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The Messiah and Mahdi - One and the Same Person

The Messiah and Mahdi - One and the Same Person

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Published by Haseeb Ahmad

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Published by: Haseeb Ahmad on Jan 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Messiah and the MahdiOne and the Same Person
From the Traditions of the Holy Prophet it is evident that the Promised Messiah wasto be a follower of the Holy Prophet. One Tradition tells us that
'the Mahdi is no other than the Messiah'
Another Tradition says:
'How would it be with you when the son of Mary will descend among you and youwill have a leader raised from among you?"
[bukhari, kitabul-anbiya, chapter nuzul isa bin maryam]
These two Traditions leave no doubt that the Messiah himself will be the Mahdi. Hewould lead followers of the Holy Prophet and would be one from among them, not anoutsider. To think that the Messiah and the Mahdi are two different persons is wrong.It is against the clear indication in the Tradition: 'The Mahdi is no other than theMessiah.' It behoves good believers to ponder carefully over the utterances of theHoly Prophet. If the utterances seem contradictory, it is for us to try and resolve thecontradictions. If the Holy Prophet said, on the one hand, that the Mahdi will appearbefore the Messiah, and the Messiah will then join the Mahdi and his followers inworship; and, on the other, that the Messiah himself is the Mahdi, what are we goingto do? Accept one utterance and reject the other? Is it not rather our duty to consider
the two utterances carefully and try to reconcile one to the other? The two utterancescan be reconciled at once if we use one of them to interpret the other. It seems that thepromise of the advent of the Messiah was couched in words which suggested that theMessiah and the Mahdi were two different persons. This suggestion is corrected bythe Tradition which says 'No Mahdi but the Messiah' This Tradition makes it plainthat the other Tradition is metaphorical. It means that a follower of the Holy Prophetwill arise for the purpose of revivifying the world, but would not have that rank of aprophet. Then the promise relating to the second coming of Jesus will be fulfilled inhis person and he will announce himself the Promised Messiah. The Tradition,therefore, tells us that the Promised One will start his career as a Muslim reformerwho will become invested with the office of Messiah. Divine prophecies have toemploy metaphors. They would convey very little otherwise.

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