10:15 AM 8425 Low 10:45 AM -0.1 4:51 PM Rise 10:03 PM25 High 5:13 PM 1.3Su 26 Low 12:02 AM -0.1 7:21 AM Set 10:46 AM 7526 High 5:40 AM 0.9 4:52 PM Rise 11:12 PM26 Low 11:52 AM -0.126 High 6:02 PM 1.2
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December 24- 26 2010 Dec. 31 - Jan. 2 2010 
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Calvert County Commissioners, Evan Slaughenhoupt,left, Steve Weems, Jerry Clark, Susan Shaw and Pat Nutter were sworn-in Tuesday morning and got to right 
with their rst ofcial meeting.
out & about 
Thursday, December-2010
 Auto - Home - Business - Life
Serving Southern MDLeonardtown (301) 475-3151LaPlata (301) 934-8437Bryans Road (301) 743-9000 www.danburris.com
St. Mary’s CountyCircuit Court judge postponed the sen-tencing of Terry Clarke, who
 pleaded guilty to ring on young
hunters near his property threeyears ago and became a grand jury witness in the criminalinvestigation of attorney JohnMattingly and Daniel Brown’salleged involvement in bribingthe victims on his behalf. But,the judge shot down the defense’smotion to have the state’s attor-
ney’s ofce ejected from the case.
Attorney Robert Bonsibargued that the prosecutor seeking the sentencing againstClarke, Daniel White, was too closely tied to the case andthe ensuing political overtones that boiled over in the pastelection when Mattingly ran for state’s attorney while being
indicted for numerous alleged crimes by that ofce.
“Mr. Clarke has been the recipient of a lot of collateraldamage,” Bonsib said of his client’s relationship to the Mat-tingly and Brown investigation. “Mr. Clarke has been anemotional wreck … he is desirous of having this resolved inthe right time and the right way.”White refuted Bonsib’s arguments, which were laid out
in a court ling last week, by stating that Clarke’s sentenc
-ing was solely about the assault and gun charges he pleadedguilty to in January of 2009.
“He took an AR-15 [assault rie] and unloaded 30
rounds at these three young men who are here today,”White said.Clarke, co-owner of the Tiki Bar in Solomons Islandand publisher of Southern Maryland Today newspaper inSt. Mary’s County, was arrested in December of 2007 for 
ring on three young men who were duck hunting near his
 property on St. Andrews Church Road. Clarke, who holds afelony drug conviction from 1986, was found to be in illegal
 possession of many rearms and ammunition when police
searched his home, record show.In all, Clarke faces up to 75 years in prison for the
41 counts against him, which include rst-degree assault,
reckless endangerment and being a felon in possession of 
For the past several years Clarke had been cooperating
with the state’s attorney’s ofce in the case against Matting
-ly, who was indicted and re-indicted in 2009 and 2010 alongwith Brown for allegedly taking $20,000 of Clarke’s moneyand using it to bribe the shooting victims to drop their case.Those charges against Mattingly were dropped bya special prosecutor later appointed in the case, IsabelleCumming, and he was also found not guilty on all counts of a land fraud and theft case tried earlier this year.Judge William Missiouri, chief administrative judgefor the 7
Judicial Circuit, said that while State’s AttorneyRichard Fritz may have requested Cumming take over the
case, that did not mean that he gave up his ofce’s right to
 prosecute Clarke in this separate matter.“The State’s Attorney has never abandoned jurisdic-tion in this case,” said Missouri, who was visiting fromPrince George’s County. “There is no reason why the state’sattorney should be recused from this case.”
By Guy Leonard (CT) info@somdpublishing.net 
Clarke Sentencing Postponed
he Combs family wants to start an oyster hatch-ery in the waters just off of Myrtle Point Park inthe Patuxent River, and they are one step closer as the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is seeking public com-ment on the project.The Combs family have spent at least the past threeyears in pursuit of the aquaculture project, negotiating withstate agencies and navigating the halls of government toget licensing fees down to a more manageable level, andhave submitted their plan, which calls for oyster growing onsubmerged platforms as well plat-
forms oating on the water.
Raymond Combs Jr., who isworking with his father throughthe permitting process, said thatthe family was able to successfullylobby for a bill to reduce the fees.“It would’ve been $75,000. Itwas illogical,” Combs said, notingthat the state’s initial fees for start-ing aquaculture were prohibitive.Combs said the amount of work in getting the engineeringand other planning drawings done
has been difcult (Combs is a sur 
-veyor) and there is still a long waitto see if the state will provide thelease.“The struggle we’re goingthrough is frustrating, it’s unbe-lievable the hoops we have to gothrough,” Combs said. “But if we can get a process going thatworks, it’ll eventually convincethe watermen.”The state has pushed for thelicensing of river bottom and sur-face area throughout Maryland tohelp replenish the dwindling oys-ter population. Watermen have protested the high costs of estab-lishing an oyster aquaculture pro-gram as too high, but the state hasmade subsidized loans available inan attempt to entice them to switchover how they make a living.Initial reports from the corps of engineers show thatthere is no danger to threatened or endangered species but it
might have a minor impact on local sh populations.
According to project maps from the corps of engineersthe Combs family project consists of three separate areaswhere the oyster seed would grow: two of them would be inMill Creek, one close to the Patuxent River with the other close to Sam Abell Cove. The third site would be placedright off the shoreline of Myrtle Point Park in the PatuxentRiver.In total the three oyster growing areas encompass justunder 11 acres of either river bottom or surface water.
The rst growth area is planned for oating aquacul
-ture of oyster seed, project documents state, with a min-imum of 20 feet between each row tied together and an-chored by ground tackle.The other sites would be for growing more mature oys-ters below the river surface, about one foot from the actual bottom tethered by line and more ground tackle, documentsread.
 By Guy Leonard (CT) info@somdpublishing.net 
Oyster Aquaculture Planned Near Myrtle Point 

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