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Va Final Comparison 602

Va Final Comparison 602

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Published by jameslightweis

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Published by: jameslightweis on Jan 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newt did not qualifyVote Tuesday, March 6th!for VA Ballot
Newt GingrichMitt RomneyRon Paul
Fully supports Patriot Act and would furtherSupports the Patriot Act and refuses to Voted against the Patriot Act and has
strengthen it. Has stated that the Patriotcomment on his postion of the newly vehemently condemned Obama's signingAct has worked too well and its "almostsigned National Defense Authorization Act,of the National Defense Authorization Act.like they should have let an attack get which allows for the indefinite detainment ofSays that when we give up our libertiesthrough to remind us" of the danger weof US Citizens. Also supports govt. mandatesfor an increased sense of security, we areare in; also, free speech should be curtailedregarding: health care, education (No Childushering in a police state against whichin order to fight terrorism. Gingrich states Left Behind), defining marriage; andour only line of defense is strong gunthat he would sign upwards of 200 execu-states that trading liberty for security isrights (2nd Amendment). Has initiatedtive orders first day of president (thereby acceptable. Romney also supports the secretcampaign to abolish the TSA.usurping constitutional checks and balance).surveillance of US citizens.
Gun Rights
Gun Owners of America Rating: CGun Owners of America Rating: D-Gun Owners of America Rating: A+Supported several antigun legislations In 1994, said "I don't line up with the NRA."Has the highest possible score from the Gunincluding Lautenberg gun ban as well asIn 2007, said "I am now a proud member"Owners of America, has been a consistent"safe zones." Refused to return National(during 2008 presidential bid).fighter for gun rights for 30 years.Association for Gun Rights presidentialsurvey.
Agrees with Ron Paul's position to audit Did not originally think Fed should beIntroduced legislation to audit the Fed and
the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed).audited but now agrees with Ron Paul.serves as Chair of the Domestic Monetary
Policy subcommittee. Paul was the first electedofficial to openly question operation of the Fed.Because of Paul, we are now aware the Fedgave over 16$ trillion in secret loans.
Stated that if he were in the House, he In March 2009: said it was necessary.Voted against TARP: only public official to
Asset Relief 
would have reluctantly supported the In Sept 2009: now avidly opposed to it.have predicted the banking collapse; ad-
Program --
bailout -- had previously supported priorEven though Romney now recognizes TARPdressed the issue in Congress years prior
bailout of Savings & Loans under Clinton.was a collosal failure, he still cites histo the collapse; his warnings were con-
business accumen is his strong suit and a keysidered to be fringe at the time but werereason why he is most qulified to be president.proven to be correct.
Says he was aware of the Bubble prior toEven with Romney's touted business Predicted the Bubble as early as 2000 and
collapse but did not notify the public, accumen, he had no idea of the impendingwarned Congress in session. Stated thatinstead, consulted for Freddie Mac (FM) and collapse of the housing market and nowgovernment backed loans were responsibleearned 1.8$ million in the ensuing collapse.says "let the foreclosures happen."for the Bubble. His warnings went unheededGingrich has been accused by four separateand were considered fringe ideas -- everyFM executives to have lobbied for FM.expert now agrees that Paul was correct.
Foreign Aid
Agrees with Ron Paul that foreign basesWould like to add 100,000 troops to our Paul states that overseas bases and troops
are a Cold War mentality, are outdated and military foreign based capabilities. Sayssupport foreign economies. Returned soldiers
bankrupting us, and needs to bethat these bases allow us to strategical-could be spending their money here at homereassessed.ly strike. A look at the US budget indicatesand supporting local economies as well as
Virginia is an open primary;
that our overseas military operations areproviding security for our borders.
Rebpulicans, Independents, & 
bankrupting the nation; again, in conflict with(Many local US economies collapsed due to
Democrats can vote!
Romney's supposed legendary businesscontinued domestic base closures while ouracumen.oreign ase epoyment as een expaningfor the last couple of decades.)

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