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Descriptive Programming

Descriptive Programming

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Published by harikaparimala06

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Published by: harikaparimala06 on Jan 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Descriptive ProgrammingSpecifying The Programmatic Description For The Test Object inthe Script itself is called Descriptive Programming.As Descriptive Programming takes Effect it is Recommended in theFallowing situations: 1)To Speed Up the Test Execution.2)To Handle the Objects whose Properties areDynamically Changing.3)To Handle Similar Objects in Application.
To Develop generic ( Common ) Scripts.5)To Develop Automation Test with out HavingApplication .Descriptive Programming Approaches :You Can Prepare Descriptive Programming in the Fallowing 2Ways :
Static Representation.2)Dynamic Representation.Static Representation :the Description ( Properties ) of Object inEach and Every Statement is Called Static Representation.Syntax
Class Name (“Prop1 Name := Prop Value” , “Prop2 Name := Prop Value”).Method
Ex :
Dialog("text:=Login").activateDialog("text:=Login").winedit("attached text:=Agent Name:").set "abcd"Dialog("text:=Login").winedit("attached text:=Password:").set "mercury"Dialog("text:=Login").winbutton("text:=OK").click  
Note :This Approach is Not Recommended BCZ When Ever TheObject Properties are Changed in Modified Build Then You Have toUpdate That Properties In Each and Every Statement where Everthe Object Referred. Dynamic Representation :In This Approach at First we Create Empty Descriptive ObjectUsing “Description. Create” Statement , Then we Define Propertiesand Values Later, We Can Use This Objects Where Ever Required.1)Creating An Empty Description Object :Dim < Obj Name >Set < Obj Name > = Description. Create2)Defining Properties and Values :< Obj Name > (“Prop1 Name”).Value = “Prop Value”
< Obj Name > (“Prop2 Name”).Value = “Prop Value”3)Develop Script :Class Name( < Obj Name > ).MethodEx :Dim Lg,Agn,Pwd,K Set Lg=Description.CreateLg("text").Value="Login"Set Agn=Description.CreateAgn("attached text").Value="Agent Name:"Set Pwd=Description.CreatePwd("attached text").Value="Password:"Set K=Description.CreateK("text").Value="OK"Dialog(Lg).activateDialog(Lg).winedit(Agn).set "abcd"Dialog(Lg).winedit(Pwd).set "mercury"Dialog(Lg).winbutton(K).click 

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