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03PM John Maronto

03PM John Maronto

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Published by coachkramer

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Published by: coachkramer on Nov 14, 2008
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long with the outstanding off e n s i v ecoaches listed below, it has been myprivilege to learn and share thoughts withall the excellent coaches and staffs that Ihave worked with over the years. It hasalso been a learning process as we havecompeted against outstanding teamsand coaches at both the high school andcollege.Some great teams at the high schooland college level have had years to attackour offensive and defensive schemes.These same schemes are used by somecollege and pro teams that we have contin-ued to study every year! The real credit forour successes belong to the great playersand excellent coaches I have worked withand grown with on the great journey ofbeing a coach!I consider today a privilege and challengeto speak with you. We have a great school atMainland and are blessed with terrific leader-ship from principal, to athletic director, teach-ers and faculty. Our coaching staff is highlyexperienced and we have a good balance inage, excellent chemistry with a lot of com-passion and respect for each coach regard-less of age or experience.There are some things you cannot doovernight and building a football staff is oneof them! I always believed that in footballyou must hire the most knowledgeablecoach, but I now rate a coach’s desire andlove for the game and helping boysbecome men as critical qualities! I havestrong personal convictions about givingback to the game. I always tell our playersthat the ‘game’is bigger than all of us, noneof us are invincible. For that reason wehave adopted the slogan ‘carpe diem’(seize the moment) as one of our constantslogans we use every year! It is truly anhonor to play and to coach the great game.Now lets seize the moment—it’s primetime 8:30-9:30 a.m. I’ve always attendedas many clinics and college and pro visita-tions as possible as I am eager to triggersome thoughts and share the concepts thathave helped us be successful.Our football coaches present today areresponsible for the successes we have had atMainland along with our entire football staff,team and football family. I ask for these coach-es to stand and if anyone would like to visitwith any of them or myself we will be availableto you for the next few days. I introduce CoachMarc Lippens (six years) our DefensiveCoordinator (we had seven shut-outs in 10regular season games this year).Coach Bud Asher (13 years) our SpecialTeams Coordinator and the Mayor ofDaytona Beach. Wade Rollinson (oneyear), (seven years in county as a headcoach), quality control coach. Jeff Martin,Administrative Assistant, Graphics andTechnology.
Evolution & InfluencesOn Mainland OffenseNebraska:
(Frank Solich, Milt Tenopir)
 A MillenniumOffense thatBalances thePass & Run
‘Evolution & Influences of Mainland Bucs Offense’
Early Influences:(In California)CoachesColleges
Tom Lee, Sid Gillman, Don CoryellCal Poly (SLO)Bill Walsh, Dennis Green, Ted Tollner San Diego State, Stanford,San Diego Chargers
(In Michigan & Ohio)
Bo Schembechler, Jerry HanlonMichigan, Michigan StateLloyd Carr, Bill McCartney, Joe Pendry,Boston College, Ohio State,Bob Baker, Jack Bicknell, Earl Bruce, L.A. Rams,Nick Saban, Milt Tenopir, Frank Solich, NebraskaPaul Brown, Cam Cameron,Jim HarbaughOakland Raiders
(In Florida)
Ralph Friedgen, Marc Richt, Pete AdrianBarcelonaDon Solinger, Jimbo FisherUniversity of Miami,Mike Kruczek, Larry Little,Georgia Tech, LSU,Kirk MastromatteoBethune-Cookman, UCF, Florida State
Influences: run game, blocking schemes,option football I formation, Offensive centertechniques.
Georgia Tech:
(George O’Leary &Ralph Friedgen)
spontaneous back, multiplepackages to attack defenses, offens i ve blocking schemes “defensive scheme.”
Florida State:
(Marc Richt)
passing game, quarterbackskills, and development, shot-gun forma-tion and packages.
(Jack Bicknell, Formerly ofBoston College)
passing game – progres-sive reads, multiple sets and motions, oneback offense.
(Mike Kruczek and Shaun Becton)
passing: crossing game,mesh game, distribution and replacementconcept. Defensive concept.
(Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher)
pass and run balance, pack-aging an offense, universal pass routes.Defensive package and schemes.
Oakland Raiders:
(Wes Chandler andJim Harbaugh)
I n f l u e n c e s :
quarterback, receivingtechniques, skill development drills. Off-season specific position training.
Philosophy of Bucs Offense
• Run the ball when we want to.• Pass the ball when we want to.• Be known as a team that passes, butruns option with power package.• Feature explosive plays.• First down efficiency pass and run60/40.• Red Zone Efficiency.• Ball Security (BS) first and foremost.• Protect quarterback on blitz and vs.Eight-man front, not always ‘hot read.’• Multiple packages and motions.• Feature the best athletes.• Continue to develop the athletic millen-nium quarterback.• Constant personnel for packages andschemes.• Some groupings for situations.• Ability to release four and five receivers.• Speed, athleticism, courage requisites ofO. • System that makes the quarterbackbetter.• Must be able to M.T.A. ‘Make TheAdjustmentto win.• Balance between run and pass, 200yards run, 200 yards pass (not 50 percentpass/50 percent run).• Drive defensive coaches nuts.
Mainland Bucs Spring Ready List
• Formations: primary, complimentary,package, unbalanced, heavy dink, jumps,shifts, scatters.• Motions: (every conceivable motion byposition). • Run Game: (it must all look the same).• Option Packages: featuring blockingschemes vs. coverages.• Draws, screens and shovel packages.• Drop back pass: 70 series, 71, 73, 75,77, 3, 5, 7 step.Action passes: (from every run action).• Bootleg game.• Waggle game.• L.A. & Reno (spring draw package).• Naked Actions.• Sprint & Roll Game.• Shot-gun & gold rush package.• Scramble package & scramble drill.• Pass concepts: progressive reads(P.S.L.).• Vs. coverages: site and route adjust-ments, mesh package w/crosses, boxpackage, triangle package, indy package.
Offensive FormationsPro Sets:
• Pro Right One. (Right) Ricky.• Pro Left One. (Left) Lucy.• + Strong, Weak, Snug.• + Ray, Len.• + Flex.• Flanker Right Left (+ above sets).• Twin right + left (+ sets [Tight end over tocalled side]).• Pair right and left (same as twin exceptx and z are in obie alig).• Big right and left (+ sets)• Dink right + left (+ sets)• Ricky (+ sets)• East (+ sets)• West (+ sets)• Cinci (+ sets)• Obie (+ sets)
Double Sets:
Ace Right and Left.• Cougar.• Empty and spread (+ gun).
Trip sets:
Trips (+ mo)+ (+ pair) (squeeze, bunchcluster).Tulsa (squeeze, bunch, cluster).Tampa (squeeze, bunch, cluster).BlueGreenGoal Line & Short yd:Robust:BoneHeavyPosseOne right & leftSnugBulls right & left
‘FLK” = Fly, Sail, Rocket, CrackSP: Spontaneous back, ‘F’= Fin,Crazy, MinusH= Rip, Liz, Zapp, Tampa Mo, Tulsa Mo(Jump, Shift, Scatter)+ Formations with built in motionsException: ‘stay’do not go in motion
Pass Protections:
71, 73 = 1-3 Step (Fire)75 = 5 Step (Cup)75 Oklahoma (Big on Big, Backs onlinebacker’s)77 = 7 Step (Cup)• L.A. = Slide protection (Left) backsright.• Reno = Slide protection (right) backsleft.• Max = Tight end stays in (sometimes itis build in).• Play action = Base block off any runaction.Backs responsible for rules.Sprint and dash right and left = reachp r o t e c t i o n .Roll = right and left reach protection.Boot = right and left base – reachWaggle = right and leftUniversal oc left fullback rightGun protection backside of quarterback.
Pass Actions & ProtectionBoot Action:
OL: base – reach unless pulling‘F’: Lead playside, block E.O.L.‘TB” (Fake double buck oppositedirection, & block.)
Naked Action:
28,29 act. (rb block E.O.Lafter fake)28,29 act/marked r + l possible herdcall for “F”Offensive line base block
Waggle Action:
• Universal protection (Two backs & Oneback).• Center block, left gap (to First threat)• Fullback block, left gap (to First threat)• Halfback block. Backside E.O.L. or runroute.
Sprint: Full sprint + attack the corner
Gun Blocking Rules:
Use regular protection pkg.+ One back protect b.s. or quarterback.Quarterback read hot to strong side.
Pass Protection Concepts:
70 series aggressive or cup protectionQuarterback: 1,3,5,7 step71, 73 Series: aggressive offensive linekeep defensive line hands down attack low.75, 77 Shorten splits drop back ([cupprotection] a-b-s-o-r-b).
L.A. and Reno:
‘Slide protection (left& right) from (24,25 draw action) playsideguard to backside E.O.L. must fan out: onbackside detached rush end or outside blitzfrom weak side!Backs: 24,25 draw action (oppositedirection of LA& Reno Call)‘F’: Block E.O.L.‘TB’: Block playside linebacker (A, B,CAGap) (Then backside help).
Sprint & Rollout
‘Reach protection’(possible hinge)Sprint Right & Left Quarterback – Fullspring action attacking the corner on run; orrun.Roll Right & Left Quarterback Fivesteps toward sprint, set up behind the rightor left hip of offensive guard.‘F’& ‘H’attack & block E.O.L. unlesscalled routes!Also use on called dash, & scramble• Example LA, Reno dash right or left.,75 dash right or left. 36,37 dash right & left.Also roll left scramble right or roll rightscramble left.
Motion will be used to out number ouropponent on a specific play if they are notadjusting with their defense. This can be anextra receiver or extra blocker.
Motion will be used to allow ourreceivers better blocking angles on specificplays.
Motion will be used to standardize ordictate the coverage and thus eliminatecertain stunts.
Motion is used to create soft end andcorner play.
Motion will be used to create thematch up or mis-match we want.
6 .
Motion will be used to give thedefense many looks and mis-direction with-out affecting our efficiency.
Motion will be used to make thedefense uncertain and force them into aspecific reaction after our original alignment.Thus leaving a possible void in their defense.
Motion will also be used to create a freerelease for the wide receiver.
Motion will be used to get us into a pack-age concept that best attacks a defense orcoverage.
Motion is used to allow our person-nel to feature their multiple talents and notlet the defense get a bead on them!
Categorizing PlaysI. Core Plays1.
20, 21 Trap
24,25 Draw 22,23 Slash(Inside Zone blk)
24,25,26,27 db. Bk.
28,29 (Zues) 28,29 ‘P’
II. Complimentary Plays1.
34,35 T.Tp.
46, 47 Guard–optionSpeed option Right & LeftCenter option Right & Left
24,25 (26,27) db. Bk. ‘W’
Any run naked Right & LeftAny run quarterback/tailCenter Right & Left
III. Short Yard – G.L.
42, 43 ‘C’& ice at 2,344, 45, 46, 47 lead36,37 power
IV. Exotic Plays
Sally Right & LeftRev Right & LeftBounce PassShovel PassDouble L. Hitch PassSmiley
V. Explosive Plays
24,25 Draw (constant)28, 29 Zues (constant)22,23 Slash (constant)Option package vs. defense structure(game plan).Screen package and 71 passes(game plan).Specialty packages.Ex: mesh, triangle, box, etc.
Master Ready List “Spring” Runs
(Diagram 1)
The Sneak
We have two types of sneaks in ouroffense. In both types the quarterback willcall the formation – type of sneak – back-field faking – type of blocking – the count.
Surprise Sneak:
This type will be usedOff-T(4-6)OutsideOff-T(5-7)InsideMiddle(1-0)Inside(2)Outside(8)29 Zues25 DrawIce ATQB SneakIce AT2,24 Draw28 Zues3&4C42C29 P25,27 DBBK3 Opt Lt.20, 21 Trap3 Opt. Rt.24, 26 28 P(39 Give)DBBK(38 Give)3 Lt. P37 PowerMidlineMidlineMidline Rt.36 Power-3 Rt. PBuckLt. BlockRt. & Lt.BlockBuckSpeed 34,35 T,TP23 SlashQB, FB Draw22 Slash34 T,TPSpeed Rt.Lt. (LD.D)P(LDD)Boot Lt.Sally Lt.Ice at 0,1Sally Rt.Boot Rt.(Naked Lt.)&TN outRev. Lt.Ctr. opt.Ctr. opt.Rev Rt.Lt.Rt.47 G47 G46 G46 GOpt.Opt.
Diagram 1

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