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Stolen Legacy by G M James George - Pre- Slavery Black History

Stolen Legacy by G M James George - Pre- Slavery Black History

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Published by davidf898

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Published by: davidf898 on Jan 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stolen Legacy by G. M. JamesGeorge
The book is an attempt to show that the true authors of Greek Philosophywere not Greeks, but the people of North Africa, commonly called theEgyptians; and the praise and honor falsely given to Greeks for centuriesbelong to the people of North Africa. Consequently, this theft of the Africanlegacy led to the erroneous world opinion that the African continent hasmade no contributions to civilizations, and that its people were naturallybackward. This is the basis of race prejudice, which has affected allpeople of color.For years i have observed european scholars claiming greek philosophy asthe one and true source of science and technology. however what theytend to forget is that they lost this knowledge during europes dark ages.wemust remember that reading and writing in europe's dark ages were lostafter the fall of the roman empire. With the exception of latin which wasonly spoken in the catholic church and spoken only by the priest. this iswhy the church had so much influence over western europe. however i willacknowledge that it was somewhat preserved in the eastern byzantineempire but history will tell you that neither the eastern or western romanempire had nothing to do with each other since the excomunication in 1096between the pope of rome and the patriarch of constantinople.history willalso tell you that the roman emperor constantine moved the roman empireeast to what is called modern day turkey.In spite of all that i have writtengreek philosophy was restored to western europe when the african moorsand arabs of spain began to translate greek works into arabic and finallyinto the english language.it was this exposure that allowed europe toreclaim their lost heritage. stolen legacy tells you where the greeksreceived their knowledge from. to add the greeks could not have inventedthe arts and sciences without learning from the egyptians. egypt was in itstwenty fifth dynasty when the greeks began to create this philosophy.i leave with a quote from author george well parker

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