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Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Nov 18 2011

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Nov 18 2011

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Published by newyorker601

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Published by: newyorker601 on Jan 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan – Thanksgiving
Presented by Rhea Matar on November 18, 2011
K – 
What do we know about Thanksgiving?Is anyone doing anything with their families? Dinner? Movies? Playing withsiblings?Family visiting?
W – 
When was the first Thanksgiving?Who was there?Why do we call it Thanksgiving?What are people thankful for/like to do on Thanksgiving?
L - …..Introducing content:
Today we are learning about Thanksgiving traditions and how itstarted.
Big Idea:
Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
Getting Learner’s Focused:
First we are going to learn a little about whereThanksgiving came from. (Powerpoint pictures) Then we are going to read a book! After,we will talk about our own traditions and then do have fun Friday craft!(History, Book, Traditions, Craft)
can change order - Review raising hands, have popsicle sticks visible to use for calling onstudents?-Get them excited to pay attention so they can do the craft
Presentation(Slide 1)
-Today, we are going to talk about Thanksgiving! (Who can tell me somethingabout thanksgiving?)-
Thanksgiving is a holiday that takes place in the USA. It happens everyyear on the 4
Thursday in November. (Let’s count Thursday on the calendar)(
Slide 2)
-Who knows what this is? (pilgrim) (Like your pilgrim crafts!) Pilgrimstraveled from far away on a boat to come to America. (Does anyone knowwhat the boat is called?) –Mayflower….
(Slide 3)
-When they got here, Native Americans helped them plant corn and beans.(What is a Native American?) (Someone who has lived in the United States along time) (How can we tell the difference between Native Americans andPilgrims?)--They grew food all summer with the help of the Native Americans. When theleaves began to change color and fall and it got cold (what season is this?)
they decided to have a huge feast! (what is a feast) This feast is now known asThanksgiving (what kind of things do we eat on Thanksgiving)--This feast happens every year and is known as Thanksgiving. The first onewas almost 400 years ago!--They ate and spent time together. (What do you do on your thanksgiving?)(football game, movies, family visits etc)-Why do you think it is called Thanksgiving? (Thankful for food, family,friends, homes etc)
(Slide 4)
-What is the famous thing we eat on Thanksgiving? (Turkeys!)-We are going to read a story about a Turkey named Thelonius!
-So let’s review what we learned.*Who had the first thanksgiving? (Pilgrims and the Native Americans)*Who helped them grow crops? (Native Americans, which are….)*why did they decide to make a feast? (because they were happy about thecrops that the Native Americans helped them grow)*Why do we call this holiday Thanksgiving? (Because we are thankful for things)-I want to hear what you guys are thankful for? (everyone gives answers)-We are going to make Thankful Turkeys! Look at the example that I made. I put my name on top and then drew pictures and wrote things that I amthankful for. I put some words and pictures on the board if you want to writethe things you are thankful for.-Let’s read them (read words)-Ask us if you need help spelling anything. You can also draw a picture. Youdo not need scissors only a glue stick.

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