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Establishing True Islamic Sisterhood

Establishing True Islamic Sisterhood

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Steps to a better sisterhood
Steps to a better sisterhood

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: UmmuYusuf Iman Grajo al-Filibiniyyah on Jan 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compiled by Ummu Yusuf Iman Bintu Jo 
ا ا ﷲ 
 hing True Isla Sisterhood 
e as-Salafiyyah 
2 |
In today’s sitting, we have chosen this our Religion, which sadly, most of us make an effort to strengthen it 
Pinili natina siya namang nakalulungkot dahil marami sa atilang na mapatatatag pa ito.
ﹶﻥﻮﻤﻠﺴﻣ ﻢﺘﻧﹶﺃﻭ ﺎﱠﻟﹺﺇ ﻦﺗﻮ 
O you who have believed, fear Allah as 
ﺍﻮﹸﻗﺮﹶﻔﺗ ﺎﻟ
 And hold firmly to
Th I s 
، ﺍ
 you and yo
Shall I direct you t Spread peace 
ishing True Islamic Sisterhood 
topic (Sisterhood in al-Islaam) due to its lofty an ail to understand its true value hence we fail to
ang paksang ito, dahil sa mataas nitong katayuan at kahalagahaang hindi ito lubusang nauunawaan, dahilan upang hindi nila it
ﱃﺎﻌﺗ ﷲﺍ ﻝﺎﻗ
ﺗ ﺎﹶﻟﻭ ﻪﺗﺎﹶﻘﺗ ﻖﺣ ﻪـﱠﻠﻟﺍ ﺍﻮﹸﻘﺗﺍ ﺍﻮﻨﻣﺁ ﻦﻳ
e should be feared and do not die except as Muslims 
ﻭ ﺎﻌﻴﻤﺟ ﻪـﱠﻠﻟﺍ ﹺﻞﺒﺤﹺﺑ ﺍﻮﻤﺼﺘﻋﺍﻭ
the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided 
ﹰﺎﻀﻳﺃ ﻝﺎﻗﻭ
ﹸﺓﻮﺧﹺﺇ ﹶﻥﻮﻨﻣﺆﳌﺍ ﺎﻤﻧﺇ
e believers are nothing else than brothers.” 
 (Soorah al Hujaraat: 10)
ﱯﻨﻟﺍ ﻝﺎﻗﻭ
ﻩﺪﻴﹺﺑ ﻲِﺴﹾﻔﻧ ﻱﺬﱠﻟﺍﻭ
ear by Him, in whose Hands is my soul,
ﻨﻣﺆﺗ ﻰﺘﺣ ﹶﺔﻨﺠﹾﻟﺍ ﺍﻮﹸﻠﺧﺪﺗ ﻻ
ill not enter Paradise until you have faith,
 ،ﺍﻮﺑﺎﺤﺗ ﻰﺘﺣ ﺍﻮﻨﻣﺆﺗ ﻻﻭ
will not have faith until you love each other.
ﻮﻤﺘﹾﻠﻌﹶﻓ ﺍﹶﺫﹺﺇ ٍﺀﻲﺷ ﻰﹶﻠﻋ ﻢﹸﻜﱡﻟﺩﹶﺃ ﻻﻭﹶﺃ
o something which if you fulfill you will love one another? 
 ﻢﹸﻜﻨﻴﺑ ﻡﻼﺴﻟﺍ ﺍﻮﺸﹾﻓﹶﺃ
among yourselves. ( 
It was reported by Muslim).
d important status in  ppreciate it, let alone 
n sa ating pananampalataya,pahalagahan o sikapin man
ﻟﺍ ﺎﻬ ﻳﹶﺃ ﺎ ﻳ
ubmission to Him].
3 |
 To begin with, let us know whatBrotherhood/Sisterhood, accor
relation between a male offs
this term has also been adoprelationship between membepeople. e.g Fraternity and So
 As for the Technical meanbrotherhood/sisterhood is tupon what Allaah commandImaam ’Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Na
“So this is a knot 
which Alla whenever a person is found possessing e the last Day – whether in the eastern becomes the brother of the Believers.that which they love for themselves, and 
In other words we have theautomatically belongs the mome And unlike any other brotherhorites in order to belong.
It is the bond of faith in Alta'ala) established between all
( The Believers 
Brotherhood is a COMMAND
us has to fulfill, as membersstrongest of bonds between hear
 And to be able to carry out threquired of us.
he terms
،ﺓﻮﺧﹸﺃ ،ﺀﺎﺧﺇ ﺔﻳﹺﻮﺧﺃ/ ﺔﻴﺘﺧﹶﺃ
 ing to the dictionary meaning is a:ring and the siblings.ted by organizations such as fraternities trs as more like family rather than just frierority Clubs, Gangster Brotherhood, etc.ng in Islaam, according to Shaykh Muhe relationship
 ) that is establishedd
and what He forbade.
sir as-Sa’dee -
– said
ah has bound ( 
sama-samang itinali)
the Believers tog maan (faith) in Allaah, His Angels, His Books,silangan o kanluran) or western part of the worl his brotherhood obligates that the Believers shoul hate for that person that which they hate for them 
bond of Sisterhood in Islaam in whit he/she utters the Shahaadah.d, you don’t need to do undergo “hazinlah (subhannallah wa ta'ala) which Allahbelievers when He said:
ﹸﺓﻮﺧﹺﺇ ﹶﻥﻮﻨﻣﺆﳌﺍ ﺎﻤﻧﺇ
are but a single brotherhood . . .)
(Qur'an 49:1
from Allaah, and a RESPONSIBILIT
the Muslim Ummah. The brotherhos and minds.
s great obligation, we first need to un
mean.better define thends or a group of ammad al-Maliki,
(itinatag sa pamamgitan)
ether with, such that His Messengers and  – then such a person d love for that person selves.” 
ch every Muslim” or any initiation(subhannallah wa )
hat each one of d of faith is the
derstand what is

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