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Secure Erase Software for Reliable Deletion

Secure Erase Software for Reliable Deletion

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Published by simple_thomas
For the Best Secure Erase Tools in the market visit http://protectstar.com
For the Best Secure Erase Tools in the market visit http://protectstar.com

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Published by: simple_thomas on Jan 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Secure Erase solutions make Data wiping a breeze.http://protectstar.com ==== ====One of the major problems that many people face with their hard disk is how to erase recent filespermanently. A lot of people think that deleting files and emptying them out of the recycle bin willget rid of files for good. In fact, the recycle bin even says that it can permanently remove files oncethey are emptied. However, these items can still be easily retrieved with the use of data recoveryprograms. Taking advantage of the delete key on gets rids of the file shortcuts, making themimpossible to detect by users. Files that are already deleted are still contained on the hard diskand searching them at Google can automatically display options that allow system recoverysoftware to retrieve the data. Other than erasing files from the hard disk, a lot of people think that the best way to delete harddisk data is by formatting or reformatting the hard disk drive. Although reformatting may be moresecure than simply erasing files, you should keep in mind that formatting a disk only erases theaddress tables. This makes it even more difficult for file recovery. A computer specialist, however,can be able to recover most of, or all data contained on the disk before reformatting. A new way to erase recent files is by disk wiping. This method can erase files securely andensures that these are eliminated for good. Disk wiping can even securely wipe out individuallylicensed software and storage devices on your computer. It is a better technique compared todeleting files or formatting the hard disk because it simply overwrites the entire hard disk with dataa number of times. With disk wiping, it will be impossible for you to retrieve the data that wascontained on the drive before it was overwritten. Although disk wiping solutions may vary from one product to another, these programs usually writethe whole disk with zero or one before a reformat is necessary. At present, there are a lot ofproducts available in the market that you can buy or download for free securing disk wipes. Two of the popular and free disk wiping programs available are Darik's Boot and Nuke and Eraser.Darik's Boot and Nuke application can be installed on a CD Rom or bootable floppy. It also uses anumber of methods to erase recent files on your drive and make it impossible to retrieve. Darik'sBoot and Nuke application is great utility for immediate data deletion. On the other hand, Eraser isanother popular software that does a good job at cleaning your hard disk by getting rid of all solidstate and magnetic memory. Its security tool is advanced, allowing you to remove sensitive orconfidential files by overwriting it a number of times with well selected patterns. Once any of these methods is finished, the hard disk is now ready to be disposed without worryingof privacy invasion. With these tools, you can be confident that your sensitive or confidentialinformation will never be retrieved or viewed by any unauthorized user. Moreover, it also providessimple, secure and user friendly graphical interface to permanently erase recent files. 

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