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English worksheet

English worksheet

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Published by Blue Bird

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Published by: Blue Bird on Jan 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Women more attracted to men in expensive cars
English lesson plan = 2 x 90 mins or 3 x 60 min
The Article2
3Exercises / Quiz 3 - 5Gap Fill Reading 6Gap Fill Listening 7Discussion 8Speaking 9Put the article back together 10Language Work 11Spelling / Answers 12
Ideas and Articles by David Robinson
April 2010
Category: Lifestyle / Women / Expensive carsLevel: Intermediate / Upper intermediate
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Women more attracted to men in expensive cars
April 2010
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 Women more attracted to men in expensive cars
It is a well known fact that women prefer men with expensive cars.Now research has proved this point
Daily Telegraph
 recently reported. A university team at the University of WalesInstitute in Cardiff showed women pictures of the same man sitting intwo cars
a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered oldFord Fiesta. The women who were aged between 21-40, picked theman sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford. Dr
Michael Dunn from the university said, “It shows women rate a man
higher if he is behind the wheels of a fancy motor rather than an oldbanger.
The findings published recently in the
British Journal of Psychology 
show that men are more interested in
a woman‟s
looksnot her motor. The researchers say the men tested in the same wayare not impressed by whatever car a woman drives because they judge purely on her face and figure.Dr Dunn:
 “Our finding
s confirm that women judge a man by hiswealth and status whereas men are primarily concerned with what awoman looks like. He added,
 “There‟s a wide variety of evidence that
does suggest that females are more influenced by wealth and status.It
s not a recent phenomenon. It is very ingrained and the evidence isnot just anecdotal.
He continued
Females focus on questions of wealth and status because if the male possesses those, that malewould be in a better condition to rear healthy offspring.
” Dr Dunn
believes this basic human trait will not change in the future
: “E
ven aswomen become more independent and wealthy in their own rights. Itappears that stereotyping of women being positively influenced by amans status is true and evolutionarily speaking, this makes sense.However, even with the growing number of women in high-paidcareers and the fact that they can be highly successful has no effecton how attractive they are to men. What you find is that these newwealthy women still show a preferment for high status males.
 His researchers plan to carry out further studies - to guide men
Women more attracted to men in expensive cars
April 2010
Find this and similar lessons at http://www.NewsFlashEnglish.com
buying expensive cars in mid-life crisis. Dr Dunn, who admits todriving an old Ford Ka, will examine if high-status items like
expensive cars can help make up for “the a
effects of age.” In other words do middle aged men in expensive cars
seem more attractive to women despite their grey hair and expandingwaistline? Dr Dunn admitted that his research could also beinterpreted as evidence that women are shallower than men. He said,
 “Let‟s face it –
there‟s evidence to support it.” 
1. Expensive cars:
What expensive cars are your favourite? Are thesesports/saloon/estate/4x4 cars? How luxurious are they? Who drives them? Go roundthe room swapping stories. Change partners often.
2. Dictation:
The teacher will read four to six lines of the article slowly andclearly. Students will write down what they hear. The teacher will repeat the passageslowly again. Self correct your work from page two - filling in spaces and correctingmistakes. Be honest with yourself on the number of errors. Advise the teacher of your total number of errors. Less than five is very good. Ten are acceptable. Anymore is room for improvement! More than twenty - we need to do some work!
3. Reading:
Get students to read the passage aloud. Swap readers everyparagraph.
4. Vocabulary:
Students look through the article. Underline/highlight anyvocabulary you do not know. Look in dictionaries. Discuss and help each other out.The teacher will go through & explain any words or phrases you do not understand.
5. The article:
Students look through the article with the teacher.a) What is the article about?b) Is it true? Why? Why not?
. Women like men with…
Women like
men with… see below. Discuss each
point with your partner. What are your conclusions? Why?1) ambition2) status3) financial resources4) educational level5) physical aptitude
The teacher
will choose some pairs to discuss their findings in front of the class.

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