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Transmission Networks
Offshore Development Information Statement
December 2009
Offshore Development Information Statement 20092
This Statement, dated December 2009, is produced by National Grid Electricity Transmission plc
(“NGET”) acting in its role as National Electricity Transmission Operator (NETSO). It is produced pursuantto Special Condition C4 (“Role
in respect of the National Electricity Transmission System Operator area
located in offshore water”) of the licence to participate in the transmission of electricity granted to NGET
pursuant to Section 6(1) (b) of the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended by the Utilities Act 2000, the EnergyAct 2004 and the Energy Act 2008).The form of this Statement has been approved by the Authority.
The Statement and this web site (“the Site”), which must be used in accordance with the following 
Termsand Conditions,are governed by the law of and subject to the jurisdiction of England and Wales and ofScotland.The information required to be included in this Statement is set out in Special Condition
C4 of NGET‟s
licence. This Statement is not intended to imply any legal obligations as regards the future development ofthe National Electricity Transmission System. This Statement should not be regarded as an indicator ofthe performance and prospects of National Grid or any other party.Whilst reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this Statement, no representation, express orimplied, is made as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. NGET and members of theNational Grid Group do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the information contained herein and, inparticular neither NGET nor the Group, nor the directors nor the employees of NGET nor the Group shallbe under any liability for any error or misstatement or opinion on which the recipient of this Statementrelies or seeks to rely other than fraudulent statements or fraudulent misrepresentation.
Any and all copyright and all other intellectual property rights contained in the Statement and in any otherSite content (including PDF documentation) belong or have been licensed to National Grid. If you modifyor adapt the Statement, the Site content or any such documentation, you acknowledge and accept fullresponsibility for the accuracy of the modified or adapted Statement, Site content and/or documentation.To the extent that you re-use the Statement, any Site content or documentation in its original form andwithout making any modifications or adaptations thereto, you must reproduce, clearly and prominently, thefollowing copyright statement in your own documentation: © 2009 National Grid plc, all rights reserved.The trade marks, logos and service marks displayed on the document and on the Site are owned andregistered (where applicable) by National Grid or another member of the Group. No rights or licence aregranted or may be implied by their display on the Site.
Cover photograph used with permission,
Copyright 2009 DONG Energy
Sun rise over the installation of the first Siemens 3.6MW turbine at the Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm in the Northern ThamesEstuary, Great Britain. The offshore substation for the 48 turbine 172MW wind farm is in the foreground. Electricity was firstgenerated from the Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm during August 2009.
Offshore Development Information Statement 20093
The 2009 Offshore Development Information Statement (Statement) is the first to be published by NationalGrid Electricity Transmission plc (NGET) acting in its role as National Electricity Transmission SystemOperator (NETSO). National Grid Electricity Transmission plc is a member of the National Grid plc
(“National Grid”) grou
p of companies.The Statement is produced in accordance with the obligations placed on NGET under Special LicenceCondition C4 of its electricity transmission licence. Amongst other things, this condition requires thatNGET publishes this Statement on an annual basis in a form approved by the Authority.The main purpose of this Statement is to facilitate the achievement of the coordinated development of theoffshore and onshore electricity grid in Great Britain. The network solutions identified in this reportrepresent a vision of how the offshore and onshore reinforcements could be developed; it is theresponsibility of individual onshore/offshore network owner to develop detailed designs. In developingthese detailed designs it is envisaged that this Statement will provide guidance in determining theoptimum solutions.
I hope you find the 2009 Statement both interesting and informative. Given that this is the first publicationof the Statement, I would particularly welcome any comments you may have on both the style and thecontent of the document such that any improvements for the 2010 Statement may be fully considered. An
 has been made available for this very purpose. I look forward to receiving yourviews on the Statement, including suggestions on how it may be further improved, which can be sent inthe Online Survey Form or via email.  Nick Winser, Executive Director, TransmissionNational GridDecember 2009

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