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Christmas Irritants Pervasive

Christmas Irritants Pervasive

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Published by Frederick Meekins
Christmas Irritants Pervasive
Christmas Irritants Pervasive

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Published by: Frederick Meekins on Jan 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christmas Irritants Pervasive
 byDr. Frederick MeekinsFellow Of Worldview Studies
Issachar Institute For The Study Of Apologetics & Policy
Use to be during the Christmas season in modern America, if theindividual wanted a little buzz during the holidays, they wouldslip a bit of something into their eggnog. Now, all you have todo to feel that surge of agitated surliness is to turn on the newsor read about those turning themselves into the hind quarters of the species the Holy Family rode into Bethlehem in order to paythe assessed tax (an existential financial matter it seems fewer and fewer could possibly relate to).If you think it is only secularists making an overall nuisance of themselves, you are in for a bigger disappointment than finding alump of coal in your stocking Christmas morning.For better or worse, the Internet is widespread enough that mostare aware that there is nothing in the Bible compelling believersto participate in the celebration of the birth of Christ even thoughHis miraculous arrival is documented in the pages of Scriptureand that many of the trappings such as decorations and relatedcustoms now imbedded with meanings symbolizing thespiritually profound account have (to invoke a word of sectarianirony) less than kosher origins.However, for the most part, Christians on either side of the
divide have established a kind of amicable truce where for themost part about the worst that they do to their counterparts is tolook down their noses at one another and snicker how peculiar or inconsistent the ones on the side of the debate opposite their own happen to be.That has changed in one Michigan town. There, an anonymousequivalent of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady character fromSaturday Night Live sent a letter to those daring to adorn their abodes with Christmas lights.Usually, those going to such lengths as to put the criticism of such decorations into writing make a point of accusing either thedecorations or the individual putting them up of being tooreligious. This time, the victims of such in your face busybodyism have been accused of not being religious enough.The note insists that the homeowners ought to reevaluate their  beliefs. This is because decorative lights, mistletoe, and yulelogs can be traced back to pagan origins.While nothing should be done about the doofus posting the letter since the First Amendment is pretty much a get out of jail freecard for unbridled stupidity, it makes you wonder just how muchauthority over what goes on in homes or on our property should be granted to those insistent upon a hardline implementation of America’s Puritan heritage.Most years, it seems many of the Christmas time outrages suchas the one detailed above occur on the local level such as a
school child having their constitutional religious libertiestrampled upon in the attempt to forge Christmas-free schoolzones or as result of the directors of homeowners associationsoverly eager to enforce Soviet-style architectural conformity.However, it now seems the partisans of the White Witch of  Narnia are attempting to assert themselves at the center stage of U.S. national government.Irrespective of the overall decline in respect for the body broughtabout by the often unconscionable behavior on the part of theinstitution, Congress is often looked upon as the greatestdeliberative body in the world in that its members are suppose to be able to speak their consciences freely to their fellowmembers, their particular constituencies, and the nation as awhole.However, it now seems that an authority within the legislative branch may be attempting to curtail expression that, to mostAmericans not having jumped off the cliff into one variety of fanaticism or the other, would be about one of the least partisanthings one could say as such sentiments are usually enunciatedfreely irrespective of the party affiliation of those to whom thegreeting was intended. One of the perks extended to membersof Congress is the so-called franking privilege where taxpayers pick up the tab for the postal correspondence between legislatorsand their respective constituencies.In exchange for this benefit, the outgoing communications arerequired to adhere to certain criteria regarding content. For example, these items aren’t suppose to be of a campaign nature.

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